Why Do You Need Overseas Hair Vendors? A Step-By-Step Guide

The hair extensions business is the perfect startup idea for young, dynamic people who love to explore and want to become genuine traders.

Yet, to compete successfully in the hair market, you need to make a difference in product quality and design. It would help if you had reputable overseas hair vendors to gain an advantage. So how to find reputable suppliers?

Belady Hair Vendors will guide you to choose a quality supplier in this article!

Why Do You Need A Good Hair Vendor?

overseas hair vendors

Why do you need oversea hair vendors (Source: Internet)

How to successfully impress customers in the competitive hair extensions market? There will be many factors you need to consider to a leading hair extensions retailer, including product image, quality, or service style.

Yet, the essential thing you must do for your company is to find a high-quality supplier. The development of long-term partnerships with reputable units helps differentiate successful and unsuccessful companies.

Above all, we need a reputable hair supplier to quickly complete the business’s development goals and avoid unwanted business problems.

For beginners, it is easy to fall into this trap, and it takes a lot of work to develop a career. Remember the quality of the product you deliver to your customers.

There are many providers on the market today with gimmicks, and you should be very careful. For details on how to find a reputable supplier, continue reading my articles below!

How To Find Overseas Hair Vendors?

This guide is based on my experience over the years, having struggled to find reputable virgin hair brands. So, you can rest assured about this information!

Step 1: Research for a shortlist

overseas hair vendors

Research for a shortlist (Source: Internet)

AliExpress is the leading shopping platform, chosen by many users by offering small minimum orders. The hair extensions market on AliExpress has constantly been fluctuating due to the appearance of a series of large and small suppliers.

Above, you can find many different hair suppliers, both quality and not. It makes it challenging to figure out which provider is best for you. Therefore, a research strategy is essential to select the best quality supplier successfully.

You can scale the research on many social networking forums for the most accurate overview results, such as Google, Zalo, or Facebook. Do some searching on these forums, mark your choices and read reviews. Notably, pay attention to the validity of the information coming from the provider.

You should read carefully, and detail each product description, to customer reviews to get more perspective on hair quality.

To ensure your product selection, you can use additional sub-criteria targeting your business goals, such as quantity and color.

Step 2: Check out the selected vendors

Once you’ve successfully chosen a reputable supplier, take the time to learn about them. Get in touch with them quickly via email or mobile phone.

And based on the product feedback messages, you will learn more from the supplier, including order processing, enthusiasm, and product style.

You can get more information about the quality of your supplier’s products and services by asking them many relevant questions. It is an excellent way to verify the credibility and hospitality of the distributor. A supplier always welcoming and accepting your inquiries and questions should be the first choice.

Step 3: Ask for the hair samples.

overseas hair vendors

Ask for the hair samples (Source: Internet)

Next, don’t hesitate to ask them to provide you with a hair sample. It is a reasonable request for you to check the quality of the product better.

Let’s start with straight and wavy hair samples, which is the primary step to better match the style and quality of the unit’s hair.

If you are satisfied with those samples, you can rest assured to order the desired quantity for your business purposes. This action will minimize the purchase of poor-quality items, helping to save investment costs.

Step 4: Consider the suitable payment

PayPal is famous for its quick and convenient payment advantages for buyers and sellers. It also provides better security for the user’s information.

Therefore, I recommend cooperating with units that allow payment via PayPal, so your money and personal information will be safer.


What countries sell raw hair?

China, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam are the countries that sell top-quality raw hair today. Natural human bundles are mainly collected from households and temples in these states and are available mainly for the global beauty market.

Who is the best raw hair vendor?

Vietnam is a top-quality supplier in the market. The ingredients are mainly from women who have a healthy lifestyle. And K-Hair Factory is the leading reputable hair distributor in Vietnam that you can refer to for cooperation.

There are also many other suppliers from Cambodia, the Philippines, and some other Southeast Asian countries for your reference.

How do I start my own hairline business?

To start a hair extension business, you need to prepare the following:

  • Brainstorm ideas for a brand name and business purpose for the company

  • Register your social media accounts

  • Build a business website

  • Buy hair wholesale or in the form of Dropshipping

  • Start taking orders and shipping.

How much money do you need to start a hair business?

Depending on the finances, you can start your own hair salon business with $1,000 or as little or as much as possible.

Of course, you may need to pay more for the most advanced upgrades. However, starting with a small amount of capital will make it easier to run your business.

How long does your hair have to be to sell?

In general, you need at least 10 inches of hair to sell. If the hair is too short, it will not attract buyers because it does not bring value to them.

Hair buyers often need natural hair long enough to make extensions and wigs.


I have provided you with ways to find overseas hair vendors. Hopefully, it can help you soon choose a reputable supplier for your business purposes.

Remember to clearly define the target customers to set up your development business step-by-step! Thank you for reading!


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