Straight bulk vietnamese hair

Straight bulk vietnamese hair

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Hair color: Natural color: black or drak brown. Can bleach and dye
  • Hair style: 
  • Hair wefts: Machine single closure
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle. Or customers’ requets
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS…
  • Minium order: 200 grams/2 bundles
  • Supply ability: 1000-2000 Kgs/month

Most women, especially those with thin or weak natural hair, desire a healthy and robust wig. The straight bulk Vietnamese hair from Beladyhair is probably one of the most stunning variants.

Let’s dive into the details to know more about this hair type and why we suggest this option!

Product Features

Beladyhair, headquartered in Vietnam, is one of the most reliable hair suppliers. We are confident in our ability to supply you with the products you need since we have years of experience in the hair industry.

We accept orders from Nigeria, Colombia, Europe, Brazil, the United States, and other nations, so don’t worry about living in different countries.

A bundle of Vietnamese hair bound with elastic bands is referred to as straight bulk Vietnamese hair.

Each bundle is smooth, lustrous, soft, and simple to bleach, style, and dye since it is made from 100 percent natural human hair collected from Vietnamese women.

You can use this bulk hair to create a variety of hair extensions, including clip-in hair, tape-in hair, machine weft hair, and keratin wigs such as I-tip, U-tip, and V-tip, among others.

Hair Ends

These straight bulk Vietnamese hair have healthy hair ends. There aren’t many split ends visible. Most Vietnamese hair originates from rural areas, where women still use traditional, chemical-free hair care methods.

These ladies never use heat or chemical products to style their hair. As a result, their hair is exceptionally thick.

Hair Quality

Our straight Vietnamese hair bundles are silky and soft to the touch. Hair that has been styled without the use of heat or chemicals will last a long time if properly cared for.

When buying with Beladyhair, though, you won’t have to be concerned. We examine the source of our hair regularly to ensure that it comes from females who follow a healthy hair care routine.

Hair Length

There are a variety of lengths available at Beladyhair, ranging from 6 to 32 inches. It provides you with more hairdo alternatives that suit your face.

Hair Color

Straight bulk Vietnamese hair is highly natural, usually black or dark brown because it is formed entirely of natural hair. When you wear this straight hairdo, you will feel more confident.

Furthermore, because this hair set is as strong as actual healthy hair, you may color and bleach it whenever you like. You may now use this product to express your creativity without fear of hurting your scalp.

What Are Classifications Of Straight Bulk Vietnamese Hair?

Single-drawn hair and double-drawn hair are the two major types of straight Vietnamese bulk hair we provide.

  • We collected each single-drawn straight bulk Vietnamese hair from every single donor and have a variety of hair lengths. Because each hair strand has a different length, it is thick at the tip, tapering downwards, and becoming thin at the ends.

For example, a 17-inch straight hair bundle may include just 40 percent 17-inch hair, and the remaining 60% will be shorter. This straight bulk Vietnamese hair will be the best choice for those searching for a natural look, from the texture to the color.

  • Double-drawn straight bulk Vietnamese hair is almost entirely of the same length to create a dense hair bundle.

Each 22-inch double-drawn hair bundle, for example, has 80 percent genuine 22-inch pieces and just 20% shorter strands blended. Beladyhair must acquire hair from various donors to ensure that all of the strands are the same length.

Why Should You Choose Human Hair Instead Of Others?

Human hair may be heated, curled, or straightened. So, you can dye these hair extensions to achieve the most fantastic color match. They are similar to natural hair in styling, washing, and handling, making it a lot simpler to operate.

  • They will feel smooth when you touch the tips, and brushing them from root to end is straightforward. They stay silky, soft, and tangle-free even after being soaked in water.

  • It is simple to maintain in the same style that your hair is. All you’ll need is shampoo, conditioner, and a comb.

Hair extensions of 100 percent real hair provide various advantages, including the most natural look and feel. After reading this description, we hope you better understand what Straight Bulk Vietnamese Hair is.

Wearing double and super double-drawn hair extensions if your hair is sparse. On the other hand, if you opt for a natural look and have a medium hair texture, the single-drawn hair extensions are sufficient.

These wigs will not harm your natural hair beneath them. Visit Belady if you’re looking for a reliable hair merchant to buy drawn hair from.

We are a renowned hair supplier in Vietnam, and we consistently provide high-quality hair. We all know that fantastic hair products and reasonable costs attract clients.

Thank you for reading!


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