Titanium vs ceramic flat iron – the best of two giants

Flat iron is the styling tool that a girl has ever tried once in life. No matter which style you are going for, you still have to resort to flat iron. It is quick and easy to utilize; therefore, you can get one to enjoy the comfort right at your home. In search of flat iron in the contemporary market, you may happen to see titanium vs ceramic flat iron. Therefore, this article is born to help you!

At first, you will assume that this is super easy because you can get advice right at the spot. However, any advertisement says the same thing that all products are high quality and you can choose one of them. The truth turns out to be ugly a bit.

Frankly, each flat iron has its superior advantages in certain aspects. Therefore, you need to be aware of their feature before making your final decision. As long as you know it, you can use it in the most proper way!

Wh-questions related to flat iron

  • Why every woman should have a flat iron phase

Since we were a child, we were staring at the mirror and singeing our fingertips to change the hair texture. We love the curls of contemporary celebrities or at least, we love lustrous straight strands. Sometimes, hair is a good excuse to kill spare time. Therefore, why not let flat iron make your dream come true and bring about a million fun. You could reach your top-notch limit once you are out of the comfort zone.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
You can get one at an affordable price (Source: Internet)

No matter which one you would choose – titanium vs ceramic flat iron, this experience teaches you to really take care of your hair. Heat is always the enemy of hair; therefore, the more your strands are exposed to flat iron, the more chances heat damage happens.

On the way to learn about titanium vs ceramic flat iron and other stuff, you have to be aware of things related to follicles and moisture. Your knowledge of hair will be enriched in the most unexpected manner. Thanks to this little thing, you gradually appreciate your natural strands.

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titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Love your hair is an aspect of how to love yourself. (Source: Internet)
  • How to flat iron in a proper way

We do not know which one you will choose – titanium vs ceramic flat iron but we do know that you are applying this technique at random. From the first sight, you may think that it is quick and easy to use; therefore, you do not equip yourself with adequate domains to get everything started.

It is the case that the process is not that hard or long but without instructions, it will turn out to be an unwanted mess for sure. Please keep calm to read until the last word in this part before exploring our analysis of titanium vs ceramic flat iron.

First, you should prepare your strands for heat. Do not forget to use smoothing or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner combo to remove dandruff and dirty cells out of your scalp. After that shower, pat your strands dry to prevent excess frizz from occurrence.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Shampoo before creating any style (Source: Internet)

The next step is very important to save hair from damage. Please pay attention and buy a suitable product for this. While your hair is still wet, spritz some from a thermal protection serum on the hair surface. Afterward, run your hair through with a wide-toothed comb. You can check for best heat protectant for hair here

Before learning how to use titanium vs ceramic flat iron, you should blow dry hair in order not to make it shocked by the heat and break off.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Point it downward and set the dryer on the lowest heat setting (Source: Internet)

Second, it is time to learn the technique of using titanium vs ceramic flat iron. Basically, it is the same in steps and technique. Should there be any notes to take, we would mention in the next part.

+ Plug in the flat iron and switch it on. It takes time to heat up; therefore, during the time to wait, let’s separate your hair into several sections. It depends on how thick your hair is but the standard thickness could be one to two inches. Do not forget to prepare some pins or clips.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Take each section in front of your shoulder to style (Source: Internet)

+ Everything is nearly ready and you can start your journey to do it yourself. No matter which one you choose – titanium vs ceramic flat iron, you must not skip any step that is stated in this part. Begin by placing the straightener as close to the roots as possible. Go slowly and clamp the iron down.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
It is better if you follow the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words (Source: Internet)

+ Run it down the length of each section and over the section up to 2-3 times. However, excessive things do harm. More than 3 passes will cause damage. Once you finish the piece, move it out of the way and unclip a new section to repeat the same move.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
This is how you can move the straightened piece out of the way (Source: Internet)

+ Finally, do not leave your results to be ruined soon. Remember to add a hairspray or a setting spray to keep hair straight all day. Do not believe in the advertisement in that a certain flat iron does not resort to the help of hairspray. Therefore, though you are using titanium vs ceramic flat iron or not, spritzing this liquid is a must.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Buy it if you have not had it in your beauty tools (Source: Internet)

Which kind of flat irons do I need?

Prior to being confused at titanium vs ceramic flat iron, have you ever asked yourself that which kind you are in need of. If not, you could not choose a suitable one. Flat iron comes in many forms and an array of materials, titanium vs ceramic flat iron – two giants in the field of course and other rare ones such as porcelain, glass, or even pearl.

When you grasp this information, you may ask ‘how do I know which is right for me?’ while the argument of titanium vs ceramic flat iron gets tougher and has a non-stop sign. That is totally fine as our duty is to provide you with distinct difference between the two and help you to reach a final decision.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
It would be easier for you to remember this pyramid (Source: Internet)

Before getting started in pointing out differences, we must say that these two kinds of heat plate coatings are actually close cousins. To be more specific, several benefits offered by both flat ironers are similar in their nature. Therefore, you never need to regret if you decide to get either of them. In fact, they can use in combination with each other in some cases.

You may think in that way to ease your nervous because this article is only to help you choose the suitable one, not the best one. There is no definition of perfect or best in this market. Please do not expect that we could determine the best one among titanium vs ceramic flat iron vs the other ones.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
A battle between titanium vs ceramic flat iron never stops (Source: Internet)

They are all related to the term ‘ionic’ because it is a vital element in flat iron. Ionic means the ability to generate negative ions. The water content in hair, also called the hair moisture makes it always be charged positively. During your application, two ions neutralize each other; thus, shiny and smooth strands are achieved.

Titanium vs ceramic flat iron – the best of two giants

In a certain field, there must be some giants to dominate the market and to compete with one another and no exception is found in flat iron industry. It comes as no surprise if two names are regarded as giants – titanium vs ceramic flat iron. Let’s together explore what is inside each one and how valuable they are.

  • Ceramic flat iron

From our personal point of view, ceramic flat iron is the most common and popular material on the contemporary market. Noted that there is no bias here when we judge titanium vs ceramic flat iron. You could not find any more popular straightener with heat plate coating than one with ceramic.

The simple reason is that it can adapt to any flat iron model that has them. It can also cooperate well with other flat iron heat plate coatings or infusion. A suggestion for a good combination is titanium vs ceramic flat iron.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
You may need it in any style that you desire (Source: Internet)
  • Ceramic flat iron pros:

In terms of several aspects, the match between titanium vs ceramic flat iron could end up 0-1. Here is an overview with clear bulleted points for you to keep trace of.

+ Fast heat up times – approximately under 15 seconds

+ Not only does this type of flat iron work fast but it also ensures even distribution of heat onto your strands. Thus, you will get less chance to damage your hair from incidents such as overheating or cold spots.

+ This heat plate coating is very smooth in its nature. Therefore, during your straightening, your strands can slide across the plates unencumbered. For other products, even when you make a comparison between two giants – titanium vs ceramic flat iron, ceramic one is superior to its counterpart in this feature. You will say an eternal goodbye to annoyance happening when you meet drags or catches in the process.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Just could not handle the irritation at catches (Source: Internet)

+ The price is kept down because it is not complex at all. On the contrary, it is an extremely cost-effective item to add.

+ As you knew from the previous part, heat plate coating always generates negative ions. However, it is counter-effective if many negative ions are produced. With a small amount of generated these ions, static electricity is reduced while shine is added at the same time.

  • Cons:

With a long list of pros, you may have more belief in this product. When it comes to the battle between titanium vs ceramic flat iron, ceramic one reaches closer to the limit called a perfect line. Why? Because we have to rack our brains, trying to figure out one plus point to mention.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
You could be cheated when being in search of a titanium vs ceramic flat iron. (Source: Internet)

We could not say this con is minor or major. You can have your own judgement after our description. Remember that not all ceramic plates are similar in their performance. Therefore, you have to thoroughly examine and carefully read the reviews of the product.

To have a better competition with other factories, some are willing to mix aluminum with ceramic coating; hence, the price is reduced a lot. This also means that they do not provide products with the same quality styling results.

A tip for you: look for those such as pure or solid ceramic. At least, you can use your naked eyes to check that they could not do anything with them. It is a warning for you too because the current market is too sophisticated with unexpected tricks. No matter which one you will go for – titanium vs ceramic flat iron, be alert.

  • Titanium flat iron
titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Do not fumble to choose between titanium vs ceramic flat iron because this one also offers some great value (Source: Internet)

It is true that titanium one ranks the second on the list of high-quality straighteners. However, it does not mean it provides with bad quality. Contrary to common beliefs, there are even some tasks that it can work better than ceramic coated heat plates. In terms of versatility, titanium vs ceramic flat iron is equal in that both of them could be used in conjunction with other technologies.

Similar to ceramic flat iron, we still give you a full review of its counterpart to easily follow.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
A small note about titanium flat iron that you may need to browse through (Source: Internet)
  • Pros

+ Heat up time ranks number one in the list. You cannot find a much faster heating tool for sure. With titanium iron, it is notable for the ability to conduct heat effectively. You are capable of using it almost

+ As for distribution, we have to compliment on their consistent heat. It holds minimum temperature variation well; thus, equitable distribution is easy to achieve.

+ In addition to less heat, there are fewer found passes on the strands, which is a big advantage when you make a comparison between it and other products. Even in the match between titanium vs ceramic flat iron, we just see some slight differences.

+ A smooth surface is an achievement.

  • Cons

As the name reveals, we can see that titanium is not cheap in its nature. The price of a titanium flat iron is, therefore, higher than a ceramic one. Yet, it is still worth your investment because of better performance and speed.

One more minus point that you need to take into consideration is that it does not offer significant benefits like protecting strands from damage or over-drying. Should you have brittle hair, it is vital for you to reconsider.

Final thought

We think that it is time for us to share with you our experience with both straighteners. We must say that they are good for sure.

In most case, ceramic will leave us with soft and silky strands. It ensures us with little effort and virtually no damage. We would rate it into the best of medium hair tools. Meanwhile, titanium flat iron offers us with less time (just seconds) and higher ionic charge. Therefore, our styling process is shortened while the style, especially curly hair is still achieved. Frankly, some puffy and frizz spots are inevitable.

In other words, if you are an ordinary person, go for ceramic flat iron. If you are a professional one, why not get the titanium flat iron. Titanium vs ceramic flat iron are truly well-matched.

titanium vs ceramic flat iron
Now, a choice is yours but buying either of them is a must to look more glorious. Back to school day is upcoming. Why not make yourself more beautiful than usual? (Source: Internet)

This is the end of the article about titanium vs ceramic flat iron. We hope that it is clear enough for you to reach your final decision. More importantly, you can be satisfied with your choice and can use it for a long time. We always welcome your contribution and feedback. Thus, do not hesitate to share it right on the box below. Thank you so much for your reading!


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