An Essential Haircare Guide: The Difference Between Shampoo And Conditioner

Hair is a factor that has a great influence on the appearance of each person. To get your hair ready to try your favorite hairstyles, colors, firstly, your hair must be healthy and strong enough. To have a healthy hair, you will need to know how to take care of your hair properly,  in the right way from the basic step of washing your hair. Do you think you really understand the daily product – shampoo and conditioner and how to use it? Let’s broaden your knowledge through the following article about the difference between shampoo and conditioner.

The biggest role of shampoo is to cleanse the sebum and dirt on the scalp. The scalp has  many sebaceous glands, so if the scalp not clean enough and , it can affect the blood cycle, which leads to hair loss and make your hair weaker. That’s why the scalp rinse is very important. And it is important to use fingers to gently to clean your hair, avoid scratching the scalp. Gentle massage also enhances blood circulation efficiency on the scalp.

This is the most basic product for hair (Source: Internet)

In addition, washing hair also helps to remove excess substances from styling products or daily dirt on hair. During the shampooing process, use the fingertips to gently massage the hair to the tips , in this way the hair will be supplied with a lot of moisture. 

  • What is the role of hair conditioner? 

Relating to difference between shampoo and conditioner, conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture and appearance of the hair. Conditioner is usually a liquid form that is applied and massaged into the hair. Conditioner is often used after rinsing the hair with shampoo. Conditioners can contain moisturizers, essential oils and sunscreens, among other ingredients.

Conditioner can be a great styling product for you (Source: Internet)

If you have thick, dry and ruffled hair, you should use conditioner which has natural ingredients to moisturize and soften your hair. You can choose conditioner with lavender or aloe essential oil … these natural ingredients will help your hair grows strong and smoothly, and scalp gets healthier.

If your hair is thin, you should choose a low-nutrient conditioner to keep your hair from getting kinky and easily . When the hair is, the hair will look thinner. At the same time, you should choose conditioner so contain ingredients like minoxidil that will stimulate hair growth, or cilium component to increase collagen around hair follicles, support new hair growth.

  • The difference between shampoo and conditioner 

Regular shampoo helps to remove dirt and dandruff that accumulate in the hair, and also removes useful natural oils. In addition, regular use of hairdressing tools with heat, chemicals and natural weather conditions also makes your hair dry, tangled and damaged. However, this can be easily overcome by using hair conditioner. 

When necessary, conditioner can really be used to style hair. Just use a small amount of conditioner on wet hair and use a hair comb, you will be surprised with the new hair created. When your hair is dry, your hair is very natural.

However, this is not a pre-eminent option, you should know to apply it when you need it because conditioner often makes the hair fall and if it goes out the hair will be easy to get dirty.

So, the difference between shampoo and conditioner is that shampoo is to cleanse the sebum and dirt on the scalp. There are lots of sebaceous glands and dirt on the scalp. If the scalp is secreted and not clean, it can affect the hair cycle, the exchange function will be reduced and cause hair loss and weakening hair. That’s why choosing a good shampoo product plays a very important role in order to have a healthy and beautiful hair. On the other hand, conditioner have essential oils which can soften the hair and prevent hair from getting kinky and dry.

  • How to find shampoo and conditioner for you

The first thing you need to know is the type of hair and the condition that your hair needs so you can determine the right products for you. 

After finding the difference between shampoo and conditioner, you can decide some factors to find out your shampoo. Is your hair oily and thin, or dry or dyed hair or damaged hair? It is necessary to choose a shampoo and learn about the product’s composition. Shampoo and conditioner extracted from nature such as chrysanthemum, lavender, peppermint essential oil … always good and Safe for your sensitive scalp. Also, don’t forget to check out the list of artificial chemicals in shampoo to avoid using products that contain toxic chemicals, affecting the gloss and long-term health of your hair.

Besides shampoo, conditioner is a product that helps you a lot to make your hair smooth and healthy. However, not all conditioners can be used for all hair types. You need to determine your hair type to find a suitable type. With soft and thin hair, a low-nutrient product is an essential choice. A large amount of conditioner combined with many nutrients will make the hair more sticky and thin hair.

What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner? (Source: Internet)

Conversely, if you have fluffy hair, conditioner that contains many nutrients is the right choice. The essence in hair conditioner will help hair become softer and more shiny. If you are worried because your hair is dry and split ends, do not ignore hair lotions that contain lots of nutrients to improve the bad condition of hair and scalp. In addition, you should choose natural oil conditioner products with aroma of orange, lemon, … to help you feel relaxed and comfortable after each use. 

In addition, you can have another choice which is shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 good. This is a combination of shampoo and conditioner. They seem to be a reasonable choice because they impress  customers by their convenience, money saving and time savings, and ease of use.

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