24 inches straight bulk hair in brown

24 inches straight bulk hair in brown

  • Hair lengths: 6 inches to 32 inches
  • Hair color: Natural color: black or drak brown. Can bleach and dye
  • Hair style: 
  • Hair wefts: Machine single closure
  • Weight: 100 grams/bundle. Or customers’ requets
  • Shipment: UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS…
  • Minium order: 200 grams/2 bundles
  • Supply ability: 1000-2000 Kgs/month

For women, the need for beauty is never enough. They are willing to invest time, money, and effort to make themselves more beautiful.

You will feel more confident when you see yourself in the mirror and more confident when communicating with people around you.

Hair is one of the factors that affect 80% of women’s external beauty. However, regularly changing hairstyles is not without risks, such as hair color that does not match the face, hair loss.

Therefore, many women have chosen to use wigs to regularly change their hairstyles but do not affect the old hair. One of the Vietnamese hair products that many people trust and choose

About This Product

Hair material

The hair material is 100% unprocessed natural hair with four bundles of straight hair. Each bundle has natural elasticity and bounce, which is suitable for girls.

Hair quality

The 24 inches straight bulk hair in the brown hair model is machine cut in half and formed into bundles to ensure greater strength.

If the product is properly cared for, it can be available for about 1-2 years.

Hair is formed into bundles together to bring good quality during use while also helping to enhance your beauty and charm.

Hair color

The product is generally natural, unprocessed hair, so it keeps its natural black and dark brown color.

Besides, the products we use are all actual photos. However, due to technology, screen, light, and environment, hair color may change slightly.

Hair weight and length.

Hair is 6 inches to 32 inches in length with a weight of about 100 grams/bundle or depending on how thick, or thin the customer wants; the store will cater to your preferences.

Sales Service

We offer online sales with support before, during, and after purchase.

If you have any questions about the product, please let us know; our customer service staff will help answer your questions quickly.

Notes when using the product

If, after a period of use, you notice that some hairs fall out from the product. The first thing you need to do is extend your hair.

Next, use a sponge and leave the product on overnight to let the curls return to their original shape without affecting the extension of the product.

How To Store 24 Inches Straight Bulk Hair In Brown?

Clean the product regularly

Just like natural hair, 24 inches straight bulk hair in brown also needs regular cleaning. After using it about 2-3 times, you need to wash them before using them again.

24 inches straight bulk hair in brown after direct contact with the scalp will produce a large amount of sweat, and if you do not clean the product regularly, bacteria will multiply and affect the scalp.

Comb your hair regularly

The 24 inch straight bulk brown hair is like a clumsy girl, so she always needs attention and pampering, so it’s the same when brushing her hair.

After use, the hair is easily tangled. Therefore, if you do not know how to brush, your hair will fall out. First, you need to choose a comb. It is an essential factor that women often overlook.

Ideally, you should go to the store and choose the accompanying hair care tools to make them easy and convenient to use.

In addition, before combing, you need to spray a conditioner specifically for 24 inches straight bulk hair in brown, dividing your hair into small sections. It would help if you used a wide comb to brush from top to bottom to limit tangles.

After combing, gently shake the hair so that it is naturally and evenly.

Protects hair after every use

24 inches straight bulk hair in brown is not as curly as you think if you do not know how to properly take care of your hair. When riding a motorbike, you should put your hair in front of your chest to prevent the wind from messing up and making your hair dry.

In particular, do not let your hair get wet with rain or be exposed to direct sunlight for too long, which will damage your hair faster.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does regular use of this product cause dandruff?

Dandruff is caused by the scalp being less exposed to the outside air. So, if you want to minimize dandruff, let your scalp stay dry.

You are entirely assured with products 24 inches straight bulk hair in brown because they do not create dandruff during use.

Will using this product cause hair loss?

Hair loss is inevitable, but you can improve it in a few ways below:

  • Always keep 24 inches straight bulk hair in brown clean even when not in use.

  • Remember to brush the product smoothly before use.

  • Take care of 24 inches straight bulk hair in brown every day so that the product is always robust, durable, and does not cause itching and hair loss when used for a long time.

Hopefully, sharing about 24 inches of straight bulk hair in brown will help you better understand and choose reputable and quality products to use!

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