Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Hair color: Natural color: black or drak brown. Can bleach and dye
  • Hair style: 
  • Hair wefts: Machine single closure
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle. Or customers’ requets
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS…
  • Minium order: 200 grams/2 bundles
  • Supply ability: 1000-2000 Kgs/month

When beauty technology is developing more and more, women often look for beauty solutions that cause minor damage but make themselves more beautiful.

The specific method here is hair extensions, according to the creative experts. How you come up with a hairstyle will determine 80% of your overall face.

So, have you found the correct type of hair for you to join? In the following article, we introduce Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight options that you can consider for the primary beauty method.

About This Product

Length & style

If you are too bored with shoulder-length hair one day, you realize you want to change your appearance. The method you choose will be to go to the salon for hair extensions, then Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight will be your savior.

The product has a maximum length of 6 inches – 32 inches, enough for women to unleash their freedom.

In addition to the ideal size, the straight silhouette can also be something to interest you. We will not be able to change the shape of the hair into many different styles when the hairs themselves have a fixed form, right?.

Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight with a distinctive long straightforward form has unexpected advantages. You do not need to worry; your task is just holding the curling iron and thinking about the style you like.

Hair color

These products are from a Vietnamese raw hair brand. Belady was meticulously selected, collected from traditional women.

We can completely guarantee that the product you are choosing is the purest natural hair, without any chemical processing steps.

The primary color usually available for the product is black or gray-brown; two tones are suitable for most skin tones. However, if you have a particular color preference, you can also bleach, depending on your needs.


The article above also mentioned, Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight originated from Vietnam.

This country is located in Southeast Asia and is also one of the famous wholesale hair extensions competing with big boys like India, China, Cambodia.

The strength of Vietnamese hair is in terms of quality, softness, and long hold time, so it is not difficult to understand when the product is rapidly increasing in quantity and consumption.

Product weight

Unlike the packaging of other products, our hair extensions are attributed to 100g/bundle packaging.

When looking at numbers like these, customers will quickly calculate the amount they want to use. In exceptional cases, you can also ask to increase or decrease with the distributor because we can provide you goods 1000kgs-200kgs/month.


Can I use this hair extension?

The answer depends entirely on yourself. As for health problems, it is better before deciding to use them. You should regularly visit to listen to the doctor’s advice on factors such as the scalp hair roots having enough to endure the pressure from artificially implanted curls.

Is this hair extension natural or synthetic?

Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight is a hair extension made of 100% natural hair. Products with clear origin go through many rigorous screening steps.

Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight can be considered the most original hair that has never been affected by chemical dyes.

You can also distinguish more clearly when holding directly. Specifically, natural hair feels inherent softness.

The shine is more distinct from artificial hair; the hairline moves quickly and flexibly. Finally, if you look closely, you will see some uneven, coarse hair.

How to preserve Vietnamese hair in double bulk straight?

There are many different ways you can search on google, but here are a few tips to help you keep termites longer.

  • First, avoid exposure to high temperatures, do not be foolish on a beautiful day; try the durability of new hair; you will have nothing left after treatment.

  • Secondly, always keep clean and carefully shielded; factors such as dust, sun, and rain are always the direct causes of scalp hair damage.

  • Third, gently pay attention to small actions, avoid tugging that will damage your hair.

  • Finally, after each night, use specialized products to restore and nourish.

We hope that sharing opinions on this article will help you to some extent in your purchasing decision.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please leave a comment below so that we can promptly provide a suitable explanation.

Also, please share this product if you feel your loved one or friend is in need of it. Thank you for reading!


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