The essential guide on white girl hair extension

Hair extensions are a very popular item among African Americans hair as a way to add extra length, and volume or to change the color of their hair. Meanwhile, recently, a lot of white girls are interested in hair extensions, especially for special occasions such as parties, night-out, or for a stunning and different wedding look.

However, having hair extensions for white girls, or white girl hair extension, is not simple like other colored girls. Hair extensions come mostly from South Asia countries, where the natural hair often has a thick and coarse texture (it can be even denser after dying).

Nevertheless, white girls’ hair is much silkier and thinner in texture. Therefore, sometimes it gets quite confusing and awkward to have the right extension and get it corrected. In this article, we would like to help white girls find out the most suitable extension method for them.

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How hair extensions for White Girls are made

white girl hair extension
The essential guide on white girl hair extension

Hair extensions are the fastest way that enables you to get the extra length for short hair. Additional human and synthetic hair are the 2 main qualities of the hair extension to achieve this goal.

Human Hair

As its name, human hair is natural human hair. This source of hair come from a lot of countries, even Brazil, but the main source comes from South Asian countries, especially India, Cambodia, and Vietnam, which are the biggest providers of natural raw hair for extensions. And Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair are two types of hair that are considered to be the best and most popular.

Synthetic Hair

It is made of synthetic fibers, and has the same look as human hair but does not include any real hair. It is recommended that synthetic hair extensions are more suitable for use in a short time because they can easily be affected by heat and friction. It has cheap prices, and also comes with various styling options.

Cons of hair extensions for White Girls

Using hair extensions, unless white girls will need to pay attention and give extra care, they may get tangles and knots.

Also, when removing hair extensions, you should be careful to avoid hair damage or even bald spots on your head.

Types of white girl hair extension

Clip-in Extensions

white girl hair extension
Clip in extension can be the first white girl hair extension (Source: Internet)

This hair extension has clips so that it can be added to your scalp. It is mostly made of Remy human hair, so this kind of hair extension is not a suitable choice for girls with thin hair, as thin hair cannot bear the strain and pressure of these clip-in extensions. This type of hair extension for white girls is easily colored and washed, and many types of styling such as curling and straightening. What is more, this hair extension is somehow cheaper than others. This is one of the cheap white girl hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions can maintain for a quite short time so you are recommended to wash them after every 15-20 years or in the case there is a lot of product on them. Care for it just like your natural hair, gently brush, wash it with shampoo and condition and then let them dry naturally.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

white girl hair extension
Tape in hair extension for white girls (Source: Internet)

These hair extensions for white girls are pre-taped and then they are taped or glued to your hair. You will normally have this tape-in hair extension applied by a hairdresser because this type of hair extension needs to be glued on the roots as well as applied with a heated tool that can heat the glue. Moreover, you will need to remove them with the glue remover and then install them again. When applying heat to your roots and scalp, combining it with an adhesive product such as glue can damage your real natural hair.

You need to be very careful when washing or using hair products on this type of hair extension because if not careful, you can make the tape lose or slip off. This is the biggest issue with the tape-ins type. Because of this, you will normally be suggested by hairdressers to use some special shampoo and conditioner as well as styling products that are not too harsh and oily to make sure the glue still sticks to your hair. You can have any style you want on this hair extension because it is made of natural human hair, but still, need to be careful with the roots where the glue/tape is.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

white girl hair extension
Sew in extension will give you a full and firm look (Source: Internet)

With this method, the hair extensions are woven onto the braids of your natural hair, which has been braided into a cornrow first. It takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete this process. This type of hair extension will normally last between 6 to 8 weeks. There are different choices for you from a weave with only some tracks to a  full-head weave to get a fuller appearance. However, this kind of hair extension is claimed to be the most painful/uncomfortable method but it’s still popular because this is the most permanent type as well as it’s been sewn into your natural hair so it cannot slip off easily.

If you have a full sew-in weave, you should moisturize the scalp as well as the natural hair at least once a week and choose to use the best deep conditioning products. Another thing that people with weaves should do is wash their hair with some special protein products to prevent the damage and effects which can make your hair weak. When you want to style your hair, you can do the same rules applied for real hair vs. synthetic hair but normally weaves come in real hair due to the period they are kept in.

Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

white girl hair extension
Fusion hair extension can also be your choice (Source: Internet)

Fusion hair extensions (also called bonding or pre-ponded) are bonded to the natural hair using different adhesives such as glue. It takes approximately 3-4 hours to apply for this hair extension by a hairdresser. Fusion extensions are not suitable for all clients, especially ones who have damaged hair because it is very damaging to your scalp and natural hair.

The process will include a hot glue gun-like machine, which can glue and stick the hair extension to inpidual strands of natural hair. With the pre-bonded type, it’s a little bit different method that you will use a heat lamp to melt the glue to tape your natural hair.

Fusion extensions can last up to 6 months. This method works two ways: the hot fusion method and the cold fusion method. You may even have the problem of natural hair falling out if you do not care for it properly and keep these types of extensions for more than 6 months. Also, this hair extension cannot be reused. Aso, it is not easy to solve this. What is more, its cost is also high.

The above is a guide on white girl hair extension, which gives you a total and complete look at hair extension and their types, so that you can consider and find out the most suitable one yourself. Hopefully, you will always have healthy and stunning hair. Wishing you all the best.

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