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As you all know, it is tough when you attempt to find a reliable hair vendor to partner with or to choose from, especially among thousands of best virgin wholesale hair vendors in USA. In glamourous countries like America, you may be dreaming of consistent quality, satisfactory customer service, and good prices. However, there is a black sheep in every flock.

Therefore, just leave the hard work for us to focus on. We will try our best to provide you with an accurate list and intriguing tips when you are in search of virgin hair suppliers. In this article, in addition to providing you with the best virgin hair vendors in the USA, we will introduce you to Belady human distributor – a wonder factory that has gained popularity these days.

Let’s accompany us to delve into the world of virgin hair. Warning: it is a long, detailed, and informative guide. If you do not want to involve in bad experiences and incidents when seeking virgin hair vendors, be patient and read it until the last words!

What is a precise definition of the best wholesale hair vendors in the USA? How to make a wise decision on choosing from thousands of suggested results?

Do not keep experimenting with so-called wholesale virgin hair vendors before you get to know exactly the following things.

What are best wholesale hair vendors?

Best USA hair vendors are just a too general term to define or a tricky question to answer as it depends on you and your criteria when judging a wholesale hair supplier. However, to be considered a good hair vendor, it has to live up to customer’s expectations in terms of quality (the number 1 factor), price, and service. If its boss and staff can meet these requirements, sooner or later it will become famous thanks to its reliability.

When you jump into the virgin sale market, you will find a lot of both familiar and unfamiliar names. It is easy to understand if you are confused about making a choice. At that time, please be alert and ask yourself the questions to identify which vendor is suitable for you.

 wholesale hair vendors

Remember not the biggest or the cheapest one is the best as the suitable one is the best one for you. There is no free meal at all in this world. Therefore, if you are seeking a very low price for hair, you had better be well prepared that the hair is not high quality or even rubbish.

With a myriad of theories that I have mentioned, you must be wondering where should they look for the best wholesale hair vendors and where they should benefit from if it is for their purpose.

+ From the Internet: Alibaba, Aliexpress, or Google search are all familiar names to you. You can save a lot of time and money because of all the related information, including basic domains about suppliers and hair sample products. Try samples before jumping into big orders. Get experience when searching in this platform here

+ Visit local facilities in the proximity of your home: you can search in Google to identify suggested places near your location. You will have some names to take into consideration. You can also create a topic on social platforms or just directly ask your circle of friends.

Tips that we have picked up for years to choose the best hair vendors for you

+ Do not rush to believe in something too good to be true. It probably is but you still need to have an extensive investigation if that hair vendor meets your demand and requirements

+ When you do your research online, you must browse through the website of hair vendors. Do not forget to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Especially if you are in the USA, English is a must for you and the seller to communicate. If these errors are too much to be found, you will not see a dime from the customer.

 wholesale hair vendors

The other thing to note is their awareness of plagiarism. As hair vendors in the hair market, they are required not to copy and paste from more reputable sites. This reflects their code of ethics in business. How could you notice? Sometimes, they are too careless to remove the other hair vendors’ names in the images or somewhere in the full article.

+ Are bloggers, vloggers, youtube gurus, or just beauty celebrities worth your trust? The answer should be ‘it depends’. Proceed with caution when you are watching any reviews online with the keyword ‘best wholesale hair vendors’ or just ‘best USA hair vendors’ because if they are famous enough in the community, they may be hired to talk about products that in reality, they do not use at all.

They may get the products for free. In human nature, we will love them indeed because we just do not have to pay a penny. Let’s critically think about what they have said. Reviews of best hair vendors, in general, are created when they have finished the whole process of using and experiencing.

As celebrities that have been hired to do marketing for hair vendors, they will have a crew to act friendly and try to reply to all your inquiries in the most comprehensible way. Therefore, you should raise questions via private message or email to elicit a more honest perspective. Do not just ask if this is among the wholesale hair vendors in the USA or if the celeb feels good about this product or that item. Be specific, be cool.

wholesale hair vendors

Suggested questions for you if you have not come up with any wise ideas at the moment are about their feelings about the hair after a period to use it. They are open enough to trigger off honest opinions. Ask if after a few washes, is the hair dry and how they experience after some weeks later. Ask if the hair’s longevity is true to what unproven best wholesale hair vendors state in the description. You can also ask about shipping policies and attitudes toward customers.

+ The last tip to bear in mind is to have direct contact with your list of the best wholesale hair vendors. First, check the longevity of wholesale hair vendors themselves. If it is not clearly stated on their website, do not hesitate to contact them or just check the registration date of their domain. Be your detective before others can lead you by the nose.

No matter how early or long the hair vendors are, the point is that they must be REAL with a legit address and a number you can dial immediately. From our point of view, if they want to be regarded as the best wholesale hair vendors, at least they should invest in buying their domain. When you happen to go to, it may not be a good business to move in.

wholesale hair vendors

If you are interested enough, you should contact your best wholesale hair vendors to truly experience their customer service. For the best wholesale hair vendors, you can even try their sample for free as long as you pay the shipping fee. If you find it comfortable with their service, then move on. Read everything from price and transaction policies carefully to avoid unwanted misunderstandings.

Criteria of best (wholesale) hair vendors in USA

We all know that criteria vary from one person to another. However, no matter how various they may be, there exist standard requirements that the best (wholesale) hair vendors must meet in terms of price, quality, and service.

  • Price

Price is not the only criterion that you should depend on when making your final decision. However, it is the thing that you will look for at the first sight. In other words, it is the biggest sign of whether you will purchase their products or not. In general, the best (wholesale) hair vendors will provide you with products at a higher price because their worth brand is included.

wholesale hair vendors

The more you buy, the more preference you may get. If your potential item is of a higher price a bit, do not try to tighten your belt and choose a lower alternative. Everything comes with a price.

Products of low price would look great for a few months and then who knows? They would get swelled, matted, tangled, and die soon. At least, with a higher price and more reputable hair vendors, you can contact them for complaints and refunds. A lower price does not ensure you that privilege.

  • Quality

In this part, you need to be aware of a myriad of tips to identify which is good quality hair. In the market these days, people come and go with sophisticated fake products that ordinary people could hardly tell apart. As an expert in the guide to help you locate the best wholesale hair vendors, we will share with you some easy things to do.

You must be seeking virgin hair – pure hair which has never been processed or treated. That means hair donors have yet to go to the hair salon to get curled or colored. Therefore, it is the ideal type that everybody is dreaming of. For this reason, you will be their target to trade fake hair products, even for the best wholesale hair vendors in the USA that are advertised online.

Here are some methods to figure out the truth that you can ask them to do right at the scene or provide you with a real clip.

  • Let the fire work

Ignite the ends of your hair with your lighter (a must-bring item when you prepare to go to hair facilities). Should it melt, you can be sure that the hair is made from synthetic or a synthetic blend. Should it become ash, you can get a sigh of relief.

wholesale hair vendors

  • Hot water trick

Boil water and dip your virgin hair extensions in the hot water. After removing water and air drying, if the hair is stiff, and shows no real cuticles, it is fake for sure. And if it is vice versa (hair cuticles appear), it is virgin.

Here are two tips that you can complete ask the best wholesale hair vendors to do before you decide to make a deal. If they are confident enough, you can trust them and have a good impression. If not, let the result tell. Otherwise, you can ask them for samples if you live far away from their branches. Pay the shipping fee and you can be sure of your choice.

In case you directly visit your bestwholesale hair vendors in the USA and you do not have any handy things as aforementioned, try to smell the bundle hair. You can recognize the smell of acid and silicone.

Remember to check the thickness of the bundle. It must have the same thickness from top to bottom. High-quality hair extensions are always like that. Hold it up to the light to check and if there are a lot of gaps between hair, you should doubt its quality.

wholesale hair vendors

  • Customer service

Some would argue that only price and quality matter. They can easily forgive bad behaviors from sellers. This is a wrong attitude that may encourage bad business to continue the work. Customer service is an important factor these days and it reflects the face of the company. If they ignore it, they cannot grow up for sure because people will suspect that they are not careful enough in the hair-making process.

We believe that in the USA, do what the USA people do. Therefore, in general, the customer service of the suggested best wholesale hair vendors is good. They will attempt to solve any problems and questions that you may have on short notice. Professional hair vendors are required to have all social platforms that help users to connect with ease.

wholesale hair vendors

As long as you are satisfied with the service that they provide you with, you will feel that it is a good investment you should do. Never feel reluctant to enjoy your position as the king of hair vendors. It can be seen that the best wholesale hair vendors must fulfill these basic requirements to reach their potential buyers. Therefore, if there is one that does not comply with any of those things, do not regret to list it from your options.

Belady hair – Brand that has been short-listed in best wholesale hair vendors in USA

We have received a fair amount of questions in which you hope that we could recommend to you some certain brands to go shopping for hair extensions. To be honest, it is a hard decision to make because we just do not want our article to target advertising purposes. However, we will try our best to share with you our experience with the best wholesale hair vendors that are well-known among customers.

In this part, we will focus on Belady hair – one of the greatest wholesale hair vendors in the USA. Although it is just gaining popularity among other counterparts, it has got quite a few positive comments and feedback from customers. It deserves one of the top Vietnamese companies which exports Vietnamese and Cambodian virgin hair.

Belady hair is among the hair vendors whose headquarter is put in Vietnam. However, with years of experience in the hair business, they are confident in providing you with the things you need the most. Do not worry if you are living far away because they accept all orders from the United States, Nigeria, Colombia, Brazil, Europe, and so on.

wholesale hair vendors

So, are you curious about hair products that this company brings about and why people over the world put their suggestions towards it? It is the question needed to be answered right now. In terms of hair products, this hair vendor concentrates on Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair, and Brazilian hair.

  • Vietnamese hair

wholesale hair vendors

Belady hair vendor is responsible for thick and dark Vietnamese hair. Moreover, its headquarter is located in Vietnam; therefore, it is much easier for them to collect real hair from donors. Why not pay a bit more for the shipping fee and you can get genuine strands in a fair quantity?

wholesale hair vendors

Why do we know that Vietnamese hair here is superior to its counterparts elsewhere? They are sure that their Vietnamese hair is virgin and hand-tied weft with no shedding and tangle. You can even choose straight, curly, or wavy texture. They accept any color that you desire. However, from our point of view, just purchase its real color (dark to brown), which is better.

For those who have not had a chance to enjoy the goodness of Vietnamese hair in general, please take a look here to explore more. You can have a different choice from your initial decision. Vietnamese hair is growingly popular these days; so, if you buy it, it means you are catching up with new trends.

  • Cambodian hair

In a broader view, Cambodian hair is not too much different when compared to Vietnamese hair. Therefore, should you be a newcomer in this field, you do not need to be so confused about which to buy. Just buy at random. However, why not get to know a bit about the comparison between the two here

wholesale hair vendors

We are sure that you have a lot to ask about these kinds of hair extensions. However, why do you need to explore on your own when you can use them as challenges to test out the customer service of Belady in particular and other hair vendors in general?

We could affirm that Cambodian hair from Belady is good because they have collected hair from exact Cambodian donors. In the context of harsh competition, they also have some special treatments in terms of price. Therefore, if you are still doubtful about quality and price, you can sigh relief now.

Just like Vietnamese hair, they always have Cambodian one in their hands right at the moment you contact them. You can ask them to hold two types in their hands for you to make a direct comparison. It is better if you ask them to send you some photos of the making process in their factory. If they meet all your demands, why not rate them as the best wholesale hair vendors?

Cambodian hair has a lot more textures to refer to. If you are not clear about the type you want, you need to describe them to the one that you are chatting with. They can give you some helpful pieces of advice.

If you are a careful person and you do not believe in what we are talking about, you can request to go to the company or factory to see if you live in Vietnam. If you are not in Vietnam, ask them to send you the samples or use other methods to check your doubt. Best wholesale hair vendors will have their way to meet your demands.

  • Brazilian hair

Warning, in this part, we will talk more about Brazilian hair provided by Belady – one of the hair vendors located in Vietnam. It is the case that Belady is the best place to visit if you are interested in Vietnamese and Cambodian strands. Deriving from Southeast Asia countries, it is the best suited to exploit this industry. Though you are living in the United States, you should buy something called authentic hair from exact those countries.

When it comes to Brazilian hair, why do we suggest you buy it from Belady? It is a long story to tell. To be honest, for some religious reasons and high demands, it would be impossible for Brazilian companies to cut enough hair to provide for the world. Meanwhile, people would love to buy high-quality Brazilian hair because it has been well-known for a long time.

According to the truth about human hair vendors by Alix Moore – a guru in the industry, Brazilians do not want to sell their hair or cut it for profits. Should you have a chance to pay a visit to this country, you will find no large-scale Brazilian temples shaving hair. For all of the aforementioned senses, sometimes, so-called local hair vendors have to import hair from Indian or Asian manufacturers.

With some similarities and techniques from manufacturers, ordinary people find it hard to distinguish between virgin Indian hair and virgin Brazilian one. Therefore, they can easily mix them and call that mixture as ‘virgin Brazilian’ without your notice. See the picture to guess which one is Brazilian and its counterpart.

wholesale hair vendors

wholesale hair vendors

It may not be the best choice if you are looking for Brazilian hair in exactly that country. Therefore, we would say that it is safer to get advice than purchase hair from Belady hair vendors. This company has its stuff in Brazil to collect virgin strands. At an affordable price, you can get high-quality hair extensions for a better look.

In other articles, we will try to introduce other best wholesale hair vendors in the USA to you for reference. Maybe this will help you in this complicated hair market and you will no longer be confused about choosing one for your whole life to be exposed to hair integrations.

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