What Color Cancels Out Purple? 4 Ways To Remove Purple From Hair

Hair coloring is a great pleasure, and each different color brings a distinct personality. Prominent and vibrant tones like purple are prime examples. It easily attracts the attention of the crowd—however, only some people like this.

You may wonder: “What color cancels out purple?” If you are bored with purple hair or want to change, Belady Hair Vendors writes this article just for you.

what color cancels out purple

Beautiful young woman with perfect skin and long shiny purple hair 

What Color Cancels Out Purple? The Hair Color Wheel

It would help if you used orange or yellow to reduce the purple color in your hair. Depending on the intensity of the color, your choice will be different.

Blonde will be suitable for getting rid of dark purple hair. On the contrary, you should use orange to eliminate light purple hair.

The principle of choosing this color depends on the hair color wheel. You need to understand its basis to make the correct choice.

On the color wheel, pairs of colors are closely related to each other. Two colors on opposite sides of each other can cancel each other out and vice versa. Based on that theory, yellow is the color that can cancel out purple.

Therefore, hair stylists often rely on this to coordinate suitable dye colors for their customers. They may use toners or dyes to suppress the purple color.

What Color Can You Use To Cover Purple?

If you don’t like purple, you can also cover them with other colors. According to the color principle, a purple tone combines red and blue.

So, you can use colors with blue and red tones to cover your purple hair. Ideal choices are red, blue, and brown.

what color cancels out purple

Use blue to cover the purple hair color


The easiest way to cover purple hair is to dye it blue. These two colors have similar cool tones, so you can change them without leaving any marks. The deep midnight blue or turquoise blue will celebrate the beauty in you. Host the party today.


Red and purple are always a good match anywhere. The trend of dyeing hair red-purple has been around for a long time, and you must have known about it.

Colors like eggplant, raspberry, wine red, or deep burgundy give the impression of modern-day vampires.


Another color with a red tone, like purple, is brown. Therefore, you can still use brown to bleach purple hair. Even better, this color is highly trendy and suitable for everyone. It will give you a mature, feminine, and daring look.

How To Remove Purple From Hair?

To get the purple out of your hair, try one of these four methods.

Dye Remover

To effectively remove the purple color from hair, the safest way is to use dye remover. The problem you need to pay attention to is their unpleasant scent. Fortunately, this scent doesn’t last long and usually wears off after one wash.

This method is suitable for all hair types. It is incredibly safe as long as you only choose good quality products. Another plus point is that dye remover is very easy to use. Each box of pills has specific guides; you have to follow the guides.

The process of removing the dye will take time to happen. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of time. So make sure you follow the instructions precisely for the best results.

what color cancels out purple

Bleaching hair at the salon 


If you dye your hair with a semi-permanent dye, the dye remover will not work effectively on your hair. Instead, you should use the bleaching method.

This method is straightforward to implement and works immediately. You will notice that your hair is no longer purple.

However, bleaching significantly affects the scalp and damages the hair’s cuticle. Unlike semi-permanent dyes, the bleach effects are permanent.

This method is not recommended by us when you want to remove purple hair.

Vitamin C

People often take vitamin C to strengthen their immune systems. But you may need to learn that this vitamin also can remove the purple color from the hair.

Like semi-permanent hair dyes, vitamin C adapts well to hair. Its acidity also helps to neutralize the pH of the hair naturally.

Besides, it does not leave sequelae and changes the hairstyle permanently like bleach. Using vitamin C is very simple. You put them in a zip bag and grind them into a powder. Mix that powder with shampoo and apply it to the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes to an hour.

Then, rinse your hair with water and shampoo as usual.

Toner With Gold

The last method is a toner to remove the unwanted purple color from hair.

If your hair is light purple, you must use orange to remove it. In contrast, blonde will help remove hair with dark purple tones. The effect of the toner will take place immediately. This method is quite fast, so many people widely use it.

To do it, you need to apply the toner evenly to the hair strands from root to tip. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you should pide them into several parts to apply for the medicine more evenly.

After applying toner, let your hair rest and wait. With light hair, you’ll need to wait eight to ten minutes. Waiting time if you have dark hair is 20 to 25 minutes.

Finally, remember to wash your scalp and hair. This bleaching process will also damage the cuticles, so you should moisturize them with conditioner.

Can You Put Black Color Over Purple Dyed Hair? 

A black dye can completely cover any color, even purple. However, it has some problems. Dyeing your hair black will dry out your hair and damage your cuticles. Also, if you use permanent dye, it will be difficult to remove that black layer and dye other hair colors.

What Color Can Cancel Out Purple Undertones? 

Depending on the purple color in your hair, we will have the corresponding answer. You can use golden or golden colors to lighten the dark purple tones. It is exceptionally safe without any harm.

In contrast, lighter purple shades often contain more blue. Orange would be the perfect choice to get rid of them. Using yellow or orange ink mixed with dye will neutralize the purple color left on your mane without damaging it.


What color cancels out purple? Based on the hair color wheel, yellow and orange are the two best colors for reducing purple color in the hair. 

Depending on the shade of the color, we will have different options.

This article has helped you understand the principle of color matching. Use it to remove similar colors in the future if necessary.

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