How To Style Curtain Bangs? All Things You Should Know in 2023

The perfect curtain bangs can cover imperfections while creating balance around the face. This hairstyle is ideal for anyone as long as it is designed to suit your best features.

So, how do style curtains bangs in the right way? What should you do to maintain this hairstyle? Is there any limitation to the curtain bang?

Belady Hair Vendors will give you step-by-step instructions on styling and maintaining curtain bangs. Continue reading, and I will show you!

What Are Curtain Bangs?

The curtain bangs are derived from the idea of two actresses, Farrah Fawcet and Goldie Hawn. The hairstyle quickly became famous worldwide thanks to its aesthetic look and easy maintenance.

Their design is typically like a curtain covering the cheekbone on both sides in an inverted “V” shape. A hairstylist gradually shortens the hair near the cheekbone with angled-down scissors to create curtain bangs.

Who Should Wear Bangs Curtains? 

The best thing about curtain bangs is that they suit everyone’s face shape and natural hairstyle. Curtain bangs can create softness and harmony around the face, whether you have curly, straight, wavy, or coily hair.

If you have problems with your forehead or hairline, curtain bangs are always a prevalent choice to cover imperfections and help accentuate your facial features.

It would be best if you were looking for a curtain bangs design suitable for your face shape, which will do the trick.

With proper length and coverage, curtain bangs can easily cover up your hairline and forehead while elongating the rest of your face.

How To Style Curtain Bangs? All Things You Should Know in 2023 6

2.  Curtain Bangs Suit All Face Shapes And Natural Hairstyles 

How to Style Curtain Bangs?

Curly bangs

As I previously mentioned, curtain bangs are suitable for all face shapes and natural hairstyles. Curly hair is not an xception. You need to maintain your bangs in line with the rest of your hair to give them a carefree and stylish aspect.

The curtain bangs are even more beautiful on curly hair as they elegantly frame your face. When combined with curly texture, they give your appearance a fashionable edge.

This hairstyle only requires partially covering the cheekbone on both sides like the traditional curtain bangs. Instead, this is another version of curtain bangs that 70’s actresses inspire.

The tip to keep them long enough is to make room for shrinkage and have your hair cut to suit the length and contour of your face.

how to style curtain bangs

3.  The Curtain Bangs Are Even More Beautiful On Curly Hair 

Wide curtain bangs

Wide curtain bangs are typically designed for anyone with a thin face and small forehead. This curtain bangs version will expose nearly all the forehead surfaces and harmonize your face.

Proper hair length can create a diamond shape on a small face, making it more elegant and accentuating a gorgeous cheekbone.

This version is ideal for naturally straight hair textures. A round brush and low temperature are necessary to curve the bangs slightly toward your forehead.

Explosion of the 80’s

80’s curtain bangs are renowned for the laid-back appearance that they bring. This hairstyle delivers subtle waves with a messy texture that brings a sense of fashionable and carefreeness.

The “bed hair” trend has been elevated in this look, making it a must-have hairstyle for anyone, regardless of face shape and hair type.

If your hair is slightly wavy, this is a great hairstyle to have a different look and save a lot of time on designing your hair in the morning. The 80’s curtain bangs require fewer supplemental hair products than other hairstyles.

how to style curtain bangs

3.  80’s Curtain Bangs Deliver Subtle Waves With A Messy Texture (Link)

Bang Lai Curtain

Bang lai curtain will fascinate you when it is carried away by the wind. That’s how gorgeous you will be wearing the bang lai curtain. The choice is between curtain bang and flawless bang.

This curtain bangs version will work well with rounded and oblong face shapes. You can try to design your hair with a regular curtain bang and proper length inverted “V” shape.

Now, you can wear them as a curtain bang or give them a little flip for a different look. If you want to let the bangs cover your forehead that gets blown away by wind naturally, you should cut the bang length shorter than the cheekbone.

Edge of the 70s

The edge of the ’70s curtain bangs is preferable if your hair grows a little longer.

You can try something new with the long curtain bangs in attempting to open the middle of the bang instead of opening the slit on your bangs’ side.

This will form a symmetrical triangle forward your forehead, which will balance your face shapes, especially those with square and round faces. Some people apply heat to create a slight wave on their curtain bangs, making a difference.

If you want to have an all-out edge of the 70’s curtain bangs, you should consult your hair stylist’s advice. In most cases, a short and layered bang would be perfect for the 70’s curtain bangs hairstyle.

Messy bangs

Messy bangs will make you look younger and a little carefree. This has been a part of students’ lives for ages and has become a typical school hairstyle.

To have the perfect messy bangs, you can start washing your hair with shampoo to get rid of natural oil and moisturize it. Then, drying your hair with a clean cloth, it’s essential to let your hair moist and damp before creating the hairstyle.

Use your finger and pide your bangs into sections. After that, use scissors to chop your hair from top to bottom until the layers of your bangs are uneven.

Lastly, dry your hair with pomade and gel to create messy textures. Remember to add additional productively as needed to achieve the desired mess.


Curtain bangs are a noticeable hairstyle that won’t disappoint you. With these steps, you can have a new look that will attract others at first sight.

If there are any problems during the hairstyling process, consider consulting the hair stylist’s advice rather than trying to solve them independently.

Thank you for reading!

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