The ultimate guide on how to stop receding hairline teenager

Teenage years are the time when our appearance is in the best condition. Unluckily, many teenagers, especially males, have to deal with a quite bad situation – a receding hairline teenager. This common hair loss type has a name of “male pattern baldness”, or Androgenetic alopecia. This kind of hair loss is different from the general hair loss that can be a result from the poor nutrition or because of an illness. A receding hairline causes naturally due to heredity or sometimes  is made from the hormonal changes. In this article, let’s point out the reasons that cause receding hairline as a teenager, and some proper solutions to this issue.

receding hairline teenager
It’s bad to suffer from receding hairline teenager

What are the main cause of receding hairline in teenage guys?

Genetic factors

One of the main culprits of male pattern baldness is heredity. If the parents have hair loss, baldness, their boys are also at risk of suffering from baldness. Because baldness is predominant, people who are born with the gene responsible for this condition will sooner or later have hair loss at varying rates. If your father, grandfathers get receding hairlines, or baldness, you should remember that you have the genes that includes baldness. And even if your relatives may have a full hair head, the gene of baldness might be still active in you.
Therefore, you should ask your family whether your grandparents or your parents have a hair loss history to find out if heredity is the main reason for your hair loss.

Endocrine disorders

According to a recent study, 80% of early baldness cases were due to male endocrine disorders leading to an imbalance of DHT. Unstable male factors will lead to altered testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High levels of DHT rate in the blood will affect the hair follicles, causing them to constrict, protective membranes on the scalp get thicker, which lead to hair loss because the hair does not get enough nutrition so it breaks easily and can hardly grows back. This is one of the reason for receding hairline teenager

Using medicine

receding hairline teenager
Bald spot can make you lose the confidence

Nowadays, many kinds of medicine used for specific illness have side effects the gene, which will cause early male pattern baldness, such as cancer, neurology, anti-relapse, and chemotherapy.

Symptoms of receding hairline in teenage males

Initially, the hair will fall out in front of the forehead, then the hair will grow out, but will gradually decrease and quickly break. Then, you will see a hairline backward and the first bald spots appear. Hair will fall off, gradually the whole area above the head is a large bald patch. That’s when receding hairline teenager occur.

Bald on the top of the head

The hair above the top of the head (usually the area or the spiral pattern) will fall out a lot, leading to a small patch. Then this bald area spread to the entire scalp. Finally, the hair only lies on the back of the neck and the ears on both sides.

Bald spots

This is a very common type of receding hairline teenager disease. Hair loses in the round shape of head by coin or patches on the scalp. In the early days, the hair grows but in small amounts, the fibers are thin and fall off very quickly. The surface is smooth and thin, and can then spread to the entire head.

How to stop a receding hairline teenager

Supply the essential nutrients for hair (Biotin + Vitamin B5)

receding hairline teenager
Having a good diet can give you a healthy hai

Like other parts of the body, the hair is also nourished from nutrients found in the blood. The two most needed nutrients for hair are vitamin H (Biotin) and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). These two types of vitamins help to strengthen and thrive hair, and effectively alleviate hair loss.

Therefore, in order to keep your hair healthy and avoid receding hairline teenager, you should add the food groups containing two vitamins above. In the daily diet, pay attention to the following foods:

  • Add fresh vegetables to your meals: Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, squash, green cauliflower, carrots, green mint, etc. They are not only good for hair but also help beautiful skin.
  • Eat various types of fruits: Like green vegetables, fruits are also an extremely high source of vitamins. With hair loss and baldness, you should add different types of fruits such as mulberry, citrus, melon, .. They should be used for breakfast and you ought to choose the ripe fruit!
  • Enhance dairy products: milk is very good body muscles. Milk contains a very large amount of iron, zinc, vitamin H and proteins which are the keys to a healthy, fast growing, long hair and increase resistance to hair.
  • Foods: liver, kidney, egg yolk, yeast, …also help to stimulate your hair to grow faster.

Use shampoo to prevent hair loss 

Using shampoo to treat receding hairline teenager is a new way in the last few years. This method is quite popular with consumers. Nowadays, the market is selling shampoos for baldness and treating hair loss, so you can buy them and use them for treatment. However, you should pay attention and be aware to the selection of products with clear origin.

These above is the guide on how to stop receding hairline teenager, which helps you to improve the hair growth and prevent as a guy. Hopefully you will have a healthy natural hair.

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