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If you are a fan of hair extensions, you have heard about tape-in hair extensions. They are reputable for their natural beauty and safety. You don’t have to worry about natural hair damage with the proper application and removal. In this post, Belady Hair Vendors will provide an in-depth review and straightforward answer relating to this hair extension type.

What Is Tape In Hair Extension?

Tap-in hair extensions refer to pre-tape hair wefts. They typically come with a medical-grade tap, allowing the sticky attachment to adhere to the natural hair firmly when applied.

This hair extension type's first initial release was in the 2010s, and they quickly lost customers' favor due to low-quality adhesive, bringing an unsatisfied customer experience.

Manufacturers have been working on the adhesive and tape in hair extensions favored again by customers soon after that. The medical-grade tape is critical in determining the tap in hair's successful comeback.

In the recent hair business market, tap-in extensions deliver numerous lengths, colors, and textures, allowing users to have more options to consider when purchasing.

tape In Hair Extension
Tap In Hair Extensions Refer To Pre-Tape Hair Wefts

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extension?

Compared to other extension types, tape in hair extensions is more comfortable and cleaner thanks to the high-end tape. Customers need to remove the protective paper and attach the extensions to the natural hair effortlessly.

They also don't require any special hairdressing tools or supplemental hair products. Below, Belady Hair Factory provides detailed instructions to help you attach tape in extensions properly.

tape In Hair Extension
Tape-In Hair Extensions Are More Comfortable And Cleaner

Make A Part Across Your Scalp

Consider using a comb to divide hair into two parts; the lower part of the hair layers should be horizontal. Then, remove the protective paper and gently apply the adhesive pads to the horizontal line, usually near the scalp.

You should apply the adhesive pads carefully and slowly to have the desired coverage rate.

Section Off The Top Hair

A hair tie or hair clip is ideal for holding the top hair above the horizontal line. You need to ensure that no hair strand falls out and gets in the way during the hairstyling process.

Remove Hair From The Non-Clipped Part

Removing hair from the non-clip part will help you have a clear horizontal line. You should remove a very thin hair strand, about 0.32 cm.

To allow the adhesive tape on both extensions to adhere to one another through the hair, do as such.

Take a small section of hair, about the length of one extension, from the area beneath your part. A thin enough head of hair will allow your fingers to feel each other through it.

tape In Hair Extension
Remove Hair From The Non-Clip Part To Help You Have A Clear Horizontal Line

Measure The Section

Determining how many hair sections you will attach to the extension is essential. The easiest way is to use a cloth tape to measure the hair sections, then decide how many hair extension parts you need to attach to the hair.

This helps you use hair extension pieces more wisely and save money on improper extensions.

Applying The Bottom Tape In Hair Extensions

Consider applying the bottom tape to hair extensions under a small hair portion. You should light a few hair strands up and press the adhesive pads underneath the small hair portion.

By applying for the extension correctly, you can effectively cover the tape and add more volume to the natural hair.

Remember To Secure The Tape In

After removing the protective paper and applying the extension to natural hair, the key to having a firm connection is to press on top of the hair extension intensely with bare hands or pliers for a few minutes.

If the adhesive pads are unstable, consider using a finger or brush to brush some hair off.

Repeat The Process To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions

Repeat the process to two side parts until you add enough hair extensions. Depending on the desired volume and your head size, the number of extensions can differ from person to person.

Generally, if you want to add volume around the side part, leave a horizontal line above 1 inch from the ear and apply it for the hair extension.

For those with thin hairlines, consider leaving about 1 inch of hair out and slowly adhere the extensions to the natural hair, ensuring that your hair strands are dense enough to cover the tape-ins.

Brush Your Tape In Hair Extensions Regularly

Regardless of the material and hairstyling process, hair extensions are likely prone to tangling anytime and anywhere. Consider brushing the hair texture at least twice daily to deal with this everyday problem.

You can also apply conditioner to the hair texture to reduce friction when brushing.

What Should You Avoid?

Don’t Wash Hair Regularly

Once you have worn a hair extension, you have to wash your hair less than usual since overwashing hair can make your hair dry and prone to damage over time.

You can wash your hair at least once a week to maintain healthy extensions. Use conditioner and adjust the hair dryer at low temperatures to protect the extensions from getting damaged.

Don't Apply Oil Like Textures Near The Tape

It's crucial to provide oil for a silky and smooth texture. However, you should add oil near the tape-ins as the oil will gradually reduce the adhesive of these attachments.

You have to schedule an appointment and then expect to re-attach the tape-ins. Consider applying oil from the hair roots and slightly on the scalp every time you maintain the extension.

tape In Hair Extension
It’s Important To Provide Oil For A Silky And Smooth Texture

Don't Put Your Hair Up High Too Often

What's a pity for those who love ponytails and hairstyles required to put your hair up. Of course, you can design your hair according to your preferences on special occasions but only put your hair up sometimes.

Putting hair up high will potentially loosen the tape-ins and make them fall out anytime. Moreover, your natural hair may become tangled and damaged when the extensions fall out.

It's preferable to try flat-tip extensions if you can't let go of your favorite pony because of their 360-degree movement.

Don’t Wash Your Hair For At Least 48 Hours

After the salon appointment, you shouldn't wash your hair since the tap-ins need time to soak into the hair strands (usually for 48 hours).

Ensure you don't participate in any outdoor activities requiring high-intensity physical activity. Once you wet your hair, the adhesive pads will loosen and not set properly anymore.


Can You Sleep With Your Hair Down With Tape In Extensions?

The short answer is yes. However, you should dry your hair as much as possible with conditioners and a hair dryer with a low temperature. As long as you dry your hair dry, you can comfortably sleep with tape in your hair extension.

Do Tape Extensions Hurt At First?

Applying tape to hair extensions might hurt at first. Sensitive scalp and improper application are two main reasons for hurting your head.

You don't have to worry about these problems as your head will be relieved after several days.

Do Tape In Extensions Fall Out Easily?

It depends on how proper your installation process is. If the hairdressers attach the extension improperly, the tape in hair extensions might fall out easily. To deal with this problem, consider choosing prestigious hair salons.

Why Is My Hair So Thin After Tape In Extensions?

The tension from wearing tape in hair extensions might result in hair loss and breakage. The constant pressure on the hair root weakens your strands over time.

What Happens If You Leave Tape In Extensions Too Long?

If you leave the tape in hair extensions too long, it can pose a risk of developing matting and tangling over time.

Sometimes, the tangling and matting can be brushed out. But in most cases, you have to cut them out and replace other extensions.

How Many Times Can I Reuse Tape In Extensions?

Their strongest feature is that Tape-Ins can be used up to three times. The follow-up appointments, scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks, are essential to making them last. Tape-In Hair Extensions will be taken out and re-taped at these move-up sessions.


With tape in hair extension, exploring the hidden beauty is no longer a challenging task. Don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact our customer service to order the high-class extension.

Thank you for reading!