Little do you know about why do some people have curly hair

People always pay their first attention to the other’s hair and judge them for the very first meet. We often tend to be remarkably impressed by long silk hair, carefully styled hair or colorful curly hair. Especially, when we look at a curly hair girl, we usually think of the reasons why do some people have curly hair, not us? For more details, we will discuss in this article and let’s see how interesting it is when we talk about amazing facts related to curly hair. Are you ready? Let’s get started right now!

why do some people have curly hair

Why some people have straight hairs  but the other has curly hairs

You maybe have heard this question a thousand times before. “Why some people have straight hair but the other has curly hair”. Whether you believe it or not, a curly hair not only comes from the genes but it also depends much on the hair structure and composition.

why do some people have curly hair

There is no doubt that curly hair is totally your inheritance from your parents. Because curly hair runs in your family, you must have your own a curly one. A research in 2009 shows that the genesis of the most crucial factor that is related directly to the next generation with the rate from 85% to 95%.

What makes a curly hair

why do some people have curly hair

A common answer to the question why people have curly hair is always around something called the genes. However, when it comes to the physical mechanism which causes wavy hair, the key factor is the shape of the hair follicle (also known as the root of the hair). In addition, hair follicles are responsible for the growing of your hair. Without a shadow of the doubt, hair follicle makes a huge contribution to the shape and the texture of the hair. Of course, the hair follicles are also received from the gene.

why do some people have curly hair

As far as biologic matter is concerned, curly hair is an autosomal dominant trait. For example, your father has straight hair, your mother has a curly one. As a result, you take over both genes of your parents. On the other hand, the curly hair gene is greater than straight hair, so it will convey to the descendants.

Reasons for curly hair that you should know


why do some people have curly hair

First and foremost, follicles are responsible for causing curly hair naturally. Hair follicles trend to shape the hair look and the direction of the hair will develop. Accounting for this, an asymmetrical or flat hair follicle makes the end of the hair, which leads to an oval-shaped oval instead of a straight up one.

Protein structure

why do some people have curly hair

Another consideration for this issue is protein structure. Needless to say, protein structure plays an important role in the shape of the hair. A research shows that curly hair has unequal parts of keratin protein structure when they use an electron microscope. Especially, keratin protein is usually focusing on under the curvature only. That’s why we suppose that protein structure is one of the most important reasons for curly hair.

Other factors

why do some people have curly hair

When it comes to other elements, we have to say about the moisture, effects of different hormones in the body or maybe a slight change in proteins of the hair because of heat or cold water. All of them can actually affect the state of the hair.

Fun fact about curly hair

Curly hair doesn’t grow in a normal way

why do some people have curly hair

In fact, girls who have curly hair is always obsessed with the length of her own hair. She day in day out wonders why her hair doesn’t long as fast as her friends or when does she have such a shoulder hair. The fact is that every type of hair has its own growth rate: 0,5mm – 1cm per month. Depending on the diet, this growth rate can change a little bit. However, a straight hair girl will see this process more clearly than a curly hair one.

Curly hair shouldn’t be washed regularly every week

why do some people have curly hair

There is a truth that a girl who has curly hair doesn’t wash her hair several times a week. Accounting for this, a curly hair doesn’t keep itself moisturize as good as a straight hair does. What’s more, using too much hair styling products also leads to a lot of hair trouble. We have a great solution for you in this case. You should wash your hair with water only instead of using some of hair care product or shampoo so as not to affect badly to your hair.

Curly hair is stronger than other types of hair

why do some people have curly hair

Little do you know the fact that curly hair is so strong. With the thick appearance, you might think that it is able to withstand great force or pressure. But it will be a big mistake, because it may be the most vulnerable hair which is easily damaged, split or even broken. Therefore, you have to take care of your hair and treat is like your treasure indeed.

Curly hair shouldn’t be styled or stretched

why do some people have curly hair

If you style your hair, you will face up with a lot of hair problems such as break, splitting or damage. It is totally true because you don’t understand much about your hair structure, also the heat affecting your hair. There is a secret to making your hair beautiful and great even when you stretch or squeeze it. That must be moisturizing obviously. Before styling, you need to apply a thin layer of anti-heat to the hair to protect your hair from temperature pressure. You ‘d better come to the hairdressing salon to be taken care and styled by the skillful stylist.

To conclude

People are sometimes jealous of naturally curly hair. So if you were born to be a curly hair girl, please take pride in it and be confident! Now, you can completely understand why do some people have curly hair already. Your curly hair is a lot more amazing than you might think, you know. Let’s accept your curls and all their crazy quantities. Your natural textures are awesome and loving yourself is always the best thing in your life. Just have fun and feel free with your beautiful curly hair, girls!

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