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Many women are passionate about ‘weave hair’ because of its natural beauty, personality, and strength. But with so many different weaves, it can be challenging for a novice to find the right product for you. In this article, I will guide you in detail on choosing the right hairstyle for your style and budget. At the same time, I suggest practical care tips to maintain bouncy and robust hair. Read on for more details!

What Is Weave Hair?

Weave hair is an artificial or natural extension fixed to the original human hair by stitching, gluing, or clipping. This hairstyle originated in Egypt in the 3400s BC.

Although it has existed for a long time, this hairstyle is still prevalent. It is one of the perfect hair extensions to bring flexibility and personality to a woman.

Unlike traditional everyday pull-ups, today's woven hair can last several weeks or even longer. Instead of using it for coverage like a wig, this style stitches directly into your natural hair.

So how to find the right weave hairstyle? Read on for more information below!

How To Consider The Right Weave Hair?

Facing thousands of hair extensions today, it is difficult for users to make the final purchase decision. If you consider carefully, you will most likely avoid buying poor-quality products with mismatched colors and styles.

Read the detailed instructions below to find your direction!

Check out the hairstyle you want

First, you need to check out the hair type you want carefully. There are usually three main ones, including human, synthetic, or blended hair:

  • Human Hair: This hair is natural, so it looks realistic and outstanding. As for human hair, we can freely create any desired hairstyle. You can bleach, dye, curl or straighten. But don't let that make you forget about hair care. It needs to be taken more care of than synthetic and blended hair.

  • Synthetic Hair: Synthetic hair is from fibers; hence it doesn't look as pretty as natural hair. The feeling to the touch is not absolute and quite fragile. Yet, because of its low cost and more accessible care, many customers still choose to buy and use it.

  • Blended Hair: This type combines natural human or synthetic hair. It is natural and easy to care for. So, it is unsurprising that this hairstyle has become a global trend in recent years.

Consider the lifestyle

If you are an active, flexible person, you should prefer hair models that withstand vigorous activities. 

As such, it will keep your hair bouncy and healthy. Unsuitable woven hairstyles easily affect your life activities. And human hair is a compelling suggestion for your healthy lifestyle.

Synthetic hair is the best choice if you get a more relaxed and gentle lifestyle. It is more flexible than human hair, yet the investment cost will be much cheaper.

Choose the suitable length.

Do you need to have long, flowing hair or gorgeous short hair? Please consider carefully deciding to buy a hairstyle with the right size.

Hair length depends on the type you are using and your personal preference. Human hair is the perfect proposition if you like long, shiny hair. It can be available in many different lengths, including short and long.

With synthetic or mixed hair, often they only have a few styles with fixed lengths, not to your taste.


The texture of the woven hair must be compatible with your natural hair to pair and maintain long-term hair health successfully. 

For example, if you have voluminous curly hair, you will need a woven hairstyle with corresponding curls. It is impossible to pair curly hair with straight hair, which is non-physical and does not yield good results. 

If you do it intentionally, it will relate to the health of your natural hair.

There are many different textures on the market, so take the time to research before choosing one. Any haste can destroy your hair quickly.


Weaving comes in various styles, averaging around $100-$800. And the more advanced ones will cost you more, $1000 - $1200. Based on personal taste and desired length, you will find the right hairstyle at a reasonable price.

Notably, only give preference to cheap hair because most are unsuitable for long-term use.


Are you free or busy, and how much time can you spend on your hair care? For busy people with limited time, the synthetic model is an excellent suggestion. It requires less maintenance than the other two hair types.

Natural human hair, which requires more care with regular frequency, will be more suitable for people with a lot of free time.

I still recommend using natural human hair, though. Its quality is good enough to help you handle bouncy and vibrant hair. 

It's also easier for you to style or bleach to your liking. Although the remaining hair does not require too strict care, its quality could be better.

Matching colors

Color is most important when choosing to buy woven hair. Between extensions and your natural hair, the color should be similar to create a complete and beautiful whole.

Choose the color closest to your hair. For instance, if you have pure black hair, dark extensions are much better than colorful blonde ones.

How To Take Care Of Weave Hair?

Woven hair care is always a topic of interest on hair forums today. Here are some practical suggestions that I suggest to you.

Choose the right shampoo.

Choosing the right quality shampoo for the weave is the best way to maintain healthy and bouncy hair.

The critical thing is prioritizing shampoos with entirely natural ingredients. Although it does not provide quick care results, it is benign and guaranteed to be friendly to your hair.

Of course, you should not use shampoo containing chemical ingredients for woven hair because it will dry and change the hair texture.

To increase elasticity and shine, a conditioner is indispensable.

It would help if you only used conditioner for your hair ends to nourish and moisturize. 

If you apply it evenly on the legs and scalp, it is easy to make the hair sticky and clog the roots. It leads to breakage with significant dandruff.

We also need to pay attention to how often we wash our hair. For the best care for woven hair, we should only wash our hair about three times a week.

Washing more easily affects the quality of the hair, forming oil and causing itching.

Use intensive hair cream.

Hair extensions need weekly care with specialized incubation cream. So, it would help if you used hair extension moisturizer about twice a day to keep your hair curly, smooth, and shiny. 

To enhance the effect, we should combine applying cream and massaging the hair extensions. This way, the nutrients will quickly penetrate the hair texture and help your hair stay bouncy and shiny.

Limit heat impact

Only apply a little heat to the woven hair, as it will increase dryness and breakage. 

Drying with excessive heat for a long time will loosen the bond on the textile and shorten the life of your hair. In case you must use heat, add a conditioner to avoid seriously damaging the hair texture.

Going to bed with dry hair

Going to bed with wet hair is a bad habit, making hair damage worse. It becomes even more special with woven hair, which is more prone to breakage and shrinkage.

We should dry our hair thoroughly before going to bed. Or you can use satin towels to wrap your head and sleep peacefully with your wet hair. It is quickly absorbent, dries naturally, and doesn't over-frizz your hair.

Hold your hair up

Keeping hair up is an effective way to care for woven hair, helping to relieve stress on natural hair and prevent common frizz. It allows your woven hair to be stronger and stronger. So when should you keep your hair up?

The best time to do this is when you do housework or exercise. Apply this method many times, and you will quickly see your hair change.

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Hopefully, the detailed instructions on choosing and caring for weave hair above will help you better understand the weave hair characteristics for appropriate use and maintenance plans. 

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Thank you for reading!