Cambodian human hair wig

Cambodian human hair wig

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Hair color: Natural color: black or drak brown. Can bleach and dye
  • Hair style: 
  • Hair wefts: Machine single closure
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle. Or customers’ requets
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS…
  • Minium order: 200 grams/2 bundles
  • Supply ability: 1000-2000 Kgs/month


Do you want to bleach, dye, and style your hair but worry about damaging your natural hair? The simple way to help you solve the main problem is to use wigs.

A quality wig can help you create many different hairstyles continuously in a short period. You can freely do new hair without worrying about damaging your natural hair.

One of the most popular wigs today is the Cambodian hair wig. However, choosing a good hair wig is not easy. What outstanding features will a Cambodian hair wig have? Read our introduction below to know more!

Product Features

A quality hair wig will satisfy all customer requirements. This wig should be the right size, high-quality material, and be easy to use. Read more outstanding features of Cambodian human hair wigs.


The prerequisite to owning a beautiful, suitable wig is that the hair must fit the head. Girls, when choosing wigs, sometimes only care about the style, material, hair color but forget about the size.

This Cambodian hair wig has a soft cap with a breathable mesh layer that does not clog the scalp to bring absolute comfort to the user. The color of the cap is the same as the skin color, difficult to distinguish from the natural leather layer when wearing.

Especially the capsize is about 21.5 inches to 22.5 inches on average, suitable for most users. Easy to put on, and adjust the cap wig with the inner straps.

Material from natural hair

The material of the hair in the wig will directly affect the quality of the hairstyle and the time it is used. With natural and good materials you will have to spend more money, but it is worth it. There are many materials to form wig hair: natural hair, nylon fiber, Toyokalon, Kanekalon.

Each of these hair types has different external characteristics and internal feel. Of course, the price and quality of each wig are not the same. Each material has different advantages and limitations.

Cambodian human hair wigs have natural hair material is the product with the most significant advantage. It is naturally beautiful, easy to style, durable, and less prone to breakage. You can wash, restore or treat your hair.

Plus, you can create a variety of hair with heat styling tools without worry. You can use this wig hair for a long time.

Various hairstyles

The style of wig is highly diverse, and it is just like you use natural hair when styling. It has the shape of big waves, small waves, bulging, flattening, natural straight. So you can choose according to your preferences and style.

To not spend the time dying or styling, you can choose a wig with available hair color and style. Of course, you can also change your hair color and style it differently.

To be honest, light curls or curls often create a very high level of naturalness. It is also charming and suits many faces.

Length of hair wig

Beladyhair offers hair wigs in lengths from 6 inches to 32 inches in many different colors. Hairstyles are also diverse such as straight hair, wavy hair, layered hair, etc.

You can bleach, dye, or style your hair yourself after buying it with good hair material.

How to take care of Cambodian human hair wig?

Hair Care is not an easy process, and even natural hair types are challenging to take care of. Taking care of a Cambodian hair wig is somewhat easier than taking care of natural hair. However, there are some things to keep in mind as well:

  • You need to learn how to curl wig, blow-dry, and limit frequent exposure to harsh sunlight.

  • Blow-dry your hair right after you wash it.

  • Brush your hair regularly to keep it tangle-free.

  • Wash your hair wig regularly. After shampooing, use a little more conditioner to increase the shine and softness of the hair.

  • Use a hair conditioner (natural hair shampoo) to clean the wig. It is entirely reasonable, can save you a lot of money.

This Cambodian hair is the best choice if your hair is too thin or styling makes you worried that the hairdresser will damage your natural hair. Hopefully, our sharing in this article can help you choose the best wig! Thanks for reading!


The style of wig is highly diverse, and it is just like you use natural hair when styling. It has the shape of big waves, small waves, bulging, flattening, natural straight. So you can choose according to your preferences and style.

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