Top Virgin Hair Vendors You Should Know in 2023

Hair is one of the points that attracts attention and creates an intense highlight for any girl. No one can refuse bouncy and full-volume hair.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with that gift of nature. That’s why many people seek the help of hair wigs and extensions.

There are hundreds of hair vendors for you to choose from in the market, but not all of them are reputable enough. In this article, Belady Hair Vendors will suggest to you the top virgin hair vendors today.

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top virgin hair vendors

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Top Virgin Hair Vendors In The Market

This list was created to save your time and money. We’ve filtered and consulted unbiased reviews to find the most reputable representatives.

#1. UNice

Regarding wholesale hair vendors, UNice is the first choice. This manufacturer is based in Xuchang, China, and is known for its quality hair extensions at reasonable prices.

UNice provides a variety of options for customers with perse needs. Their hair weaves are quality in both form and texture. You can find everything here.

Whether you are a classic, elegant lady or a girl with personality, UNice has it all.

Even better, this provider also allows customers to pay in installments. They also partner with many carriers to quickly deliver to customers in three to six days.

UNice even built a warehouse in the US to shorten the delivery time for customers.


  • Reasonable price.

  • Classy customer service.

  • Quality product, no chemical treatment.

  • Allow payment by Quadpay Payment or Sezzle.

  • Warehouses and stores in the US help save delivery time.


  • The hair bundle isn’t from a single donor.

#2. Luvme

Since its launch, Luvme Hair has caused a stir on social media with the brand’s popularity in recent years. Their hair is as gorgeous, vibrant, and silky as ever.

Luvme’s main campus is in Guangdong, China. Their online business is solid, as you can find this vendor on every social network.

When checking consumer reviews on TrustPilot or the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Luvme gets primarily positive reviews.

They know how to follow fashion trends and refresh their product portfolio. This option should be at the top of the list if you are looking for trendy hairstyles.


  • Top quality hair.

  • perse product portfolio.

  • Free and fast delivery.

  • Many positive reviews from users.

  • Accept payment by Quadpay Payment.


  • The price is high compared to other brands.

#3. Nadula

The virgin hair weave that Nadula provides has impressive volume and great bounce. Even better, you can buy this product at a surprisingly low price.

Nadula Hair’s partners and customers are not only inpidual customers. They distribute products worldwide to beauty salons, distributors, and hair salons.


  • 100% Remy hair commitment.

  • The balance between quality and cost.

  • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • Local warehouses in the US save shipping time.

  • Support payment Quadpay Payment.


  • Multiple donors.

#4. Julia

You can find perse and beautiful hairstyles at Julia Hair. This hair vendor is famous for exotic hairstyles from Malaysia, Brazil, and Peru.

Julia is not satisfied with three simple hairstyles: straight, wavy, and curly hair. They constantly explore the most personal, modern, and unique concepts daily.

Besides, ladies with long and vibrant manes will love this hair vendor because they have hair wigs with impressive lengths.


  • Reasonable price.

  • Fast delivery.

  • Many types to meet everyone’s needs.

  • There are super long hair models.

  • Hairstyles are perse from all over the world.


  • Multiple donors.

#5. Klaiyi

Klaiyi focuses on fashion, nobility, and luxury beauty. With the motto “Look Good, Feel Great,” Klaiyi ensures its clients have trendy hairstyles.

At this hair vendor, you get the most glamorous hair extensions. Virgin hair and various lengths will help enhance your beauty.

Many customer reviews when buying Klaiyi products are impressed with the quality and softness of the hair. Its flawless texture creates a vibrant look.


  • Warranty 15 days.

  • Affiliate program for agents.

  • Low price but quality product.

  • Free and fast shipping with a US warehouse.

  • Support payment via Quadpay Payment.


  • Customer service.

top virgin hair vendors

The mix of natural extensions hair

#6. Beautyforever

The following hair vendor on the list, Beautyforever, is the company that offers the most dedicated customer service and exquisite craftsmanship. This hair vendor helps women create unique charms with the most fashionable designs.

This supplier focuses on producing natural, chemical-free hair extensions and weaves. Their quality is so good that you can style or color them to your liking without fear of damage.

The interesting point is that Beautyforever and UNice are two brands from the same company, so they will have the same advantages.


  • Affordable price.

  • Classy customer service.

  • Quality product, no chemical treatment.

  • Allows payment by Sezzle or Quadpay Payment.

  • Warehouses and stores in the US help save delivery time.


  • The hair bundle is not from a donor like they claim.

#7. Dolago

In recent times, Dolago has emerged as a new star in the field of virgin hair supply. Their headquarters is located in Qingdao, China.

Dolago’s flagship product is premium 100% virgin hair with sheer shine. You can customize your order according to the style and color you want.

The hair processing technology is also a big plus for Dolago. They guarantee no chemical treatment, and most products are double-drawn hair.


  • Premium quality.

  • 30 days warranty.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Advanced product technology.

  • More than ten years of production experience.

  • There are other offices and warehouses in the US.


  • The product price is a bit high.

#8. Bella Dream Hair

Bella Dream Hair is the next hair vendor we want to talk about. When choosing products here, you can order the hair color and style to your liking.

Bella Dream has dedicated customer service and great attention to detail. This vendor has everything, whether you want straight, wavy, or curly hair. All Bella Dream hair is virgin hair with the cuticle intact. Hair does not tangle easily and is incredibly strong.


  • Reasonable price.

  • Dedicated customer service.

  • Raw hair with high quality.

  • Wide selection to meet everyone’s needs.


  • It is a relatively new brand.

#9. Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty Hair has been building its empire since 2010. This hair vendor is famous for hairstyles between four and ten inches long.

This brand is committed to providing virgin, untreated hair from a single sponsor without applying chemical processes. Thanks to that, the life of this hair can be up to two years if you store and handle it properly.

Diamond Dynasty also provides a variety of hair care accessories. Efficient courier service guarantees delivery within three to five days.


  • High-quality 100% human hair.

  • Many popular hairstyles.

  • Retail hair salon in the US.

  • Fast shipping service.


  • This vendor doesn’t accept Paypal.

#10. Yummy Extensions

When you are looking for a reputable brand for high-quality hairstyles, Yummy Extensions is the first choice. This company is based in Dallas and continues to beautify every girl around the world.

Yummy’s hair extensions ensure that they have never been chemically treated and still have the cuticle intact. With good care and maintenance, the product’s service life will be extremely long.

The company even regularly gives discount codes to students or stylists.


  • Fast shipping service.

  • 100% high-quality virgin hair.

  • Discounts for students and stylists.


  • Expensive.

What Are The Matters When Choosing Top Virgin Hair Vendors?

top virgin hair vendors

Strands of natural women’s hair for encapsulation and extension

When choosing the best virgin hair vendors, we think they need to meet a few conditions as follows:

  • Choose the units that can provide the lowest wholesale prices. It would help if you competed with many competitors; a reasonable price is a huge plus. It also enables you to maximize your return.

  • The following important factor is quality. You need to look for vendors that provide virgin hair and do not undergo chemical processing.

  • You should choose vendors that can provide many personalized products. You must be prepared for large or optional orders at any time.

  • Reliable customer service and fast delivery are the important factors. Ensure you can quickly contact them and order on time.

  • You should choose dropship service providers. This feature will save you time and sales effort so you can focus on something else.

Should You Buy Virgin Hair From Belady Hair Vendors?

Here are some helpful tips we would like to share if you are interested in ordering from Belady Hair Vendors.

top virgin hair vendors

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Customer Service Is Important

Always remember customer service when contacting hair vendors. If that supplier responds quickly, they are likely a reputable and reliable unit.

Check Reviews 

You can refer to the reviews of experts and customers on Youtube or beauty websites. You shouldn’t choose unsponsored videos.

Look For Order Numbers And Ratings

A small tip is to choose hair suppliers with positive reviews of 93% or more. In addition, choose vendors with at least 350 orders to ensure their supply.

Return Policy Is Critical

Suppliers confident in their products’ quality will provide a return policy.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can return it at no loss. You must have a reasonable reason and pay for the shipping costs.

Don’t Forget Shipping Time

Usually, suitable hair pack suppliers can offer free express shipping.


Hopefully, this article of ours has helped you have an overview of the top virgin hair vendors and make a choice for yourself. Remember to share it with your friends and others if you find it useful.

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