Ombre clip in human hair extensions – a beloved look of our favorite celebrities

Have you ever experienced the helplessness of being stuck in a rut? To be honest, following a familiar path all the times is the absolute worse. Therefore, to breathe new life into your hairstyle is by changing the color. However, if you plan to go for commonly used ones, we are afraid that you could not realize your dream. In that case, why not try ombre clip in human hair extensions considered to be a big love of celebrities.

They have always placed a high spot in the list of top hair colors and techniques. You can easily blend them with your natural strands without any fear of being recognized. Ombre, accompanied by clip-ins, brings about a quick solution to complement one of your most memorable nights!

We highly recommend that you should choose it on your special occasions or a night out. People could not resist a head turn to see you for sure. Now, let’s get on board to get to know why ombre clip in human hair extensions are that hot and distinguish between ombre and balayage.

Familiarize yourself with technical terms in ombre clip in human hair extensions

For those who are our loyal readers, you may be so acquainted with the way we organize the content. We understand that not all of you have sound knowledge of hair extensions in general, let alone ombre clip in human hair extensions in particular. Therefore, this part is specially designed for beginners.

First, hair extensions are made of real hair that people attach to add length and volume to their natural strands. Types of hair integrations are classified depending on attachment techniques. We have clip ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, flip-ins, micro links, fusion, I-tips, U-tips and the like. However, among these, we have to say that human clip in hair extensions are the most popular and friendly-user.

ombre clip in human hair extensions
Just a few minutes and you will get a quick and fabulous result.
(Source: Internet)

Clip ins are temporary and they are the best choice whenever you are going to attend a party, a night out or just a special occasion. The best thing is you can apply them yourself without the help of a hairstylist or anyone else. As the name reveals, all you have to do is to attach the hair on the head and secure the strands by a clip.

Easy as the attachment seems, they are completely undetectable and nobody will recognize that you are wearing something that unnatural. To be aware of a few tricks, you could master at blending these fake strands with yours. Its popularity also brings about the disadvantage which is the boredom others might feel.

Therefore, to create the best look, you are advised to choose Remy hair, play around with different colors, lengths, create highlights, go with ombre and so forth. So, why is it definitely ombre?

ombre clip in human hair extensions
Assume that you see a girl in ombre clip in human hair extensions like this, how would you feel? (Source: Internet)

Many women are opting out for ombre extensions though it takes time and skills to finish this technique. Ombre creates a natural transition between two or more hair colors. Normally, you do not need to dye your strands as ombre clip in human hair extensions originally come with a finished ombre effect.

It is an extremely sophisticated process to create ombre effect; nevertheless, it is just not your job. All you will go through will be very simple but the results surprise you for sure. According to experts of Alibaba, using ombre clip in human hair extensions are the best way to achieve ombre style without doing any harm to your natural strands.

ombre clip in human hair extensions
Ombre has always placed a high spot in the list of must-try hair color, especially when you have not reached 25.(Source: Internet)

How to do ombre clip in human hair extensions

We can say for sure that most salons now cater for this look. If you have time to visit one of the nearby salons, do not forget to take some images of what you desire to achieve and ask them for a piece of advice. They will show you whether you want the ombre to work their way up towards the roots or vice versa.

we mentioned above, we highly recommend using ombre clip in human hair extensions to protect the strands from any chemical harm. However, in case you are happy with a DIY job, we still provide you with useful information before you get started.

ombre clip in human hair extensions
If you plan to enjoy DIY ombre hair, you should be equipped with a set of hair conditioners. Otherwise, your strands will easily become brittle and dry (Source: Internet)

First, do not get wrong that ombre just has to be blonde to brown. It can be pink, purple, blue and even green. So, the first step to go is to choose your color. As for blonde ombre, no notes are required. However, once you are going to add a color other than a lighter version of your own one, remember to bleach the ends.

Next, decide the fade to stop. Normally, you should stop at somewhere between in the fade cycle. Brush your hair thoroughly in order for no knots to be detected. More importantly, only by doing so could the hair color be evenly distributed. You can refer to L’Oreal Paris Preference Hair Dye, £7.99 – a perfect product for beginners.

Should you be a regular hair dye doer, a paddle brush must be your accessory. Just saturate its top half with your hair dye and then repeat your careful brushing with the ends of hair. Now, you can be proud of your natural highlight effect.

Ombre clip in human hair extensions on worldwide celebrities

Ombre clip in human hair extensions came onto the style scene a few years ago and after raising some eyebrows, they were soon accepted by the A-lists. An ombre look is now the trendy one that jet-setters choose to wear whenever they are on the red carpet or the stage.

We are pretty sure that this list will make you get down to a certain salon or hair vendor for an ombre bundle. This list is a good source of inspiration for your ombre hairstyles; so, let it begin.

  •    Blake Lively
ombre clip in human hair extensions
The girl – the apple of all teenagers’ eyes with the signature of CW Gossip Girl (Source: Internet)

In this picture, Blake Lively takes advantage of long ombre clip in human hair extensions, around 18-22 inches. She is pictured at her first film since the birth of James who is her daughter. Her face is enlightened thanks to the light shade of blonde. Relaxed waves, accompanied by a tradition hair color, make this look top notch.

  • Alexa Chung
ombre clip in human hair extensions
A big mistake would be made if we did not mention the original ombre queen (Source: Internet)

Alexa Chung championed blonde tips way back in 2009 thanks to the much sought-after medium ombre clip in human hair extensions. Maybe you do not know, this type is gaining its popularity in just a few years.

  • Beyoncé
ombre clip in human hair extensions
A big fan of hair extensions, in general, is Beyoncé (Source: Internet)

Beyoncé has enjoyed quite a few types of hair integrations out there but her most signature image should be Beyoncé in ombre locks. However, to mimic this celeb look, you may need more than 3 bundles of ombre clip in human hair extensions. When she has gone for a more usual lighter to darker look, long voluminous bundles should be required.

  • Kate Beckinsale
ombre clip in human hair extensions
The smart beauty of Oxford University made her successful debut in Underwood film series (Source: Internet)

Time elapses but Kate is still loyal to blonde and brown hairstyles. You can see the fair share between the two and as everything is in between, this ombre look is taking many ladies by storm. To better the look, you can keep the natural color at the roots and experiment with unnatural colors at the tips.

  • Kim Kardashian
ombre clip in human hair extensions
The sex symbol of Hollywood is in love with ombre clip in human hair extensions as well (Source: Internet)

In the picture, Kim appears with her blonde phase featured the gorgeous dip-dye. Due to this hair color, her former characteristically Kardashian deep dark tresses are soon to be blur.

  • Sofia Vergara
ombre clip in human hair extensions
A recipe for an outstanding look is ombre clip in human hair extensions + curly style + twinkle outfits (Source: Internet)

Sofia used to wear all-over brown locks but as you can see, the multi-tonal blonde ombre must be the best on her list. It is not exaggerated if we say this style is born to be for red carpet dos.

Ombre and Balayage

You are not the only one who gets confused at these two terms and to simplify the matter, this part is written to make things clearer and more understandable.

  • Ombre is the STYLE

The word ‘ombre’ derives from a French word ‘shadow’. Ombre which is the actual style is the transition from a darker shade to a lighter one. Ombre works best for those with brunettes while sombre, the most subtle one of all techniques should be seen on blondes.

ombre clip in human hair extensions
Ombre is born to be for daring girl as no dark pieces are left on the bottom. Therefore, many hair experts call it as a color blocking (Source: Internet)

However, a bad ombre can make things the world of difference; so, do not try it on your own. You can get the perfect look without harming yours by ombre clip in human hair extensions. When there is no desirable hair color, you may need to have a small talk with your hair vendor and with some extra, we believe that they will do it for you.

  • Balayage is the TECHNIQUE

The two sound very similar but obvious distinctions are easily found between them. ‘Balayage’ comes from another French word which means ‘to sweep’. When someone gets a balayage done in the salon, you will see the hairstylist sweeping the color through small triangle sections of the strands onto a board or foil.

ombre clip in human hair extensions
In the balayage, you still see dark pieces left on the bottom. Therefore, they create dimension and give it a more natural look (Source: Internet)

If you are interested in natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair, balayage is perfect to meet your demand. Moreover, you can enjoy less maintenance than an ombre. You can even try fluid hair painting to be a good alternative.

Understanding this can help you in the way to choose the best ombre clip in human hair extensions as there are a lot of types and hair colors out there. In addition to main hair colors, you may happen to see some mixed terms such as baby light – a super subtle and delicate highlight & foilage – another new trend.

Thank you for your reading and we are glad to hear from your feedback and experience!

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