Loose curly hair-28”

Loose curly hair-28

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Hair color: Natural color: black or drak brown. Can bleach and dye
  • Hair style: 
  • Hair wefts: Machine single closure
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle. Or customers’ requets
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS…
  • Minium order: 200 grams/2 bundles
  • Supply ability: 1000-2000 Kgs/month

Surely, hair extensions are no stranger to beauties in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Thus, a series of articles related to hair extensions were born to help customers in choosing the most suitable options for their real hair. In this previous post, we have mentioned certain details of 12, 20, 22 and 24-inch hair extensions. So, it will be a miss if there is no article talking about 28-inch hair extensions.

In this post, we will focus on analyzing ubiquitous styles of 28-inch hair extensions to help you opt for your own purpose easier. Let’s explore fabulous styles!

28-inch curly hair extensions

28 inch hair extensions

Brazilian Affordable Real Virgin Human Hair 7A Grade Unprocessed High-Quality Brazilian Curly Hair
(Source: Internet)

28-inch curly hair extensions are all the rage to beauties especially African clients, they are ultra special royal products. There are various types of 28-inch hair extensions namely curly tape in hair, curly fusion u-tip hair, curly clip in closure, curly silk base closure, kinky curly lace front wig, curly 360° lace frontal and so on. In addition, the vastly different colors give you diverse selections basing on your color skins.

This style with the length is definitely perfect for those who are quite tall as well as own oval or round face shapes. 28-inch curly hair wigs will make you become more symmetry and attractive.

28-inch curly hair extensions is a prime choice of many influential celebrities namely Christina  Aguilera, Shakira, and Beyonce.

28 inch hair extensions

Shakira in fine and shoulder length with tight curls- blonde 28 inch curly hair extension (Source: Internet)

She was absolutely glamorous and outstanding in the length with tight blonde curly hair wigs and shiny smile. The style of her makeup was simplified, which set off her fabulous hair style. This is ideal length curly hair extensions you should try in this winter.

28 inch hair extensions

Sexy and gorgeous Beyonce hairstyle Brazilian curly 100 % human hair about 28 inch Source: Internet)

It seems that 28 inch curly hair extensions are one of the favorite styles the famous star. It is understandable because she is always outstanding in this look, honestly. In addition, the color of this style complements her skin tone.

28 inch body wavy hair extensions

It will be missed if we do not mention 28-inch body wavy hair extensions. The popularity of deep weave hair wigs with the length is not inferior to the previous style above.

There are numerous types of 28-inch body wavy hair extensions you can take into considerations such as body wavy virgin human hair, body wavy with lace closure human virgin hair or body wavy lace frontal closure deals along with radical different colors.

It is recommended try to apply this magical style if you have a diamond, oval, oblong or square face shapes. The ideal length of body wave hair extensions for these shapes is 20-28 inch, which makes clients look more beautiful.

When it comes to 28-inch body wavy hair extensions, we think immediately of some famous name in the entertainment industry such as Selena Gomez, Rihanna or Kylie Jenner.

28 inch hair extensions

Glamorous Selena with Dark Brown Hair Extensions in The Light Vegas (Source: Internet)

Selena Gomez is one of the biggest crushes who loves hair extensions. Naturally, she rocks a lob hairstyle, yet when she appeared on the red carpet, the “Same old love” singer’s can often be seen with infatuating long weaves. She was definitely glamorous in this look, wasn’t she?

28 inch hair extensions

Rihanna looks cool with grey loosen weave hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Rihanna’s long and soft blonde waves at the 2017 Grammy Awards. That could only be achieved with 28 inch body weave hair extensions. Pretty Gorgeous!

28 inch hair extensions

Gorgeous Kylie Jenner through chic ombre weave hair extensions (Source: Internet)

It can be seen from this picture that her extensions looked entirely natural which highlighted her gorgeous and erotic beauty looks. The famous Hollywood star is well known for 2 things: her craze successful lipstick line and her change of hair looks. She is not afraid to experience new something. Just last year, Kylie told Vogue “My natural hair is a choppy bob, so I would probably have to say that’s how I prefer it. But I love extensions and having fun with my hair.”

28 inch straight hair extensions

Anyone has ever worn hair extensions, at least once they tried to wear straight hair extensions because it is fitting for many outfits as well as easier to take care of when it is compared to others styles like curls or weaves. Top stylists in the world agree that 28 inch straight hair extensions are the best in the hair industry.

There are a lot of different kinds of 28 inch straight hair extensions like synthetic hairpieces straight clip in hair, heat resistant synthetic 28 inch silky or straight high temperature fiber women 28 inch ombre clip in.

With ubiquitous 28 inch straight hair extensions, it is befitting for some certain face shape like heart or oval face shapes. Its simplicity in straight line will make you look cool and elegant.

Let’s scan some famous faces who wear 28 inch straight hair extensions perfectly:

28 inch hair extensions

Beautiful Ariana Grande with straight brown hair extensions (Source: Internet)

The queen of pop recently changed up her featured hairstyle to a sleek sky-high, super long ponytail and volumized. Ariana rocked an impressive pony in her latest music video, “Everyday”, her long pony is achieved with hair extensions!

28 inch hair extensions

Glamorous Jenifer Lopez with 28 inch straight hair extensions on the red carpet (Source: Internet)

Jenifer Lopez usually appears to honey blonde weaves, but sports a sleek supper long straight hairstyle here. You guessed it, this long length is achieved with 28 inch straight hair extensions!

28 inch hair extensions

Stunning Kim Kardashian with straight hair extensions (Source: Internet)

It will be a mistake if we do not mention Kim Kardashian in list celebrities and hair extensions. The glamorous woman is Kim is major style-spiration, short length hairstyles one day, and then impossibly long hair straightened to a glossy high-shine finish the next. She is regarded as a chameleon of hairstyles because Kim always know how to blend different colors each other, which allow her to switch up her style instantly. It is sure that we have never bored with Kim Kardashian whenever she appears.

28 inch hair extensions

Gigi Gorgeous with 28 inch blonde straight hair extensions (Source: Internet)

Gigi Gorgeous is well known as a YouTuber in sharing her tricks, tips and experience with hair extensions to get those beautiful blonde locks on her YouTube channel. She uses the extensions to add extra volume and length to her blonde mane. And if you are looking for getting cool white-blonde locks like Gigi Gorgeous, check in online webs like Amazon or Airy Hair.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: How to take care of 28 inch clip in hair extensions?

Answer 1: Thanks for your question first. you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: comb your hair extensions by a spacious wired brush and make sure that all tangles are gone.

Step 2: dampen your extensions with gentle warm water

Step 3: put shampoo on them. Use a absolutely no-sulfate shampoo

Step 4: rinse out the shampoo

Step 5: apply conditioner

Step 6: rinse out the conditioner and air dry them

Step 7: Tie a loose ponytail around 28 inch hair extensions to avoid knotting then store them into a pack.

Note: you don’t need wash them every single day just wash once or twice per week should be fine. Hair extensions will tend to be vulnerable to more damage such as breakage or hair loss if washed regularly so use a dry shampoo if necessary.

Wish you successful application!

Question 2: Could I style 28 inch straight hair extension in my own way?

Answer 1: absolutely yes! 28 inch straight hair extensions which are made with 100% remy hair can be curled or blow-dried just like your own origin hair. In order to protect and extend the lifetime of your 28 inch straight hair extensions, however, we suggest that you should always use a heat protectant spray prior to styling your set. In addition, we suggest to use a low heat setting of 120C as higher temperature will be more likely to damage the hair. We reckon that the best method is trying out heatless ways to style your hair extensions!

Question 3: What are differences between synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions?

Answer 1: Thanks for your question first. There are significant highlights between synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions.

Regarding human hair extensions, it will give you the most natural look and feel. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, it is softer and more versatile. Human hair extensions can be cut or styled according to personal tastes. However, compared to synthetic hair extensions, it is more expensive and needs to be cared more thoroughly. Yet if you apply for the suitable care, it can last one year or more.

With regards to synthetic hair, in recent years, with technological advances, synthetic hair extensions are all the rage and loved by beauties in all over the world. In many cases, it is really difficult to distinguish between synthetic hair and human hair. In fact, with several of high quality synthetic hair, you would never know the differences if not have human hair right next to compare. One outstanding point of synthetic hair is its price that is cheaper than human hair, of course. Moreover, it can hold up in bad weather, no frizzing or dropping. However, it lacks in versatility. It means that synthetic hair cannot be styled to look many diverse ways like human hair. alternatively, synthetic hair wigs are also less durable than human one. Normally, you can expect synthetic  extensions to last roughly 4-6 months.

Question 4: What products can I use on hair extensions

Answer 1: it is very important to choose a right product to maintain your extensions looking fabulous and glamorous since hair extensions do not get nourishment from the scalp like your own natural hair.

When you choose any products like shampoo, conditioner or moistures for hair extensions, we recommend to utilize organic hair products. They will help the strands healthy and nourished. If you are not affordable to get fully organic products, we should choose sulfate-free and alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners.

Question 5: Where can I buy clip in hair extensions?

Answer 1: Thanks for your interest about this article. You can buy clip in hair extensions online on our website www.beladyhair.com. It’s super quick, easy and get free delivery to your door. If you have any questions, you can consult our help page, we always be here to help you!

Question 6: What are difference types of 28 inch hair extensions?

Answer 1: there are a lot of types of 28 inch hair extensions on the market, it is easy to get confused. We will go into details of each type of hair extension now.

Micro link/loop 28 inch hair extensions

The method is applied by looping hair extensions through natural hair and clamping it down with a pair of pliers and a metal bead. One typical advantage of this method is that the extension can move up or slip down easily the hair shaft- perfect for those who do not mind moving them up. However, it can lead to hair breakage.

Tape in 28 inch hair extensions

Actually, tape in hair extensions is quick and easy to fit in. The extensions are pre-taped and then pasted on either side of your own hair. The types of hair extensions can last roughly from six to twelve weeks. Although they are relatively easy to maintain and easy to put in, they are usually low-quality hair extensions.

Fusion hair 28 inch hair extensions

This type, as known as pre-bonded hair extensions, is probably the most discreet but it can be one of the most damaging method due to its application. They are matched to your own hair using glues and keratin, for example. It can 4 hours or more to install this type but they can last up to 6 months, until hair stylists take them out.

Weave 28 inch hair extensions

The magical type is particularly suitable for girls who own thick locks, since they take an abundance of hair to disguise. Applying weave 28 inch hair extensions look like a corn row using a needle or thread of cotton. Yet, if they are installed too tight, they can put strain your scalp. In other words, this type is not fitting for those who have fine hair.

So there is everything we want to share with you about different types of 28 inch hair extensions on the market. We hope that you can make the best decision that to be suitable for your own hair type and lifestyle.

Question 7: My own hair is very thin so I want to apply hair extensions. what are the best hair extensions for me?

Answer 1: Thanks for your question first. The best hair extensions need to meet two main criteria namely blending in well with your natural hair and fitting your lifestyle. For instance, if you play sports, work out or swim regularly, it is best to take temporary methods into consideration like clip in hair extensions. the reason is that they can be taken off easily for duration of activities as well as clipped back in when needed.

Question 8: Can I dye my hair extensions?

Answer 1: yes! With hair extensions made of 100% human hair, they can be toned by professional hair stylists. We highly recommend that you have a professional help out if you are ever unsure.

Question 9: I work out on the daily basis. Can I play sports with 28 inch clip in hair extensions?  Do this cause damage my own hair?

Answer 1: We highly do not suggest doing any physical activity with your 28 inch hair extensions clipped in. Not only could the clips cause discomfort to your head, but also there is a high risk of the hair tangling with your own natural hair due to sweat or dirt. This can trigger damage to your own hair and your extensions may deteriorate faster as well. Thanks for sending an amazing question to our post.

Question 10: How much do extensions cost?

Answer 1: Thanks for your question first. You can expect to pay from $60 to $90 for synthetic hair extensions and from $100 to $550 or more for human one. The cost also depends on the weight of hair extensions that you select (120 grams,220 grams, etc).


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