What brand of hair dye kills lice? The answers revealed!

Are you struggling with lice on your head? Do you feel itchy all the time? Is there anyone complain about your personal hygiene after seeing lice on your head? Are you shy about this? These are the most common feelings that people with lice living on head get. For the most part, a host of people are so annoyed with the fact that they get lice on their hair. It is not just the matter of itchy heads, it is also related to the lack of confidence when communicating with other people.

Nowadays, there are a number of solutions which are given to deal with this problem. Besides a lot of medical ways, it is said that some brands of hair dye can help to kill lice. So, is it true? What brand of hair dye kills lice? The truth will be revealed in this post right now!

What brand of hair dye kills lice? The answers revealed! 3
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

Things around the small insect

Today, with the development in all aspects, we have many ways to stay clean and keep hygiene. However, there is a fact that lice are always around us, and somehow they still find ways to live on our heads. Its favorite environment is nice and thick hair, particularly in female hair. That is why girls usually get lice, and it is a difficult task for them to fight with this kind of parasite.

What is head lice?

Basically, head lice are tiny wingless insects which have their existence on human’s head. As mentioned before, the favorite living environment of lice is nice and thick hair where they can find warmth and “food”. They suck blood from human’s head to feed themselves, which causes itches for owners.

You will get itchy when having lice

What brand of hair dye kills lice
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

“Why I get lice?” “Can they fly or jump from head to head?”

A lot of people actually do not know why they get head lice. Therefore, they think about any cases they can. One of the most popular one is the idea of lice jumping or flying. As mentioned above, lice do not have wings, so they cannot fly or jump from one people to others. Just close contact to infected inpiduals can make you get head lice. These are some possible examples that you can think about:

– Wearing items like hat, hair ornaments, etc. which have been worn by a person with lice on the head

– Using brushes, combs that carry lice because they have been used by an infected person

– Using same pillow, blanket or sleeping on the bed with a person who has head lice.

Symptoms when getting lice

These following symptoms can tell you if you have lice or not so that you can find a solution as soon as possible. The most common symptom which most of head lice owners get is that they will get itchy on the scalp or even on ears and neck. Gradually, there are more noticeable symptoms. For example, sometimes, you will experience tickling sensation on your head. It is the time when lice move. Or maybe you will take notice of some tiny white spots on hair strands which are actually lice eggs.

An image of lice eggs

What brand of hair dye kills lice
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

Conventional ways of killing lice

Before finding out what kind of hair dye kills lice, let’s check some traditional ways of killing lice. Most of them show their pros and cons.

The most common way of eliminating this insect is by hand. It is considered as the most effective way to make sure whether lice are killed or not because your helper can check by their eyes. However, catching lice by hand is actually so time-consuming, and sitting for a long time to find and catch lice is pretty boring.

Another way is using lice comb. There are two types of lice comb: the metal one and the plastic one. The metal comb is favored more than later because of its better duration and efficiency. Moreover, they have micro spirals around the teeth which assist users in grabbing lice as well as their eggs easily. Nevertheless, their drawback is also related to their teeth. They are so small, which can make your hair falling out, causing hair loss.

Lice combs are widely used

What brand of hair dye kills lice
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

Furthermore, many people also find a way that they considered as the best and fastest solution to deal with lice: shaving. After trying different way but fail to eliminate all the lice, they decide to shave all the hair on their head. It is certainly effectively because they eliminate the “home” of lice. Nonetheless, when it comes to the matter of style and beauty, it is a real nightmare for a lot of people. They may feel shy when going out without any hair on their heads.

Will hair dye really kill lice?

Because of some drawbacks of those conventional ways, people now would like to find another alternative to kill lice. It is using hair dye. So, will hair dye really kill head lice and their eggs? What hair dye kills head lice?

Lice are known to be quite sensitive to chemicals and most of hair dye products on the market now contain a variety of chemicals, which are rather harmful to us. Therefore, it is believed that chemicals in hair dye can harm to lice, too. There are two main chemicals in hair dyes which are highly toxic to the wingless insect. They are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Even though, until now, there has been no evidence or research which proves that hair dye can help to kill head lice, it is still claimed that if you dye hair again after getting lice, you can kill them with the chemicals above. Therefore, if you both want to kill lice and restyle your hair, why don’t you try this method once?

What brand of hair dye kills lice?

Basing on the information above, you can choose products which contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to make sure that your stuff can become handy. In addition, just take notice that you need to purchase permanent color kits instead of temporary or semi-permanent ones. Finally, here are some brands of hair dye which may help you to eliminate head lice. Those brands are very famous and easy to find on the market:

– Clairol

What brand of hair dye kills lice
(Source: Internet)

– L’Oréal

What brand of hair dye kills lice
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

– Wella

What brand of hair dye kills lice
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

– John Frieda

What brand of hair dye kills lice
What brand of hair dye kills lice (Source: Internet)

Just remember to check the product information as well as instruction to be sure that your goods contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia and you use the products in the right way. Finally, never use hair dye on children’s hair. The chemicals are so dangerous to them and their hair.

Getting lice is not a pleasant experience, so just be careful and remember that “hygiene is a must” if you do not want to stay away from lice. However, if you are having the kind of insects on your head, do not worry. Let’s try to dye hair and find out what brand of hair dye kills lice if you can. Finally, I hope that this post will come in handy to you. Thanks for reading!

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