Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair 7

Double drawn bulk straight 60cm

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Hair color: Natural color: black or drak brown. Can bleach and dye
  • Hair style: Straight hair
  • Hair wefts: Machine single closure
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle. Or customers’ requets
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS…
  • Minium order: 200 grams/2 bundles
  • Supply ability: 1000-2000 Kgs/month

An expert survey confirmed how to wear a hairstyle will determine 80% of your beauty success or failure. Therefore, people do not regret spending a large amount of money with the desire to own beautiful hair.

For those who have long, smooth hair available to themselves, we are honestly glad that you have nothing better than when we are free to be creative. Particularly for short hair, the solution here is to implant hair from the outside and choose quality curls to avoid unfortunate risks.

If you are interested in the following article, we would like to introduce the best Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair – natural hair extensions on the market today.

About This Product

Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair originated from Cambodia. Cambodian hair is no longer a strange name for traders or believers who have a hobby of collecting natural hair.

We want to give our customers the best experience, so we have searched and purchased every hair from remote villages.

The hair here is meticulously nurtured and cared for, plus a healthy diet rich in vitamins, so it’s not difficult to understand why Cambodian hair is so famous.

Product material and composition

The hair connected to the material is 100% natural; we also call this straight Cambodian virgin hair. The two words “Virgin” here are simply a general description that Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair is taken from real people, not made of artificial materials. So you don’t need to worry.

Length and style of hair

Our primary purpose when choosing hair extensions is to unleash the creativity of countless designs, right?.

Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair meets all your wishes, with a length of 6 inches – 32 inches. The form and shape are straight and straight, so you don’t have to worry or worry about it. The task here is to choose the product and wait for the stylist to design it for you.

Product color

According to research, black and gray-brown are people’s two primary hair colors in Southeast Asia. So, Belady’s Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm hair extension offers the same two colors above.

Particularly for those who love dyeing their hair, perhaps Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair is also an option worth considering.

The nature of Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair is natural without any chemical treatment, which will guarantee you natural color.

Weight in each pack

Through our actual market survey at Belady’s store, we decided to stipulate that the number of packages per product is 100 grams/bundle.

It is an appropriate number through research for customers’ convenience. However, in some cases, you can also request an increase or decrease depending on your wishes.

Ability to provide

Belady Hair is a chain of stores specializing in providing domestic and foreign hair extensions.

With many orders from customers up to the present time, to meet the demand, Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair will be the product that we supply to the market with the quantity of 1000kg-2000 kgs/month.

Other Benefits

Not only Double Drawn Bulk Straight 60cm Cambodian Hair, but with all existing hair extensions on the market, the first benefit that we get when using will be to have a suitable hairstyle.

Over the years, the hair and scalp are getting weaker and weaker, losing more due to external agents. It causes a significant loss of aesthetics; the only solution that you can choose is a hair transplant.

This measure not only helps you have a recovery time but is still beautiful during the process.

How To Maintain And Clean Hair Extensions

With the new

For curls with intact tags, you should store them in a cool place and avoid exposure to high temperatures.

With the used one

Cleaning objects every day is always the first step in the process of preserving certain products. There is no such thing as an undamaged object if there is always dirt attached to it.

Comb your hair gently

Paying attention to every little detail can also be considered as the secret to keeping hair extensions longer. Brushing your hair gently, drying your hair correctly, and avoiding tugging are actions that you can pay attention to.

Use hair care products

Hair is like a tree, and you can’t leave it unattended and pray for it to be healthy forever; nothing will do that. That’s why it’s so important to use skincare products.


Is using hair extensions harmful?

This question is probably of interest to everyone. Hair extensions are quite a strange beauty service for some people.

Experts have confirmed that you can rest assured to choose for yourself a reputable beauty salon, a skilled worker with today’s advanced technology.

Are hair extensions expensive?

The answer here depends on the type of hair you choose. Currently, there are two main types of hair extensions: synthetic hair extensions and natural hair extensions.

The price of these two products is also different. Particularly for synthetic hair in general terms, the product will fluctuate in the range of $60.00 – $120.00/roll, while for natural hair, the price will be slightly higher from $50.00-$100.00.

How to recognize natural hair extensions?

It is quite difficult for you to distinguish between these two types of hair extensions, requiring you to have specific experience or basic knowledge. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to tell the difference:

  • A wig made of real hair will give us a natural feeling when seen with the naked eye.

  • From the outside, the hair is soft, not too shiny. Significantly when touched, the hairs will move flexibly. If you look closely, you will see that there are uneven hairs mixed in with different colors.


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