Now you can have top secrets of why does male hair grow so fast

You all know that there are basic differences between female hair and male hair, especially in hair pattern and the growth of hair. It is no doubt that for many men, they often wonder why does male hair grow so fast. To make it a clear answer, we will together find out more and more convincing reasons for male facial hair, male body hair and solutions to have fast growing hair in this article below.

why does male hair grow so fast
Why does male hair grow so fast

Why does male facial hair grow so fast?

What is male facial hair include?

When it comes to male facial hair, it means that we are saying about the male’s beard. Maybe you have heard it a thousand time before, something like:  “Every time you shave your hair, it perhaps becomes thicker and thicker”. That leads to a lot of trouble for men who are consistently worried about their growing hair every day. Is this an accurate information or not? Well, to tell the truth, it depends on each inpidual! So, how the male facial hair grows so fast is still a mystery…

why does male hair grow so fast
why does male hair grow so fast

Why does male facial hair develop very well?

In fact, whether you have your facial hair shaved, trimmed or not, it will remain at the same rate in growing hair around the one-quarter inch per month no more no less. We don’t know exactly why so many people stick to the point that shaving is likely to affect thickness. But, there is one big main reason for this. We all know boys in their teenaged times, testosterone plays an important role to strongly promote hair growth. This is such a totally spontaneous situation!

Needless to say, some people use their own shaving methods that make their beards “full fill” the skin. Accounting for that, they apply the sharp razor to design their facial hair and after that newborn hair will appear magically, even thicker and longer.

Why does male body hair grow so fast?

To look for a reliable information, we have search from the variety of books and documents, and the answer is such a thing, like “testosterone”. Well, to be honest, that is not totally true. But as you all know, the follicles of male skin is influenced by androgen and as a result, male body hair grow rapidly!

why does male hair grow so fast
why does male hair grow so fast

Why does male hair grow so fast?

Because of the hormone testosterone

It is a mysterious phenomenon that male hair grows faster than women. To explain this in a scientific way, our hair pattern depends on our hormone. The female hormone is called estrogen and the male hormone is known as testosterone. So it is understandable that testosterone boosts hair growth on both the face and the body. Moreover, it is said that the more testosterone, the faster the facial hair and the body hair. How strange it is, not really true but somehow, it is easily explainable!

why does male hair grow so fast
why does male hair grow so fast

Because of gene

If your hair is likely to develop very well, maybe you are inherited from your parents. You can check the growth of your parents’ hair and that’s easier to demonstrate why you have possession of fast growing hair!

Because of gyming effects

If you are a huge fan of bodybuilding or physical gymnastics, you are on the way of having a hair grow quickly. For instance, the male can boost the development of ear hairs, facial hairs or the eyebrows. Physical exercise can make the process of hair growth faster indeed. So, you won’t be surprised why male hair grows so fast in case you take up exercise in daily life.

How to make my hair grow so fast?

Take care of your hair properly

why does male hair grow so fast
why does male hair grow so fast

If you want to make an effort to promote your hair growth, especially your facial hair, there are some amazing tips that you can follow and find it useful.  First of all, there is only one thing that you should know that every element you encounter every day such as heat, dust, cold, wind …is also making a contribution to affect your hair in general. So, seriously, you ought to really take care of it. By conditioning your beard properly, you will see how it works. Nowadays, there are thousands of hair care products you can search online or take a piece of advice from your reliable expert. Which one is good? That depends on you! In some different way, you try out some beard oils, beard balm or beard shampoo to make your facial hair strong, healthy and perfect like the way you want to be.

Eat clean and rich in protein as possible

why does male hair grow so fast
why does male hair grow so fast

Let’s complete your everyday menu by foods and drinks high in protein. We can recommend you some of them like nuts, meat, and eggs. Those are indispensable ingredients that boost your hair growth in the best way. It goes without saying that a healthy diet is like a magic to your body inside out. Your hair is a crucial part of your body and once it is treated well enough, it will shine and become gorgeous! Hence, once again, please pay attention to improve your menu and add more protein products on it.

Exercise effectively

According to experts, exercise can make a higher power of blood flow and lead to a good night sleep. That is the reason why your body will be refresh and recharge after a hard working day. Thankful for that, your hair will be in a good mood and improve the growth quickly. Although it is such a tiny thing in your regular day, it can make a huge domino effect on your body, your hair, your brain and your health. Therefore, don’t forget to take up exercise from now til on and do it regularly every day.


To conclude, it is common that hair grows faster in men than in women. With these reasons listed above, you can partially understand why does male hair grow so fast and find out more helpful tips to make your own hair not only grow fast but also healthy and strong as much as possible. Thank you for your reading and stay tuned for the next article about the world of hairs!

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