Wella toner for white hair – Miracle for bleached hair

With bright hair, to treat brassy or orange color, the toner is a perfect choice. Many people want to raise their hair color at home instead of going to the salon. The question is which kind of toner they should choose and how to use their toner at home. Let’s find out wella toner for white hair, a very popular toner on the market.

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What is wella toner?

wella toner for white hair
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If you are looking for a product that can help you neutralize the yellow and orange tones on your bleached hair, it is the toner. Typically, the toner is blue-violet. Applying toner will turn your bleached hair gray, ash, or smoky. It means your hair color will look a lot more natural. In addition, toner also makes your hair look shinier and stronger.

Toner works to change the light tone of hair, it does not work to improve hair color or change the color of hair. Therefore, the toner is only effective for bleach or blond hair and does not affect darker hair. You can use toner for the entire hair or just the part of the hair that you want to change its shades. The more you shampoo, the more you should use toner. You can freely select to tone at home or go to the salon to get the best result.

wella toner for white hair
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Wella toner is a fairly common toner from Wella professionals. This brand focuses on hair care products and hair color, so Wella toner for white hair is quite good quality. The company produces a wide variety of toners that are suitable for each tone of the hair. Let’s take a look at some types of Wella toner for white hair.

Types of Wella toner for white hair

Wella toner T-10: Pale Blonde

wella toner for white hair
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Naturally, blonde people dye to another color and want to return to the bleached hair color can use the T-10 as the perfect choice. What T-10 can do is to make your hair look great, not dry and brittle, which is super important to blonde, bleached hair. T-10 can be used with any brassy color you want to tone because this is violet based. Another plus point for the T-10 Wella toner is that it smells light, not smelly like other toners.

Wella toner T-14: Pale Ash Blonde

wella toner for white hair
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Most reviews on the internet point out that Wella toner T-14s work just fine on lightly bleached hair, but in reality, T-14 can do more. For darker-colored hair, the T-14 works pretty well. Wella toner T-14 is one of the best toners to get if you have darker orange brassy hair because it is blue-based, not violet-based like other types.

Wella toner T-14 will turn your hair into the most gorgeous ashy white color you have ever seen. Wella toner T-14 keeps the color pretty long. As time passes, the beautiful platinum color of your hair will gradually turn purple, and it still looks good.

Wella toner T-18: Lightest Ash Blonde

Wella toner for white hair
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It must be said that one of the best toners is Wella toner for white hair T-18. The ability to change its color tone is amazing. It tones all the brass out and changes your hair tone to white or silver. It works very well in maintaining white hair, white hair, or silver hair.

Depending on the current condition and hair color, the results will vary. However, the color tone generally the lightest ash blonde is still guaranteed. At affordable prices, the great results of the Wella toner for white hair T-18 have made many people decide to buy it again and even become fans of it.

  • How to use Wella toner for white hair

Choose the right type of Wella toner for white hair

Wella toner for white hair
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Use wella toner T-10, T-14, T-18 for white or silver hair. However, with darker hair, you can not get white or platinum when using those toners. In this case, you can use T-15, T-11, T-27, or T-35 to make your hair brighter, and use toner for white hair a few weeks later to achieve the hair color you want.

Volume 20 is the most suitable volume developer to use for white hair. It helps the toner to work out effectively and to brighten your hair itself.

Do not use volume 30 or volume 40 at home because higher volume developers can damage your hair severely if it is not applied by a professional colorist.

Apply your toner

Apply toner immediately after bleaching for the fastest results. Toner works best with bleached hair, it will enhance the tone or tone down the parts you want. Remember to wash your head with shampoo immediately after bleaching your hair to remove all the bleach on your hair. However, if you want to take the time to make a decision or choose a toner after bleaching your hair, it’s okay. As long as your hair is bleached, you can apply toner anytime you want.

wella toner for white hair
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If you apply toner immediately after shampooing, apply it when your hair is still wet. You can use a towel to dry your hair, but do not completely dry it. If you do not use the toner immediately after bleaching, shampoo and dry it in the same way.

Use a glove and a towel or an old shirt to wrap around your shoulders. This will prevent toner from getting dirty and sticking to your hands or clothes.

Mix toner with the developer at 1: a 2 ratio. Keep in mind that the developer has to double the amount of toner you use. Depending on your hair length you can use half a toner bottle or even a toner bottle.

Fix the upper part of your hair with plastic clips. You should start with the lower part because for most people this part has homogeneous orange tones.

Use a brush to brush your hair. Brush from top to bottom, roots to hair ends, and from side to side. Use a mirror to make sure you do not miss any part of the hair.

After finishing the toner application for the first layer, remove the hairpin and place each thin layer down. Do the same with the first layer. Then move on to the next layer until you finish applying to the last layer. For hair pieces that are difficult to use combs to brush, such as bangs or hair around the ears, you can use your hands to apply toner.

Rinse toner and apply moisturizing conditioner to your hair. You should wait 24 hours before washing your newly toned hair. This will ensure uniform color and durability of the hair.

Maintain your shade of hair tone

wella toner for white hair
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Do not shampoo more than 2 times a week and avoid using sulfate-based shampoos to help retain toner for longer. In case you need to shampoo more than twice, you can also use dry shampoo or shampoo with cool water.

Use purple shampoo or conditioner once a week. The best time to keep it on your hair before rinsing is 2-3 minutes. Do not let the shampoo and conditioner over 10 minutes because it will make your hair look dull.

Use heat-protective substances before you bend or stretch. These heat protectants will help protect your hair from damage caused by high temperatures.

The above is the Wella toner for white hair and its characteristics. Find the most suitable toner for you to enjoy your favorite hair color. Prominent platinum hair will make you look more trendy than ever.

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