Raw Cambodian Hair Extensions

There are so many kinds of hair extensions existing on beautification market, which sometimes makes you feel confused and worry about your choice. No matter who you are, customers, vendors or hair salons, we all here to supply you guys with every information you have to know about one of the best hair extension, Cambodian hair before really coming to your own decision.

Our sharing below mainly discuss some particular aspects involved in problems you may be in when you want to delve into Cambodian hair world. If you are interested in changing your appearance or simply improving your current hair, keep reading carefully and please follow us until last words because this article is very necessary for the beginners…

A profound acknowledge of Cambodian virgin hair’ s value 

One of the must – have fashionable accessories that many women all over the world nowadays pay attention is hair extension. It is clearly that Cambodian hair is playing such an important role in consumption trend, especially its popularity is becoming wider in African – American market.

The differences between American, European and South Africa women hair

Maybe you all know that women from different parts of the world own their typical characteristics and obviously sometimes we can not see such a common point in natural features between them except for the demand for a nice strand of hair. That is the reason why people need to pay more attention in 3 particular kinds of women hair: European hair, South Africa hair and Asian hair. Just follow us to see what type you are in…

The Caucasoids’ hair

Take a quick look at the Caucasoids’ hair, the different color level from light brown to dark brown is pretty popular in this European women hair. Moreover, the texture here is a little bit weak, which is considered as one of the obvious weaknesses this type owns. There are various forms, such as straight, wavy, curly. Therefore, the white girls get fiber hair in such an easy way and even get hair loss when older.Cambodian hair

The Negroids’ hair

The Negroids women or in other words, the South Africa girls just only own brown – black strand of hair and coarse is the most suitable adjective to describe texture of this hair. The hair is not full but rather sparse. Maybe the South Africa hair first makes a strong impression that it looks strong, however, this kind of hair easily gets loss and rough fiber even they just get 25 years old.Cambodian hair

The Mongoloids’ hair

In term of the Mongoloids in general, it means Asian women, hair color is somehow between black, brown and brown-black, its texture is coarse and pretty strong. In comparison to other kinds of hair, Asian women hair seems to be thicker, smoother and have plenty of forms like straight, natural wavy,…Cambodian hair

In very diverse types of Asian hair, virgin Cambodian hair is highly recommended for you guys if you are looking for an alternative method to your current hair like hair extension. Cambodian hair is one of the best preferences for girls who want to try a new look because not only its texture but also its density are enough persuasive reasons for you to invest your money, your time and your effort on.

Raw Cambodian hair the best suggestion we make for you?

Its availability on general hair extension market

Besides, it is common that previously whenever you seek to buy a bundle of hair integrations, you will definitely go for India and China, which are dominant markets in this dollar industry. However, you would rather change your mind if you delve into Asian markets as they offer a more affordable price with the same quality.

About the own essence value virgin Cambodian hair brings back

Let’s have a look at the following table to see the similarities and differences among Cambodian, Vietnamese and Mongolian hair which is sometimes called its twin.

Cambodian hair extensions Vietnamese hair extensions Mongolian hair extensions

Come in a variety of textures

Naturally silky and heavily textured

Natural treatments from donors.

Of an Asian origin

  •  Slightly thicker
  • Good match with hairs of ethnicities
  • Hold curls well
  • A lot of bounce and strong body
  • Have lots of natural waves and curly strands
  • Much softer and thinner
  • Preserved intact from the root to the top
  • Can stand with any kind of weather
  • Thin Hair is a both special and good kind
  • Almost Vietnamese hair is straight in nature
  • Thicker hair shaft
  • Heavier density
  • Hold a very soft texture
  • It is a twin of Cambodian hair when it comes in the texture ‘straight’.

A table of comparison between Vietnamese, Mongolian and Cambodian hair

What is Cambodian hair like?

When it comes to types of hair extensions, people first want to ask what it is like. Quality is always the first thing that matters to customers’ choice. Cambodian hair extensions are the potential counterpart of Vietnamese ones that we have already mentioned in here

Together with almond-shaped eyes, Cambodian citizens are characterized and appreciated by their long black hair. They seem to be very proud of those that pass down from generation to generation.

Cambodian hair is long and has natural waves of extremely luscious strands. At the same time, it is so lightweight that you could forget about it even when it has already inserted into your own hair. Therefore, after collecting hair from human donors, hair suppliers do not have to get it chemically processed. In nature, they are the silkiest and healthiest strands which are carefully chosen.

Cambodian hair

Perfect illustration of standard Cambodian hair

Why are they so wonderful in nature? Just because they are from the donors who all eat healthy diets that are rich in vitamins. They also bear in mind that hair is the apple of their eyes; thus, they take proper care of it with natural treatments that I believe, all contribute to smooth hair.

Cambodian hair

Raw Cambodian hair

What else could I add to the charm of Cambodian hair? Umm, real Cambodian hair allows you to experience the fullness, natural flow, and grace of hair that you can rarely feel. When compared to Vietnamese hair, it is slightly coarser and thicker. It is a match in heaven with relaxed African American hairs. It holds curls pretty well with strong body and healthy bounce. Moreover, Cambodian hair is durable enough for you to live your life, being free from worries.

If I have only one sentence to provide you with a review of virgin Cambodian hair extensions, I will say it is one of the closest things to perfection on the earth. Thick as it is, the Cambodian hair is indeed fine, sleek, soft and shiny as if it just came straight out of the bottle. Without professional stylists or specialized skills, you still can achieve the perfection thanks to Cambodian hair’s flexibility.

By flexibility, I mean that you can make a combination of Cambodian hair with any types of hair extensions that possess similar characteristics (Mongolian, Vietnamese or African American hair).

Cambodian hair

Here are the tips when you are confused at which length you should choose

All of the hi-end Cambodian hair extensions come in lengths that vary from 12 to 26 inches, which is a wide range for you to choose from. You can apply any style that you desire because it allows you to straighten, curl, weave and the like. At the end of the day, when you are tired of complex styles, feel free to get it wet and let it return to their natural texture.

It may come as no surprise that Cambodian hair is highly cultured and has a variety of colors. It is naturally a no-fuss texture; therefore, with proper care, it can be maintained for a long time with not much effort. It is tangle and matte free; so, you do not have to waste a lot of time detangling each strand.

The main hair colors of Cambodian hair are dark brown and natural off-black colors. Should you decide to buy virgin hair type, it means it has been untouched and there are some unexpectedly unique color variations that are formed by sunshine and other elements.

Cambodian hair extension gaining its popularity in hair market nowadays?

In the perspectives of a customer, in this part, we will find out several reasons that bring Cambodian hair on the top of search engines on the Internet. Many people even show their love on their private account and become a big fan of it. So, there must be intriguing things about this hair type that lure many clients into purchasing.

First of all, whenever you decide to spend a penny, you all need to care about its price and quality. As a human being, you always desire to buy high-quality items with a reasonable or even cheap price. Humans, in the end, are still advanced living animals and when a good thing exists, why not miss it?Cambodian hair

From some reviews and your own experience, you might see that Cambodian hair is high-quality to its bone. As it takes root from the Khmer ethnic group who has a good habit of raising long black hair, it is destined to be naturally beautiful. You are likely not to resist your temptation to purchase one bundle of Cambodian hair if you once see Cambodian ladies in extremely sampot clothes.

Cambodian hair

How much per bundle of virgin Cambodian hair?

From the general information that comes from our already market research, in Amazon or Alibaba, a bundle of virgin Cambodian hair ranges from $80 to over $100, which can be regarded as affordable price. The thing that matters is its lifespan. With over $100, you can wear it for such a long time, estimated 2-3 years. With all the experience from all familiar customers you can find easily on the Internet, as a wise customer, you can come to conclusion that there is no reason preventing you from buying one with a reasonable price.

Secondly, in the hustles and bustle of modern life, you just cannot spend your whole day to take good care of hair strands. It is just a waste of time. You will say to yourself that they are just some bundles of hair extensions and when I do not have time to care for my own hair, hair extensions are just not a part of my body.

That flow of thoughts jeopardizes hair lifespan and money. You all are aware of that danger but you just cannot do anything to avoid. So, a convenient and wise choice here is to pick up a type that does not require you to care too much. In this case, Cambodian hair is born to be yours.

Virgin Cambodian hair does not need you to take care of it. Please treat it as your own hair – an invocation of all times. It is pretty easy to incorporate and blend in your natural strands. Once you have already applied it, you can shampoo, condition, cut, color or dye in any way that you would do for your own hair.

That is the reason why many celebrities choose to wear Cambodian hair as it helps their hair to look full and luscious without much effort. They are just so busy that they could not handle all the little things like those.

So when you make a decision on purchasing one bundle, you are following the fashion trend. Is there anything better than your fashionable and professional look you create for yourself, especially at work or at school?

How to take good care of Raw Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair is not a hard type for you to care for. However, it is necessary that you follow basic steps to pay attention to.


Before getting it installed, it is suggested that you should wash it. Check your new-bought bundles to see if there are any issues. If yes, let’s contact with your supplier immediately.


If you are accustomed to hair integrations, you can completely finish applying in 10 minutes at home. However, if you are a new-comer and you are not confident enough to do this procedure, please go to your familiar salon, ask for help and get tips for your hair. It ensures that you will not ruin your accessory from the first time you have tried it.


Cambodian hair

Basic steps

This step includes basic steps such as washing, conditioning and drying. For straight hair, it is super easy that you pick up a suitable shampoo and leave-in. After rinsing through all the sulfate-free residue, you’d better start air-drying. Do not wash with hot water and hang it out overnight.

For highly textured hair such as deep wave or curly Cambodian hair, remember to ask for the tool that helps you to hold curl in mint conditions. Curls are the soul of your hair extensions. Do not destroy them!

#Bed-time care

For straight hair, you ought to put your hair in one big high pineapple, using a satin scarf or bonnet. For textured hair types, do not forget to braid hair into one loose large braid, using the same materials. For bouncy waves, flexi-rods are highly recommended.

When you wake up, the first thing you should do is to untie your ponytail/braid/flexi-rods. One more note that I want you to bear in mind is not to sleep while your hair is still wet.

Cambodian hair extensions in the first look!

Different from the ones who know much about hair extensions, you may be the newbie in this field. In fact, there are so many types of Cambodian hair extensions that make you easy to get confused about your decision. Stop worrying because we are here to provide you with enough knowledge on this particular area. Please catch up with us until last words….Cambodian hair

Two popular types of Cambodian hair extensions

To begin with, people often produce hair extensions from 2 kinds of hair, which are synthetic and human hair. When it comes to the latter, producers usually cover synthetic hair extensions with silicone that is the main ingredient brings about ‘natural’ glossiness, however, it easily gets faded after a particular time of using, around one to three months, which is not a smart investment if you want to wear it every day as a basic need. Not only in short time this hair is used but it also is unable to be dyed or styled with heat. It just like that you spend your money without doing anything you like with it but put it on your hair whenever you need. In contrast with synthetic hair, a human hair is more expensive but its quality is really worth it, that also the reason why you can do many interesting things with your new virgin hair extension. Unlike synthetic hair, if you do not enjoy your current human hair extension, you can try some styles, some trend by perming, dying, cutting, straightening, curving, glossing,…

The first treatment for new ones

You can be free to consider human hair as your natural hair and apply every treatment you get used to doing with your own hair to this kind of hair extensions. People can dye, curl, style human hair extension like their own hair in any way they want to do with your locks. However, you have to keep in mind that it depends on differences in texture, color, form,… so any way you should be careful when preserving it and styling it. Cambodian hair just only is able to put up with a certain extent; therefore; if you know how to maintain it well, Cambodian hair extension is expected to last from 1 to 2 years.Cambodian hair

Cambodian human hair wig

You can see the picture below to have the most proper description of this type. You only need to wear the full head hair wig directly onto your head without long hours of installation. It is very comfortable for you to choose out the one most suitable for yourself because the hair length varies from 6 inches to 32 inches. Besides, Cambodian hair always owns 2 typical colors, which are black and dark brown but you can bleach and dye it in any way you like. The whole hair wefts are built up by single closures which are carefully made by machine. Moreover, with this type of Cambodian hair, we often have 100 grams/bundle and any extent depending customers’ requestsCambodian hair

Closure natural wavy

Different from hair wig above, closure natural wavy is just a coat and you can add it to anywhere in your head you may need. However, this type is also pretty easy to install it steadily and the good news is that closure natural wavy Cambodian hair extension is very convenient for you to pick up the most suitable one for yourself because the hair length also varies from 6 inches to 32 inches. Besides, Cambodian hair always owns 2 typical colors, which are black and dark brown but you can style and dye it in any way you like. Like Cambodian human hair wig, the whole hair wefts are built up by single closures which are carefully made by machine. And with this type of Cambodian hair, we often have 100 grams/bundle and any amount depending on customers’ requests.Cambodian hair

We have supplied you with some popular types of Cambodian hair extensions, now that you are able to confident with your full knowledge on how to find yourself the most suitable kind of hair extension. To have a nice strand of hair is something very important that every girl wants to conquer, therefore, just pay a lot of attention to your own hair, you will be surprised to discover how considerably your hair affects your all appearance!

Cambodian hair extensions – such a big regret!

Choose the most suitable virgin Cambodian hair extension?

Remy Cambodian hair extension with straight or natural wavy styles, which totally depends on your choice. Do not worry if your hair is turning loss or the hair fibers are going to become weaker than ever, you are in equal position with every other girl and that is the reason why you have the same right to able to own a beautiful hair with just only some bundles of Cambodian hair for a full head.

First thing you have to deal with is questions about which color and which length you really want to add to your real hair. After that, you can order any kinds of colors or any permed level you like from reliable vendors. If you care about wavy or curly hairstyles, you need to know that Cambodian hair extension will be permed by machine if the natural curl level is not enough to satisfy customers’ demand, there is no toxic chemical that harms to your health so you just feel free to enjoy perfection on every hairpiece. Virgin Cambodian hair is treated carefully and totally safe with you in such a close distance. When you have to join big events, we all know you girls are pretty confused about how to have a nice strand of hair without damaging your own natural hair. And be happy because Cambodian hair extension is always the best solution for you. A thick and burnished hair strand will bring you a gentle and sexy beauty that almost girls wish for

Belady Hair – the credible address to buy Cambodian hair extensions

It can not be denied that there are so many different international hair extension companies on the market that make you feel confused about your choice. However, we are still confident to suggest you Belady Hair vendor with its ability to bring about high-quality Cambodian hair extension products

Belady hair is one of the most popular hair vendors in the USA and its headquarter is located in Hanoi capital, Vietnam. With years of experience in hair business, Belady Hair is here to provide you with things you need the most – virgin Cambodian hair extension. If you are living far away, do not hesitate to contact us because we accept every order from all over the world. Only do you need us, we are always available to help you make the best choice and ready to take care of your beauty.

Cambodian hair

Look at the picture and you can feel that they just let the beauty shine. Sometimes, raw pictures tell the truth
(Source: Internet)

at useful things, you can gain when choosing BeladyHair?

The variety of Cambodian hair products are supplied by BeladyHair company, such as straight hair, wavy hair, curly Cambodian hair, u tip, V tip, I tip, clip-ins, flat tip, tape hair, closure, frontal, … which depends on customer’s demand. So as to perfectly meet the increasing need of different clients, Beladyhair classified its products in a flexible way: from 6 inches to 32 inches, with natural black color, brown color and blonde color, various straight, wavy, curly styles, which can be determined by clients’ order as well

Cambodian hair

. If you are fond of the straightness and smoothness of hair, why not choose Cambodian hair?

One of Beladyhair’s most sought-after products is natural Cambodian hair. The Cambodian hair is the natural and unprocessed hair. The waves of natural wavy Cambodian are natural black hair and healthy hair. With the natural black and dark brown color, the shine of the hair is very beautiful, glossy, soft, smooth and existent with time without losing its natural beauty. This is the highlight of Cambodian hair that most girls fall in love with. We can make sure to you that we supply 100% original hair in bulk and weft with high quality which is just cut from donors’ hair directly without harmful chemical process. With many years of experience in researching the optimal solution for the hair, we believe that you will not be disappointed with our product or customer service

What are Belady Hair’s partners all over the world?

In term of Belady Hair’s partners, we are proud to say that our partners are all around the worlds. For instance, not only is USA the dominant market but also Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France are officially our long – term partners. Customers there are mostly satisfied with our Cambodian hair product and they give us nice feedbacks, which contribute to our good reputation much.Cambodian hair

If you love the soft hair, go for Vietnamese hair. If you are fond of the straightness and smoothness of hair, why not choose Cambodian hair?

We are sure that you have a lot to ask about these kinds of hair extensions. However, why do you need to explore on your own while you can use them as challenges to test out customer service of Belady in particular and other hair vendors in general.

We could affirm that Cambodian hair from Belady is good because they have collected hair from exact Cambodian donors. In the context of harsh competition, they also have some special treatments in terms of price. Therefore, if you are still doubtful about quality and price, you can directly contact us for further sample or information.

Just like Vietnamese hair, they always have Cambodian one in hands right at the moment you contact them. You can ask them to hold two types in their hands for you to make a direct comparison. It is better if you ask them to send you some photos of the making process in their factory.

In case no vendor is able to satisfy your need and requirement about Cambodian hair extensions, why don’t you try BeladyHair just one time, we strongly believe that you will find the best solution to your hair problem. Be awake with our remy Cambodian hair products!!! Because it may take you a whole life to give up using it! If they meet all your demands, why not rate them as best wholesale hair vendors? Hope the best for your coolest hairstyle for every special occasion you may attend!

Here is the full guide to get to know about best wholesale hair vendors in the current market. Based on both subjective and objective opinions, we hope that you will not be confused at final decisions anymore. Any woman has a right to be wonderful and amazing in her shelf. Therefore, why not choose a reliable hair vendor to make yourself better than the old version. Cambodian hair will not make you disappointed, if not, we are sure that there is no other kind of hair can satisfy you better! Be confident with your choice because BeladyHair will be your side all time! Good hair does matter!