Best and Most Famous Vietnamese Hair Salon

We all desire to have beautiful hair to be more confident and dynamic. Also, you want to try a Vietnamese salon.  So now, you don’t have to wonder about Vietnam hair salons near me, let’s discover the top 10 most beautiful and prestigious

Vietnamese hair salon in with Belady Hair Factory today. These hair salons are addresses that people love because of their professional and friendly service style. These beautiful hairstyles are consulted and done by a team of skilled hairdressers. You can rest assured to change the new hairstyle that suits your face and style after being consulted.

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Vu Hair New York

With more than 15 years of establishment and development, with serious investment to bring not only artistic beauty but also customer satisfaction, is one of the best quality Vietnamese hair salons you can find in the US. 

With a professional working style, great knowledge in salon design, as well as modern equipment, and above all, well-trained, caring staff with professional skills as well as the professionalism in each service has brought the best service quality to customers.

Instead of concentrating on the decoration or running of advertising to attract customers, Vu Hair New York focuses on the quality of each product.

Because Vu Hair New York understands that if one wants to be trusted and voted by the customers to be a prestigious and quality hairdresser, it is not an easy and one-way affair; must have a real ability to achieve real value.

Vietnamese hair salon
Ombre hair from Vu Hair New York (Source: Internet)

Because of these outstanding advantages, it has satisfied the users and most of them have many customers after using the quality service here without hesitating to leave perfect complements such as: “7 years of using the service at Salon, they never let me down, like the sincere way of consulting from the staff about how to take good care of bad hair and they even contact me when I am at home to make sure that I can care for my hair.

When it comes to dyeing – the salon has various types of colors for you to choose from… all of them are qualified and famous products because the salon wants to bring the benefit to customers too, not just to make profits like other salons “, or another customer complimented” I like hairdressing at this salon, I have been a guest at his shop for sure 5 years now, and maybe there are now many the other places can be cheaper, but when I had my hair done, it became dried up, so I have to go back to this salon and ask for help.

Then some customers who have damaged hair go to the hair salon Vu Hair New York to ask for help. “My hair is broken so I come here to ask for help, the results are satisfying with the hairstyle I want to have for the past few years.” And there are many other sharing lines about customer satisfaction on the social network for this salon, you can visit – the best Vietnamese hair salon for the most amazing look.

In addition to working at the salon, at the beginning of the week, Vu Hair New York also taught at the “Hair Vocational Training Academy”. 

Contact information:

  • Address:700 5th Ave Fl 21 Manhattan, NY 10019
  • Hotline: (212) 903-3081

Kim Vō Salon 

Kim Vō Salon is a famous hairdresser in Saigon who specializes in hair restoration and styling hair, curling, and drying without styling drying. There are also cutting, dyeing, hairline, stretching, …

vietnamese hair salon image 1
Hairstyle from Kim Vo hair salon (Source: Internet)

On social media, Kim Vō Salon hair salon also received a lot of good comments about quality as well as service. Many customers even come to the salon more than a dozen times, it must be very satisfying, the new customers have been given such enthusiastic support.

A customer reviews the service at Kim Vo Salon as follows: “She knows exactly what I need every time and gives me the best service. Clean cuts and a nice atmosphere makes the experience top-notch.”.

In addition, if you want to own beautiful, unique hair quality that is worth the price, you can visit the hair salon pa Hair Salon – one of the best Vietnamese hair salons to be served!

Contact information:

  • Address: 3225 N Canon Dr. Montage Hotel Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • Hotline: (310) 860-7854

Hoa’s Beauty Salon

Hoa’s Beauty Salon is a completely new beauty trend that attracts women and this is also the place to welcome trendy hair trends that are extremely smooth and impressive.

Coming here, you will start with the advice and the best advice for your hair. Only using professional product lines from reputable big brands, along with many years of experienced staff, and highly specialized hairdressing techniques, Hoa’s Beauty Salon will help you get a beautiful, trendy, and confident hairstyle with your hair.

In addition to the care experience for the hair in this best Vietnamese hair salon, you can also relax in the space designed as a modern and splendid bar to enjoy drinks prepared according to your recipe and party. Besides, you can watch movies on the big screen like in theaters.

Contact information:

  • Address: 6749 Fallbrook Ave Ste 110 & 112 West Hills, CA 91307
  • Phone number: (818) 251-0114

Hair by Tony Pham

Being considered one of the top salons today, Hair by Tony Pham will not be absent from our list today. Compared to other salons with decades of experience, Hair by Tony Pham, although having more than 3 years of experience, is equally crowded ad well-known by customers.

Even many beauty believers also affirmed that this is the gathering place of the most professional hairstylists, with golden hands to revitalize all hair.

vietnamese hair salon image 2
Hair by Tony Pham (Source: Internet)

Like other famous salons, Hair by Tony Pham now offers a full range of professional hairdressing services such as bending, stretching, dyeing, styling, … and the most prominent is the hair extensions service.

Hair extensions products here with the most advanced and modern hair extensions technology, creating a super light, painless, no-rupture connection, no discomfort so that you can get beautiful natural hair, soft like hair real.

Moreover, after putting on hair extensions, you will be instructed by technicians to take care of the hair properly to avoid damage and easy to encounter problems later on.

With such considerations as using a mild shampoo, conditioner, and cold water or should tie your hair high when going to bed, … will be the solution to protect your hair from outside agents.

This has been confirmed through the successful implementation of hair extensions that bring the most satisfaction to thousands of customers in the past time and become the best Hair salon in Vietnam.

With the desire to become a reliable companion on the way to finding the beauty of women, Hair by Tony Pham always tries to learn and apply new and advanced techniques every day. Moreover, the quality of service meets all the needs of customers, even the most fastidious.

  • Services: Bending-stretching – dyeing costs 250k. Original hair extension for only 2-3 million (Wrapping the tube to stretch, press, connect light)

Contact information:

  • Address: 8161 Westminster Blvd Ste 101 Westminster, CA 92683
  • Hotline: (714) 724-4346

Lien’s Hair Salon

Not being out of this list, Lien’s Hair Salon is also considered to be one of the most beautiful and famous Vietnamese hair salons today. Here, the latest hair fashion trends are constantly updated and bring customers spectacular changes, ensuring that they will always be the most impressive, fashionable, and classiest. Whether cutting style, styling hair, dyeing, or bleaching, … all are done under the hands of professional and enthusiastic hairstylists.

There must have been many times when you wanted to transform yourself perfectly with an impressive and trendy hairstyle, but you were afraid of whether it was suitable, then it was bound by something invisible and made you unable to change. Once you come to Lien’s Hair Salon, you will not have to worry about this problem, because professional and enthusiastic hairdressers always have the most sincere advice to help you feel more secure when changing your dear natural hair.

In particular, the salon also ensures the products used in customer service, are extracted from nature such as essential natural oil, and herbs, … or from high-end brands and genuine products imported from abroad, creating good results and safety for users. Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose a hairstyle, it is very suitable for you to get to this prestigious address in the city, this will also be a great suggestion for you.

Contact information:

Address: 2099 S Atlantic Blvd Ste C Monterey Park, CA 91754

Hotline: (323) 261-7754

Vinh Hair Salon

Located at 2425 W Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91803, Vinh Hair Salon is now becoming a favorite destination for those wishing to own a trendy, classy, ​​face-matched hairstyle and especially still ensure the strong and healthy hair after going through many stages of hairdressing.

Vinh Hair Salon offers the opportunity for you to create your personality with a variety of services including cutting, stretching, dyeing, polishing, hair extensions, and ensuring quality and reasonable price.

Besides, to bring satisfaction to each customer after using the service at the salon, Vinh Hair Salon is willing to give you free advice in the most enthusiastic way so that each hairstyle is truly made for each customer, and can be a masterpiece as you like.

In particular, hair dyeing is considered one of the outstanding services and is loved by many young people not only because it has a variety of colors for customers to choose from but also because of the skill and proper dyeing techniques, ensuring you to get a new image of yourself. Therefore, if you have felt too bored with the black hair color associated with you for years, why do not you once try to change your hair color at – one of the best Vietnamese hair salons?

Contact information:

  • Address: 7808 Hellman Ave Ste B Rosemead, CA 91770
  • Hotline: (626) 280-5788

My Le Beauty Salon

My Le Beauty Salon is also a prestigious Vietnamese hair salon that you can visit. Regularly update the latest and hottest hair samples on the market to serve customers.

Salon always uses quality hair products to ensure safety for customers such as Australia’s Alonzo dyes, and Goldwell presses Germany to give customers smooth and healthy hair. In terms of equipment, My Le Beauty Salon uses an advanced digital bending machine that includes special bending tubes that absorb heat from the machine to help format the curl at will without hurting the hair. Stable high-temperature machine, always make sure to create uniform hair waves.

All the hair stylists and the hairdressers here have experiences with 20 years in the hair styling industry. So you are very assured when you come here to make hair.

Contact information:

  • Address: 7808 Hellman Ave Ste B Rosemead, CA 91770
  • Hotline: (626) 280-5788

Mimi’s Hair Salon

With endless creativity, constantly updating the prevailing fashion trends and the continuous improvement of hairdressing techniques so that it is perfect. The salon always brings interesting surprises for every “hair” art masterpiece they create.

Customers can come here to try the new style with the “pine” hairstyles made with the magic hands of professional and dedicated workers at Mimi’s Hair Salon! In addition to the strength of the styling salon, it also focuses on hair care and restoration services with high-quality products from leading brands in the world.

Vietnamese hair salon image 3
Can you see the glowing hair made by Mimi’s hair salon? (Source: Internet)

Prestige – quality – cheap are 3 goals that Mimi’s Hair Salon always aims to not only strengthen customer trust but also affirm its position as a Vietnamese hair salon. Therefore, it is difficult to ignore this place if anyone needs advice from the best Vietnamese hair stylists, so hairdressing is both beautiful and quality, and prestigious in the capital.

Contact information:

  • Address: 849 E Anaheim St Long Beach, CA 90813
  • Hotline: (562) 591-1580

Le My’s Salon

Le My’s Salon hairdressing salon is a convergence of professional hairstylists who are mastering hairdressing knowledge and always updating the latest fashion trends. Come to this place, you will first be consulted by a team of consultants to choose the most suitable package depending on your face, interests, and personality so that you can create a real and perfect transformation with professional and experienced staff. The Le My’s Salon will give you the most satisfying feeling with your new hairstyle.

Not only conquering customers by the quality of service, but Le My’s Salon also impresses with a hair care space that ensures both aesthetic and relaxing elements. Moreover, promotions are constantly organized with extremely attractive gifts. Le My’s Salon always knows how to please even the most demanding guests. 

Contact information:

  • Address: 11130 Downey Ave Downey, CA 90241
  • Phone number: (562) 869-7357

Lammy Hair Salon

Bringing the beautiful hair care secrets from Asian countries to women, Lammy Hair Salon is the ideal hairdressing location which is the best Vietnam hair salon with the gathering of many talented hair stylists trained who are always working hard to create hairstyle designs that is suitable for each customer’s beauty requirements.

Located at E Valley Blvd, Lammy Hair Salon with a minimalist yet sophisticated design which makes guests want to stay longer because of the spacious space, spacious area of ​​150m2, and bright, creating a light feeling relaxed. In addition, Lammy Hair Salon also possesses a professional and skilled staff who always brings satisfaction to the quality and service attitude according to standards.

Spotlight of Lammy Hair Salon:

  • Advised by experts to bring the latest hairdressing trend from Japan to help healthy and beautiful hair naturally fit each style.
  • Considerate service culture, the attentive and sophisticated staff is trained according to standard hair styling procedures

Contact information:

  • Address: 10105 E Valley Blvd El Monte, CA 91731
  • Phone number: (626) 452-8591

How to choose the best Vietnamese hair salon?

Choosing a quality hair salon is not a simple thing for beautiful hair. With 8 tips can help you choose the most satisfactory salon.

Currently, there are many salons and barbershops with famous hair stylists. However, choosing a good salon with high skills and a professional service style is not an easy thing. Therefore, we will share with you some tips to feel for yourself and choose the right salon.

Consult with friends and relatives

One of the quickest ways to help you find a place that looks good and quality is to consult with your relatives and friends. They are always the ones who give you the most accurate ideas about service style and quality of hairstyles at the salon they have ever done. Pay attention to the hairstyle of your loved ones after going to the beauty salon that can be considered when changing their hair.

Search the Internet

With the strong development of the internet and social networks, now it only takes a few minutes for you to find the right for yourself a satisfied salon. Take a look around Facebook and visit the hair salon fanpage of websites to check out new hairstyles and service prices, especially pay attention to the reviews and comments of customers to consider visiting.

Visit the salon at the nearest time. Do not think that the male and female barbershops must be big to be good, you can find an address with affordable prices and great hair stylists at salons that are not too big.

Refer to the service price

Service price is always a measure of the quality and service. Take a look at the beauty salon price list to compare prices with other salons you’ve been to. Always make sure “what you pay” for the right price you always have for your new perfect hair.

Many good Vietnamese hair salons will always have incentives for loyal customers such as free accompanying service, discounts, or gifts if you regularly use their services.

Check the salon cleanliness

The first impression will always be the hairdressing space of salons, let’s look at the layout of this place. A good Vietnamese hair salon will always feel clean, sanitary, and professional. Small details such as hairdressing tools, mirrors, combs, etc., clean and neat, can also be a factor to help you choose a quality beauty salon.

Consider working style

As soon as you enter, there will certainly be a receptionist or receptionist. The warm welcome sign, ready to advise and quickly help you in a good position for beauty or waiting is always a sign that this is a reputable barbershop and is worth the price. How to be comfortable if you do not see interest when entering the salon? Therefore, the first impression of the devoted service will always be the scoring method in the eyes of every customer.

Take a look at the staff style

As the ones who bring comprehensive changes to customers and create the latest fashion trends, hairdressers are always the ones who have to have their personality or at least have a polite and neat appearance. In a quality hair salon, staff and hair stylists must always meet the standards of professionalism, friendliness, and good communication.

You must read here and you will know about some prestigious and quality Vietnamese hair salons. As a girl, women or men cannot let themselves be bad, or faint before others. So choose for yourself a beautiful way to do it, but first, you should change a new hairstyle. Come to Salon for a free direct consultation. Remember to follow Belady regularly to update the latest information.

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