Vietnamese Wigs: All Things You Should Know About This Hair Type

In terms of choosing a suitable wig, the origin of the products determines the quality. This helps you examine the hair texture, structure, and versatility.

Vietnamese wigs have built their reputation on natural beauty and outstanding features. They retain the original characteristic that users can have more options to customize.

So, what makes Vietnamese wigs become a prevalent choice on the market? What are their characteristics? Continue reading to find out the answer!

Different Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Hair Wigs 

Human Hair Wigs

The core difference between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs lies in origin. Human hair wigs are typically made out of natural human hair, which makes it more realistic and possesses a longer lifespan.

This hair wig is easily managed and styled. Therefore, users can change their hairstyle and use supplemental hair treatments on human hair wigs more efficiently than its counterpart.

Synthetic Hair Wigs 

Synthetic hair wigs are made of artificial fibers, including plastic and acrylic fibers, mixed with other chemical substances. This hair wig type is relatively less inexpensive and natural than a human hair wig.

However, this product line is available in extensive color selections and styles, allowing users more options when purchasing them. High-end synthetic wigs can hold their form regardless of ambient impacts.

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2. Synthetic Hair Sigs Are Sourced From Artificial Fibers 

Characteristics Of Vietnamese Wigs 

Vietnamese hair wigs have become an excellent option for anyone who wants to change and add more differences to their look. It delivers various textures and hairstyles that users can choose to suit their faces and preferences.

When purchasing a Vietnamese wig, there are some factors, including durability,  strength, natural look, and length, that you should consider to ensure you get the bang for the bucket.


Compared to other categories on the market, Vietnamese hair wigs have excellent durability and endurance. With careful selection and elaborate production, Vietnamese hair wigs can keep their form firmly.

Even when you usually move around or engage in physical activities, the hair wigs will be on your head throughout the day.


Regarding the strongest, Vietnamese hair is considered the top hair quality. Because Vietnamese women are aware of taking care of their hair daily, they often use fiber-rich products and are healthy.

Moreover, living in a pleasant temperature is a great way to encourage hair growth and strength.

Natural Look

The natural beauty of Vietnamese hair wigs is undoubted. This product is collected directly from rural Vietnamese women, which maintains the natural texture and structure.

You hardly recognize their differences when putting Vietnamese hair wigs and natural hair extensions side by side. The Vietnamese hair wigs did their best.


Vietnamese hair wigs are available in many lengths, which is stubble for all consumers’ needs, from men to women of all ages. It typically ranges from 8 to 12 inches, depending on specific needs and requirements.

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3. Vietnamese Hair Wigs Are Available In Numerous Texture 

Classification Of Vietnamese Hair Wigs 

Generally, Vietnamese hair wigs are classified into three main styles: Bone straight hair wigs, curly wavy wigs, and naturally straight hair wigs. They allow users to choose from various colors, styles, and lengths.

I have come up with clear classifications to help you determine the most suitable hair wig style to suit your needs and preferences.

Bond Straight Hair Wigs

Vietnamese bond straight hair wig delivers a silky and smooth surface. It’s straight from its root to its top and not prone to tangling, even in high-temperature conditions.

This is a prevalent choice for European and African women, especially in Nigeria, since they consider bone-straight hair wigs presenting prosperity and youth.

Curly Wavy Wigs

Curly wavy wig is a product of a heat and chemical treatment process. You can quickly notice the wave-like surface that impresses other people with an ideal hairstyle. A curly, wavy wig is perfect if you want to add flair to your look.

However, this gadget requires more maintenance to keep its ideal wave-like pattern. Remember not to use a brush on it. Try using fingers and a wide-tooth comb to retain its form effectively.

Natural Straight Hair Wigs

Natural straight hair wig is made of real human hair. It features a tangle-free and unique silky texture, allowing users to change their hairstyles comfortably on many occasions.

Regarding maintenance and price, a natural straight hair wig is superior to a curly wave wig and a bond straight hair wig. Since it still retains the strengths of natural hair and requires minimal maintenance.

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4. The Natural Beauty Of Vietnamese Hair Wigs Is Undoubted.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Vietnamese Hair Wigs 

Benefits Of Vietnamese Hair Wigs

The first reason determining the popularity of Vietnamese hair wigs is convenience. Only some people have enough time to design in the morning as they have many other priorities.

With Vietnamese hair wigs, you could save a lot of time by reducing the time to design the hairstyle. You need to wear the hair wig quickly and do other essential tasks.

Another outstanding feature is the endless hairstyle. This product line is a prevalent choice if you want to be different in an aesthetic way. You can choose from countless colors, styles, and lengths.

If you have to move around or take part in outdoor activities usually, consider choosing Vietnamese hair wigs, as they can protect your real hair from sun exposure during daylight hours.

Your real hair is always protected because of the wig, so you notice that it gets thicker and stronger with time.

Drawbacks Of Vietnamese Hair Wigs

Because of the high quality, Vietnamese hair wigs are usually more expensive than other hair wigs available on the market. Plus, the growing demand for natural hair wigs is another reason that propels their price.

The cleaning process of Vietnamese hair wigs is quite time-consuming and complicated. It requires users to have previous experiences with the hair-cleaning process.

Moreover, it takes a lot of time to dry naturally. You can speed up the process using a hair dryer, but it can damage the hair quality over time.


Is Vietnamese Hair Thick?

The answer is yes. Because Vietnamese hair’s natural shape is straight and is not prone to tangling, you can take a handful of Vietnamese hair in your hand and quickly notice its thickness and weight.

Is Vietnamese hair straight or wavy?

Vietnamese hair is typically straight with a high level of thickness and black melanin. If you want to customize the wig, you can easily change the hair color and style within several steps.

Is Vietnamese Hair Good Quality?

Vietnamese hair is undoubtedly good quality. Compared to other hair types, it is prominent and possesses all characteristics you would find in a high-end wig. More specifically, it is natural, smooth, silky, and well- blending.


Vietnamese hair wigs are superior to other hair wig types on the market. This is ideal if you want an aesthetic and durable hair wig for many years to use.

After reading this post from Belady Hair Vendors, I hope you can choose a suitable Vietnamese hair bundle that fulfills your preferences.

Thank you for reading!

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