What is considered long hair and attractiveness?

This is the oldest question that we have ever heard about. However, in reality, people do not have the exact idea of what is considered long hair, short hair or medium one. Women visit hair salons, ask the stylists to have their desired styles, and check out themselves to see if they like them or not. Therefore, for ages, the definition of long or short hair varies from one to another.

This article is to solve the matter and reveal the complex link between hair length and perceived beauty. It is true that there is no standard level of attractiveness but to gain a perfect look on the first try, you should be aware of hair length. It is good for both women and men.

Let’s take a look at our table of contents to see if your assumption on hair length is right or wrong!

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What is considered long hair to women?

what is considered long hair
A quick look for those who are the enemy of words and desire to have a brief introduction
(Source: Internet)

The chart is far more useful than such technical terms as short, medium-length, and long hair. However, it is relatively true because you may think the ‘short hair’ above is too short. It depends on different perspectives or we would say it is the perceived beauty.

Between men and women, what is considered long hair is different as well. While women with long hair are glorious and graceful, men with long hair are either cool or disastrous. For short hair, it is vice versa. The conclusion we draw is based on this table of contents.

Very short = Above the ear or shorter

what is considered long hair
When your strands are all above the ear or even shorter, you are wearing short hair (Source: Internet)

Short hair is the deus ex machina on girls who come in their average age or when they are getting older. This is a match in heaven with grey hair color, which creates a natural anti-aging remedy in just a few steps.

what is considered long hair
This short style is also called ear-length hair (Source: Internet)

As for men, people may consider it as a very short buzz while women should go for close-cropped cuts like the pixie cut in the middle of the photo above.

However, in general, the majority of customers do not like to have the short haircut so much as after having this haircut, they will get hurt, regret their glorious long tresses and think that they have made the most terrible mistake ever.

Short = Chin and Above

what is considered long hair
These days, chin-length hair has been taking ladies by storm because of its refreshing look and the convenience it brings about (Source: Internet)

Years ago, women were in love with traditional long locks; therefore, at that time, ‘what is considered long hair’ was one of the top-searched keywords and people seemed to be hunting for long hairstyles. Nevertheless, in the hustle and bustle of life, people have to go for convenient options, which is understandable.

This is also the mostly-agreed-on definition of short hair. You may be easily confused about chin-length hair and medium-length hair because they are not different from chalk and cheese. Some also consider it as a very short style but we recommend that it is better to have a chin length cut then leave them room to grow up into the perfect medium-length hair.

Medium-length = Shoulder-length

what is considered long hair
Remember that the chart is relatively true and there is a lot of room for interpretation (Source: Internet)

Medium-length hair poses an obstacle for long hair to continue its prevalence. Nowadays, when ladies come to hair salons, they ease questioning ‘what is considered long hair’ and ‘which is the hottest long hairstyle now’. Instead, they are falling in love with shoulder-length hair as they do not have time to manage long hair anymore.

Should your strands come longer than your shoulder blade and equal to your armpit, that means you are one of the medium-length hair followers. It refreshes your look for sure as one of my colleagues is a vivid illustration.

what is considered long hair
If you are a fan of Selena, why not try her style once? (Source: Internet)

Long = Armpit length

Finally, we can approach the long hair spectrum. It is hard to explain but there is an idea floating around that long hair on women is attractive to men. As experts in the field, our gut feelings tell us that it is true. Traditional as it may be, it smells the scent of feminine girls.

what is considered long hair
Who can resist a head turn for this winning combination between traditional and modern beauty?
(Source: Internet)

When it comes to ‘what is considered long hair’, we must say the strands must come in armpit length or longer. The superior advantage of long hair is that you can have any healthy cutting. At first sight, long hair looks really good and there are a lot of options out there for you to choose from with long strands.

what is considered long hair
Basically, this is the brief answer to your question ‘what is considered long hair (Source: Internet)

Very Long = Mid-back or longer

When compared to long hair, very long styles are utilized by most celebs because they are the only ones who feel free to enjoy the sophisticated maintenance of mid-back or longer strands.

what is considered long hair
From the picture, you can imagine how long it would be (Source: Internet)

While it is not a common hair length that is favored by many ordinary clients relative to the other lengths, it is still done and loved by a certain group. The very long haircut empowers the hairstylists to enhance the steps of cutting and allows the beautician to try princess style. It is best suited to those who love fragile beauty. 

Hair length and attractiveness on both women and men

Have you ever been attracted by the long hair of a girl or the unique hairstyle of the next-door boy? If yes, you are going the right way. Recently, research teases out the interesting link between hair length and attractiveness. To seek a vivid example of how hair length and hairstyle change one, you should take a look at the following picture.

what is considered long hair
The line between a handsome man and an untidy one is pretty delicate (Source: Justin Bieber)

Hair length is a loose, societally structured form of sexual dimorphism but it is no longer a trait that tells apart between the sexes. Nowadays, it is not something so odd that men wear long hair and women take a short haircut.

The thing is how you perform yourself with that look but before analyzing the complex link between hair length and attractiveness, let’s listen to the following sharing of Chase Amante to see how important hair is to the attraction.

“I didn’t pay that much attention to hair the first few years when I started to hang out with girls but I was quite meticulous about mixing and matching clothes. I just went out and talk to girls. The results turned out to be not that bad because they still agreed to keep on the relationship.

what is considered long hair
It does not matter which hair length you are going for. The key is how you care for it (Source: Internet)

But there was one girl honest to me. She didn’t like the way I raised my long strands. She asked me if I was aware of this and of ‘what is considered long hair’. It was okay but without taking care of long hair, any male can become handicapped.”

Hair length and female attractiveness

Some may think that we are just exaggerating the importance of hair length because no matter what they did to their hair, they are still ‘them’, and that never changes. However, it is just because you have checked out these differences.

what is considered long hair
Anne Hathaway in three kinds of transformation (Source: Internet)

It is true that no matter which hair length she is wearing, her glamor never seems to cease. Nevertheless, medium-hair Anne is cute in a girl-next-door look while short-hair Anne makes her look older. The only true sunshine should be long hair, Anne. Who dares to say that ‘what is considered long hair’ is a question of the past?

what is considered long hair
Scarlett Johansson – which Scarlett do you like the most? (Source: Internet)

She is the symbol of beauty but it does not mean she is the best-suited model for any hair length. As you can see, short hair Scarlett looks pretty like Gozer the Gozerian while medium hair makes her a bit funny and sexy at the same time. The true love goes for wavy long hair Scarlett.

With the two examples, we can conclude that women with long hair have a special attractiveness that others cannot describe in words. Hair length empowers them with the chance to be what they want to be. While short hair is embedded with unique styles, medium-hair length reminds us of modern girls at their liberty.

These developments in opinion about hair do not remove ‘what is considered long hair’ from the list. On the contrary, long hair still proves its long-lasting life.

Hair length and male attractiveness

For some men, the audience would love to see them in long hair because their vibes are originally goofy. Brendan Fraser is that one – the man on the flip side of normal rules.

what is considered long hair
Medium hair works better for him as short hair on the left just makes him look like a big boy.
(Source: Internet)

If you do not own a strong masculine presence, short hair is not for you. Instead, you look like an overgrown boy. However, those who are boyish cannot wear long hair or medium hair because these styles call attention to femininity. Take Chris Hemsworth for instance.

what is considered long hair
Chris is still good-looking in both sides but people would be more willing to side out Chris of ‘what is considered long hair (Source: Internet)

The edginess on the left side will make many girls head over heels in love. He is wearing a sexy mask of a true bad boy that ladies will find cool and attractive.

From these two pictures, you can see that the perceived male beauty is strongly affected by hair length and hairstyles. If you put on a far bigger shirt, you cannot perform at your best.

This also put an end to the article related to hair length in general and ‘what is considered long hair’ in particular. Belady Hair Factory hope that you can have your wise choice before visiting the nearby hair salon and having your haircut. Thank you for your reading and see you next time with more exciting information!

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