Vietnamese Hair

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Have you ever bought Vietnamese hair? If yes, tell us how you guys feel. For certain, there are a lot of people who used to use it, right? Many people have never bought it at least once. Tell us the reason why.

Perhaps, you guys don’t understand this kind of hair. Alright, in this brief post, we’d like to point out some of its remarkable features. Hopefully, through reading this post, all of you will have a new perspective on the use of Vietnamese hair. By the way, let’s move on to the next part so that you can deeply understand this one, dear customers!

What is Vietnamese hair?

There is no doubt that hair in Vietnam has high quality and definitely, and it is the most well-known in the Southeast Asia region. Also, many foreigners find it very amazing to use it. If someone tries to persuade you that their hair is natural in Europe or Brazil at a cheap price. Let’s look out because their processed hair accounts for 99%, guys!

Why do many ladies enjoy it? It is considered to be appreciated highly for its smoothness, thickness, especially durability. If you take care of this hair care in the right way, you can use it for one year or more. Repeatedly, Vietnamese hair is one of the most well-known kinds of hair nowadays. We have a system of hair collection with over 10 tons of hair every month.

We have collected natural hair from every woman around the nation. We can guarantee about our products that they are from completely Vietnam (the best-unprocessed hair), completely REMY hair (without processed hair and all hair, from root to top, towards the same direction), and perfectly YAKI hair (without treatment, chemical, dyeing or bleaching).

The hair from Vietnam is really natural for certain. Moreover, it is never greasy and dry, it is not processed with chemicals, not made as straightening, curling, or dying to make, and specially preserved from the root to the top strictly. Also, there is one interesting thing that Vietnamese hair can put up with not only for a long time but also in the changeable weather.

If you read the information in detail, you can see that most Vietnamese hair is thick by the way, and the percentage of thin hair is small. The strands of hair are strong, heavy, and silky. If you look after your hair, your hair will become stronger and smoother. This can make the quality of your hair seems to be better. Hair has many different textures and it can be naturally silky or seriously textured.

Generally, it will be a perfect selection for all of you guys looking for a kind of virgin, natural, and no-processed hair. More significantly, the hair from Vietnam is collected from ladies who often own their original hair and it lasts for a long time. Vietnam has a reputation for having thick, long, and beautiful hair. Some criteria make Vietnamese hair in great demand.

There is no doubt that Vietnam with hair products gains popularity around the world. Many foreign buyers have used it as a means of beauty-making. More clearly, it is easy to make different styles because of their smoothness, thickness, and silkiness by the way. This is the main reason why Vietnamese hair is worth buying immediately.

Some kinds of Vietnamese hair… Everything you should know!

In this post, we’d like to recommend some types of styles that you can easily make with Vietnamese hair. Hopefully, these types will make you feel fulfilled a lot when using them. For certain, you will look more attractive in these kinds of hairstyles from Vietnamese.

Vietnamese curly hair

If you know how to take care of Vietnamese curly hair, your hair will remain both in color and style. With this hair, you can be free to make the hairstyles that you want. For certain, some styles of curly hair will boost your beauty quickly by the way. Normally, kinky curly and loose curly are two kinds of popular curly hair in Vietnam. These kinds look quite similar, but the features are the distinctions. It depends on both your demand and your favor. In this post, we’d like to recommend some characteristics of two kinds of curly hair so that you can tell them apart easily.

  • Kinky curly hair is considered to be deep curly. They also have deep curls, and strong curls, every curl looks healthy and blends well with the traditional black. Each curl is separated very similarly and when you pick them out, they aren’t extended anymore.
  • Loose curly hair looks the same as Kinky hair by the way. This kind has a reputation for its deep curls and healthy curls with black in the sun. However, the most distinctive difference between them is their curls when picking them out. To lose curly hair, every curl will lose and look far-fetched.

Moreover, Vietnam Remy hair companies can provide all of you with the color of curly hair (not dried) and frequent color, especially brown for certain because your business is the only selection about both the color and the kind of hair. Honestly, we’d like to give you the exact hair suitable for your cravings. These are some advantages of Vietnamese curly hair:

  • Giving you a beauty of gracefulness: some of the light curls help ladies combine easily and choose the best sideburn for their own hair. Curly hair can blend well with equal sideburn and every girl having sideburn
  • Making you more attractive: curly hair is a correct solution so that girls can change their own appearance. Repeatedly, hair length helps girls not only make free hairstyles but also feel convenient in brightening their face and their own body
  • Being suitable for every face: curly hair belongs to square faces, long faces, hearted faces, or round faces by the way. With Vietnamese curly hair, girls can have a variety of styles to make under any circumstances, which helps them feel confident and beautiful

And these are some disadvantages you can consider:

  • Not suitable for your short faces
  • Needing a frequent caring helping hair remain

Vietnamese straight-weave hair

Straight weave hair is the best weave hair extension occupied by Vietnam Remy hair companies. It originated from Vietnamese virgin human hair with a natural combination of black and brown. For certainVietnamese straight-weave hair brushes with pure water without processing chemically. The straight weave hair is not only high-quality but also reasonably priced. Apart from straight, you can also choose Wavy weave in Vietnam Remy companies. With the favor of choosing the best weave hair extensions, the straight weave hair is collected by sponsors together with well-trained workers. There are two kinds of Vietnamese straight-weave hair. They are Vietnamese single straight weave hair and double one.

  • Single straight weave hair is made from virgin human hair which is smooth, bright, and 100% Vietnamese hair. It is natural hair, which makes you change straight weave hair into wavy or curly. By the way, you can also change its color.
  • Double straight weave hair is one of the perfect choices for Vietnamese hair. Its natural color belongs to virgin human hair and 100% Remy hair with a combination of black or brown that you can select as possible. You can also change into kinky curly hair or loose one if you desire.

Some advantages you can know:

  • Beautiful photos are taken: with long and smooth Vietnamese straight weave hair, you will look nicer. Long hair will make girls stronger by the way
  • Attracting men: almost all men love women having long and nice hair. This makes women look more sexy and attractive
  • Making you look younger: with this long hair, you can make various hairstyles, which make you younger than your age

Vietnamese blonde hair

Vietnam Remy hair companies provide not only black hair or brown one but also natural blonde hair. The blonde hair is made from Vietnam hair Remy; hence, it is very strong and smooth under no circumstances. If you have ever had problems with Chinese blonde hair, Indian ones, and so on; please don’t worry about hair quality in Vietnam. When bleaching Vietnamese blonde hair, silicon and acid aren’t used, which ensures that Vietnamese one has a natural color from virgin human hair that you can dye lighter or darker if you need.

  • Bulk blonde hair is bleached from black hair and Remy's hair. Therefore, this kind is superbly silky after bleaching. As a result, it remains its original characteristic. Because of being traditional blonde hair, you can also change it into other colors perfectly.
  • Blonde weave hair is another perfect choice found in Vietnam by the way. Vietnam Remy hair companies have hair extensions such as smooth, silky, healthy hair suitable for natural human hair. In this kind, you can also change its color into every color incredibly.
  • Looking more fashionable in blending well with clothes and accessories
  • Suitable for every face
  • Having difficulty in taking care of its color
  • Fewer hairstyles for you to make
  • Need a love of looking after it frequently

Vietnamese wavy hair

There is no doubt that many customers are really fond of wearing it. In this short time, we’d like to introduce to you some hairstyles with wavy hair that you can make yourself at your own home effectively.

  • Medium wavy hair: This style seems to be shorter with S-shaped remarkably and looks the same as wave's incredible
  • Raw wavy hair: This hairstyle has not only an S-shape distinctively but also a balcony at some points. Besides, this one being more resilient, it is also resistant to style-making
  • Easy to take care of (you only use a kind of suitable cosmetic and prevent your wavy hair from sunlight or you can use OHATO oil to look after it)
  • Looking more younger, natural, and energetic (with a distance of 10cm from the root to tail)
  • Becoming more elegant and attractive (hair length helps not only make hairstyles easy but also brighten your face and appearance)
  • Suitable for faces having sideburns by the way

So… What is Vietnamese virgin human hair?

Have you ever used hair extensions or virgin hair extensions? If you have never used hair extensions, everything will seem to be a little bit complicated, with tons of options to choose from. Some people think that virgin hair is made from the virgin, absolutely no, please don’t think like that. In this post, we’d like to recommend you one of the best virgin human hair in the marketplace – Vietnamese virgin hair. ” Virgin hair” refers to human hair that keeps its original state. The hair is so pure that it’s never been cut, dyed, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. And here are some remarkable features of virgin hair:

  • 100% virgin human hair
  • No dying, bleaching, or chemically processing
  • Intact all the cuticle-aligned hair
  • All the cuticle-aligned hair towards the same navigation
  • Completely natural
  • Long-life longevity (can put up within one year or more)

Nowadays, Vietnamese hair with its virginity seems to be more popular and it is known widely around the world. Many Vietnamese women have kept their own hair long and beautiful for a long time. Absolutely, they seldom dye style, or cut, which makes their own hair keep the beauty of Vietnamese virgin human hair. More significantly, it can show its natural characteristics such as strength, smoothness, softness, and so on.

Vietnamese virgin hair often has dark color or dark brown, and they are wavy and natural. Moreover, it can be easy to wash, and dry, and you can make styles from this kind of hair because it’s very strong and virginal. For certain, Vietnamese virgin human hair is always kept as naturally as possible. Also, it is not processed with a variety of chemicals. Therefore, all of you don’t need to worry about the quality of Vietnamese virgin human hair. Certainly, it will make you feel amused at first.

Raw Vietnamese hair is another choice for you!

Most of the fans are crazy about hair made in Brazil but have you ever heard about hair originating in Vietnam? Raw Vietnamese hair is rare while Brazilian or Cambodian hair is well-known by the way. In this post, we’d like to give you some hints so that you can understand raw Vietnamese hair as deeply as it deserves.

Why should we choose raw Vietnamese hair?

Many people have been wondering, “Is the Vietnamese raw hair really good?” The answer is yes. Hair texture is both silky and smooth, their strands may be either thin or thick, and their characteristics could be straight, wavy, or curly. Perhaps, this is the main reason why you should choose raw Vietnamese hair, right?

Belady Hair Factory is one of the best Vietnamese wholesale hair extension companies

It is very difficult to choose the best hair provider, it often relates to both two big benefits (provider and customer) and reliability. If you work for a true company, there is no need for you to worry about that. And Vietnam Raw Hair Wholesale (VRHW) is one of these manufacturers.

  • Foundation

Founded more than 3 threes ago, Vietnamese raw hair Wholesale is one of the extended companies with the largest hair wholesale in Vietnam. Set up in Vietnam, the largest hair-providing marketplace in the world. This is not only an advantage but also a challenge to VRHW development. Equipped with modern technology combined with well-trained workers, VNHW ensures punctuality of shipping, high-quality product, reasonable price and meets customers’ demands.

  • Strength

The important thing that makes VNHW distinctive is professionalism in each department, high responsibility, strict technique-supervising, and carefulness in making the best perfect hair delicately.

  • Development

With the slogan “the best hair for everyone” and” wholesale price-Spa quality in you”, VNRW always makes efforts about the human source, material sources, and reliable brands in terms of products made by VNRW. More similarly, VNRW always supports customers as much as possible under no circumstances.

  • Product

The main goods of VNRW are 100% natural hair which does not bleach, no processing chemically, no shedding, and so on. Therefore, along with its natural color belonging to VNRW, you can dye it if you love it. VNRW’s hair is made in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia naturally. The hair will be collected directly and they can provide you with the largest number for your favor. Also, you can be free to change all of the products you want to buy with every pattern or shape you’re into.

Pros and cons of Vietnamese hair in general

Vietnamese hair is really a good choice for all of you for certain. These are some advantages so that you can consider them carefully. - 100% Vietnamese virgin human hair collected by many sponsors - Long, thick, beautiful hair - No silicone, bleaching, shedding, or chemical processing - Reasonably priced - Evaluated customer service - Easily style-making (curl, wave, straighten) or when your own is long, you can braid every time, which makes you more attractive and younger at all.

Actually, there is no stuff drawback related to hair quality in Vietnam. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about its quality at all. You do need to choose the best kind from Vietnamese hair. Certainly, you won't feel appointed. Hopefully, through this short brief, you can understand deeply about Vietnamese hairThere is no doubt that Vietnamese hair is one of the best choices for all of you, right? For certain, you don’t need to worry about the quality of this kind of hair because it won’t make you feel disappointed at all.