Some secrets which tells you about Marilyn Monroe without makeup 

Certainly, all of you have known Marilyn Monroe, a prominent both model and actress in the USA. When talking about this lady, she is considered to be the most exceptional stars in making up. It can’t be denied that there have been more Marilyn Monroe’s photos taken without making up. Alright, in this post, we’d like to talk about some truths in photos that Marilyn Monroe without makeup.

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The truth after Marilyn Monroe makeup artist

Allan Whitey Snyder is not only a makeup artist but also Marilyn Monroe’s best friend. He has been responsible for changing a young sweet woman having an ordinary beauty into a respectful icon all around the world until now. In this post, we’d like to introduce a collection of beauty-making tips made by this man.

Making up for eyes with moisture

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Source: Internet

At this time, there was no need to have some kinds of metal eyeshadows, Allan only used a thin layer of Vaseline or coconut oil on small layers of eyeshadows normally.

Under foundation of Vaseline

Allan always used a thin Vaseline layer prior to adding foundation. This assisted skin to be moisturized and gave vivid light under camera’s light. Nowadays, a variety of available foundation creams can become a confusion when choosing the best one, right?

The way how to make lips more volume

With a view to creating depth hallucinations, Allan drew on the lips in pencil colored chocolate. After that, a red line was she always emphasized his shape, and made an effort to make them become triangle-shape. For certain, the size of Marilyn’s forehead was reduced visually.roaden from outside to the center. A crimson pencil was used in the next step so that Allan could remove out of the center to blend well with colors together.

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In order not to spoil the fullness and the depth of lips, Allan helps pencils as carefully as possible. After that, he drew a spot in the middle of lips by following cream-colored marker and finished his process through a thick layer of balsam (not lipstick gloss) on the top.

Eyeliner is so expressive

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Source: Internet

A combination of eyeliner layers was used by Allan. He emphasized the patterns of eyes by black or brown eyeliners. After that, a white one for the corner of eyes’ inside and outside. Finally, he added some red spots in order to make lips brighter by the way.

The secret of white eye shadow

To catch attention towards her eyes, he followed white eyeshadow made from powder for her eyelids. In the corner of her eyes’ inside, he used a small spot from eye shadow having the same color, which made her eyes look the same as pearled-shape.

Reducing nose’ s size visually

Even though Marilyn Monroe had passed a RHINOPLASTY, she still thought that her nose was so big. So as to address this concern, her makeup artist simply used the small amount of pink blusher over her nose.

Working with eyelashes

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Source: Source

Marilyn and her stylist always made sure that with a view to piding false eyelashes into two, the best way was assembling them at the outside. This helped Marilyn’s eyes turned up a long shape the same as almond.

Eyebrow’ s shape

Allan had a particular method that he was into.

The truth after rare photos of Marilyn Monroe without makeup

In the location called Hollywood where has admiration and prestige, will be a fault if you forget to talk about Marilyn Monroe, a well-off actress for ages. She has been famous for her attraction and optimistic characteristics. She has had a long profile to talk, but many people feel the most curious about Marilyn Monroe without makeup.

Right now, let’s follow us to see our stories hidden with Marilyn Monroe. (( Marilyn Monroe. (2001, October 16). Retrieved from )) After that, you can have your own comment by the way. A craving for her or a disappointment with her bare face?

Marilyn Monroe – an exceptional symbol called beauty

Marilyn Monroe has had a reputation for her appearance and attraction. More clearly, she is really different from models nowadays. She has been so superb and incredible that we can’t define her beauty anyway. Therefore, no one can replace her symbol in many times since her death.

We are really impressed by her red lips, brown curly hair and eyelashes. She always seems to wear eyeliners and her lips with much more volume than usual. More specific, all of you can look some following photos.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Her attraction seems to be impossible to explain, which makes people feel curious about Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Source: Internet
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
From the beginning of her career, everybody couldn’t move out of eyes from her Source: Internet

Marilyn Monroe is regarded a secret-keeper about beauty-making in many times. At that time, she would be the first guest that beauty-making magazines were thinking about. Therefore, in general, she has had a long profile about diet, practicing and the habit of making beauty. Looking at her own photos, for certain, you won’t have no some admiration for her.

However, when gorgeous cosmetic layers have been taken out, she has been prominent and admire? So as to answer this question, we do need to look at some photo taken when Marilyn Monroe without makeup. If you’re a big fan of her, please don’t miss this short post because this is an awesome chance in order to see an exceptional symbol all the times on her bare face.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Behind an elegant women, even a bare buy attractive face or an ordinary one, all of which is photogenic thanks to cosmetic’s miracle
Source: Internet

Marilyn Monroe without makeup… That’s still a secret!

She has been considered to be a gorgeous Hollywood. However, with Marilyn Monroe without making up, that beauty is really out of owner’s boss. Her beauty has been from her natural attraction, which has always brightened under no circumstances, everywhere and every situation at all.

  • An classic forever beauty
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
A photo of all times to show that Marilyn Monroe without make up is still fabulous by the way Source: Internet

Marilyn Monroe’s photo is posted on REDDIT at the weekend. Until now, it has gained a range of different opinions and rumors. More significantly, all comments are still expressing their admiration for her. It is said that “Some like it hot” seems not to loose her attraction in audience’s heart.

In this photo, girl with blonde hair were wearing black white bikini and a smile at the same time. After digging herself in a swimming pool, she turned up as though this had been her time with a view to show her great fair-complexion. More clearly, Marilyn Monroe without makeup has still had a gorgeous and contented look.

  • Marilyn Monroe without makeup from the first career as an exceptional model
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Some rare photos taken by André de DIENES, a lucky photographer taking photo Monroe Source: Internet
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
An impressive face and made many people fall in love without having failures Source: Internet
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
In the same collection of stories, Marilyn Monroe without makeup with a full of feelings such as happiness, sadness, sensitiveness and serenity Source: Internet

You can also feel that these photos are only for love. Her eyes seem to reflect extreme happiness. Therefore, there is a quotation that beauty is in the eyes of enemies. It can’t be denied that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is still fabulous, right? However, from DE DIENES’s perspective, she is not only a really magic and but also an attractive angel.

  • Close moments of Marilyn Monroe without making up

Legend says that Marilyn Monroe is a professional with her posing for a lot of photographers. Therefore, that she can ask some technical perspectives when taking photos is possible. Moreover, she has ranked the first model at the best posing in front of camera.

For that reason, it’s not normal for everyone who would like to take photo    Marilyn Monroe without makeup. At her time, everyone found it difficult to see some pictures that she had no making up because of her permission (perhaps, there have been some rumors and doubts for her fabulous beauty)

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
The final photo was given off many years after her death Source: Internet
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
The same setting with another pose-Marilyn Monroe without make up has been incredibly lovely  Source: Internet

In this photo, she was having breakfast without wearing colorful clothes and making up by the way. Over and over again, these random pictures has proved clearly that Marilyn Monroe without makeup has been a fabulous symbol that seems hardly to be stunned by faces in some recent decades at all.

  • It’s a extremely heartbreaker when Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
In spite of leaps and bounds in life, that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is special Source: Internet

Most of the famous Hollywood celebrities look very ordinary when taking out the help from makeup artists, salons and vivid light. However, Marilyn Monroe is an exception by the way. She has many quite natural characteristics without having any pieces of evidence of makeup, she looks so admirable and unique. She must be recognized as she deserves because of her beauty. More significantly, she has made a contribution to the film industry.

  • Unlike to close-up about Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
People said that women smokes looked so attractive that hardly men could be tolerant Source: Internet

In some thick clouds, a woman can become marvelous. In the case of Marilyn Monroe without makeup with a cigarette in her hand, the picture could be a masterpiece. Only by some simple drawings, her face seemed to be a bright spot in the ark surrounding.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
A simple cloth with uncompleted makeup layers on her face couldn’t ruin her beauty in this scene Source: Internet
Marilyn Monroe without makeup
A Marilyn Monroe’s rare photo without makeup that she allowed photographer to take photo while she was really ready
Source: Internet

As previously stated, Monroe sometimes refused to have no makeup. However, it was a beautiful morning when she was on the road to the salon. According to her artist makeup’s requirement called Snyder, she agreed to be mimicked like the hungry black bear.

  • The final naked photos before her death

When taking to Marilyn Monroe without makeup, everybody can think about her naked treasure, which can break your own heart at first sight. She is so attractive that we can’t explain for that.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
This photo was taken by Lawrence Schiller photographer, she really looked lively Source: Internet

Before taking photos officially, she sometimes sans makeup so that her emotions and feelings could be provoked. Therefore, she only let Lawrence took candid photos.

Marilyn Monroe without makeup
Flocking next to swimming pool and smiling for camera Source: Internet

Naked photos has gained the popularity on many magazines. In her section, this was the time of black-white images next to lake that forced to sans make up. It doesn’t exaggerate if you say that Marilyn Monroe without makeup is one of the famous celebrities with sans makeup of all times.

With Marilyn Monroe, we always respect and take notice of her because all we know that every beauty turns up along with difficulties in life and her difficulties has no exception, right? Actually, if you happen to see Marilyn Monroe without makeup, please don’t ignore and share your own comment. Thanks for supporting!

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