How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair? 6 Helpful Methods You Can Try

One of the most straightforward and time-saving methods to change your appearance is changing your hair. Using hair extensions, you can completely do it in a few minutes without spending much money or effort.

However, extensions are not user-friendly and easy for everyone – especially for short-haired girls. Don’t worry because Belady Hair Vendors will help you learn how to hide extensions in very short hair in this article.

how to hide extensions in very short hair

Pixie haircut 

Why Do Hair Extensions Not Blend With Short Hairstyles?

Hair vendors create hair extensions to meet the needs of most women with long hair. Pixie hair is beautiful, but if it is thin and too short, it will make you look tired. Many girls think of using hair weave as a solution.

Short hair is difficult to hide extensions. While long-haired girls change their looks with different hair weaves, things are challenging with short-hair teams.

There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that you need help finding hair extensions with the weight and length you want.

There are three common materials: virgin hair, synthetic fiber, and fabric. Each material will have its weight and texture. Typically, natural hair will be much heavier than the other two materials.

Besides, short hairstyles like bob or blunt cut are unsuitable for hair extensions. It’s hard to put together and will make your look awkward.

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

The part you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Here are six methods to hide hair extensions in short hairstyles like pixie hair.

Cut The Strands Shorter

Because your original hairstyle is very short, if the length of the hair extension and the natural hair are too different, it is easy to be exposed. So, trim the hair weave again to match your hair.

Attach the extension to your real hair for the most natural haircut possible. Then, brush your hair to make sure all tangles are removed.

Trim the hair extension to the length of the original hair. You can ask a professional hairdresser to do this; then blend the two types of hair when done.

The tip of this method is to cut a little hair at a time to make room for mistakes. It would be best to wait for your hair to dry before cutting it for a natural look.

how to hide extensions in very short hair

Restyling your hair extensions 

Restyle The Extensions

One way to make sure hair extensions can blend in your short hair is to customize them. The difference will be extremely obvious if these two hair sections have different styles.

There are many ways to style, such as dyeing, curling, or cutting. If the wig has the same style as your natural hair, it will increase volume and be gorgeous.

To ensure uniformity, pin your hair before styling. It helps the overall look more harmonious. It would help if you also parted your curls. It will be difficult for others to recognize when mixed with natural hair.

Twisting Or Braiding

A simple method to hide unsightly wigs is to braid or twist them into natural hair. Then, pin the braid in place on your scalp.

This method helps to create a natural cover over the joints of the hair extensions and hair roots. It ties the hairs together without putting pressure on the scalp.

Braids also help you move more freely. You will not need to worry about revealing your extensions when you exercise vigorously throughout the day.

Use A Wig

If the above methods are too complicated, try the most straightforward approach – wearing a wig. A wig is a piece of lace that is 3D shaped to cover your entire scalp. On it, people will embroider or weave curls to create hairstyles.

You can wrap your hair and wear a wig to change your look. This method is extremely simple, and no one will notice the difference. This method’s downside is that regularly wearing a wig will damage the raw hair and scalp.

Put On Heavier Wefts

One of the most challenging steps when finding the right hair extensions for short hair is finding the right weight.

To completely hide the extensions, you need more wefts than usual. So, choose hair weaves weighing more than 220 grams to meet this need.

how to hide extensions in very short hair

Ombre hairstyle 

Choose The Suitable Color

You must choose the right color to blend hair extensions naturally into your real hair. If you have a balayage or ombre hairstyle, choose extensions of the same color or dye them to create harmony at the ends.

You should focus on the roots instead of the ends. This area will determine your appearance.

How To Put Extensions In Very Short Hair?

how to hide extensions in very short hair

Natural hair extensions at the salon 

You can apply hair extensions at home, but attaching hair extensions at the salon will be safer for girls with short hair like pixies. Professionals will help you create the right style and give you the most flawless look.

You can still learn about the hair extension process. It helps you understand precisely what hairstylists are doing with your hair.

Here are the steps for safe and correct hair extensions:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly before connecting your hair. Your scalp needs to be clean as dirt and oil can make hair extensions looser. You will also feel more uncomfortable when your hair is dirty.

  • After shampooing, let your hair dry completely before connecting your hair. It makes styling more precise because the strands have the same bounce and doesn’t affect the final look.

  • Comb your hair and remove all knots in your natural hair. The flatter the hair, the easier it will be to blend the extensions with the scalp.

  • Put the extension on your hair and start styling it to your liking. You can trim, dye, or perm.

  • Use a mild cleanser to remove any stickiness or oil on the scalp around the application area.

  • Spray a scalp protectant to create a barrier between the scalp and the adhesive. And so you have completed the stages of hair extension.


After reading this article, we hope you have mastered how to hide extensions in very short hair. Although blending extensions into short hairstyles can be difficult, you can experiment with our six methods.

Remember to share your results and experiences with others. Please share this article to spread the knowledge to everyone.

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