An Essential Hair Guide For You: How Often Can I Perm My Hair

Perming hair is a difficult technique and must be done by a professional hairdresser. After perming, the hair will always retain the curls, called the hair waves. Depending on the technique that you will have big waves or small waves. Increasingly, curling hair is favored by women because of the grace and femininity of soft curly hair waves. However, did you equip yourself with enough knowledge to have a beautiful curling hair? Many women with their favourite hairstyle have a question of: How often can i perm my hair?

The perming method originated in California (USA) in 1938 and spread throughout the world. This method does not need to use too bulky machines. Only by simple operations, you will own a fashionable curly hair.

Perming method

With perming, the hairdresser will roll your hair to create a physical wave shape. Next, they apply softening chemicals to the hair to cut off the bond in the hair fibers. This makes hair easier to change shape. After 30 minutes, they use another hair chemical and apply it to the hair to help the hair harder so that it can hold the shape.The time taken to apply this method to your hair may be 1 – 1,5 hours depending on your hair structure. A lot of people enjoying this method and they want to apply it frequently. However, how often can i perm my hair? 

How often can i perm my hair?
When should i perm my hair? (Source: Internet)

Characteristics of Perming Method

Hair that gets permed will have bigger and clear curls when dry. The curls may be uneven, because the hair method is applied after the hair has been rolled so it is uneven. However, the perming hair method makes curly hair more natural.

  • Risk of perming hair

Many girls consider curling or perming solutions to hide hair defects such as dry or split ends without thinking that it will make the hair worse and even cause hair loss. In addition, the professional technique of the hairdresser is also quite decisive, because if the chemical is used in excess of the permitted amount, or the concentration is not standard, the chemical is used too much,… Your hair will be damaged at different levels. Therefore, you should think carefully after asking yourself how often can i perm my hair. 

More seriously, you may also be allergic to hair chemicals. Dyes often contain ingredients such as p-phenylenedamine, toluene-diaminesulphate, resorcinol, aminoazobenzene, xylidine, aminophenol, which are allergenic ingredients to sensitive skin.

If you have problem of asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis and other allergy symptoms, the risk of the following diseases will be very high: Hair folliculitis (which grows very itchy red spots in the hairline); Contact dermatitis (exposed skin area red to patches, flakes, swelling, blisters); Atopic dermatitis (lesions spread out in non-contact areas of dye such as forehead, neck, eyelids, face).

  •  How often can i perm my hair? 

During the curling process, the chemical reactions on the thin strands of hair start from the outside of the hair and gradually into the interior, causing the hair to expand, including a chemical structure of hair starts to malfunction.This leads to the decrease in the tensile strength, reducing the elasticity of the hair.

Curling your hair can make the hair more rough, and it will gradually wear away the hair or the hair will be easily cracked and weaker. In addition, if the perming chemical is exposed to the skin, it can cause skin irritation, dermatitis …

How often can i perm my hair?
How frequently can i perm my hair? (Source: Internet)

In general, the degree of damage to hair when using a perming method is usually quite serious, so you should not underestimate this.

So do not perm your hair too many times. If after each use, your hair becomes weak easily broken, it proves that the hair has been damaged during the perming process, then it should be limited to the extent that it is possible to comb hair , hair drying, shampooing and hair related effects.

If you are wondering how often can i perm my hair, then you should know: Perming curly hair will usually retain its style for 6 months, so you need to consider your hairstyle in order to fit your personality and learning and working situation. If your hair is compatible with curling chemicals, the hair can remain the same for more than 6 months, so if you are busy at work or are in school, you should choose hairstyles that are easy to care for and are suitable for many situations. . Girls with very smooth and straight hair should not choose light frizzy hair types because their hair will be easily stretched; while girls have naturally curly hair, be careful with curling hair because it can cause hair to be fluffy and not shiny.

 Sometimes you can still use hair curling or perm method to give you a new, more vitality appearance and this does not have a big effect on hair. However, if you perm your hair too regularly, it will be very harmful.

  • How to take care of perming hair 

Do not wash your hair after perming hair

The way to take care of your hair after perming is not to wash your hair right after you have your hairstyle done. Normally, you should leave your hair for 3 days after the hairstyle is done, because your hair needs a certain amount of time to get used to a new style.

Be gentle with your hair

Every time your hair get affected by chemicals, the hair will definitely be damaged. So that you should always take good care of your hair. You need to use a shampoo that contains a lot of moisturizers to help balance the natural moisture for your hair, and just gently massage your scalp and hair, but not so much as it makes the curls twist together when you remove it. Hair will be broken.

Hair care

Hair care of course can’t help hair maintenance. Just like how you beautify your skin, there must always be steps to moisturize and take care of your skin, making your hair easier and more shiny. Especially for curling hair, the more intensive treatment for the hair care routine is of course you need to specify.

How often can i perm my hair?
How often should i wash my perm hair? About 2-3 times a week (Source: Internet)

Brush your hair carefully

Careful hair brushing is always a necessary requirement for hair care. Even if it is a straight or natural, straight, curly or dyed hair, this job is very important. You will need two powerful assistants which are large and sparse combs and soft combs.

Use effective hair care products

Many girls thought that after finishing perming their hair, everything was decided. However, the beauty of the hair is not so simple. If you want to take full advantage of the beauty of your hair, use hair care products and don’t forget intensive moisturizing therapy.

Leave hair to dry naturally

Natural dryness is always a way of hair care that is recommended to make sure that the hair is not affected by heat that is dry and easy to get loose and damaged. Even natural, well-curled curls are still more suitable to dry naturally than the hair dryer. Therefore, after asking how often can i perm my hair and decide the frequency, you should apply this habit to your hair care routine. If you need to use a hair dryer to create a style, you should choose a dryer with a lot of heat, leaving a distance of more than 25cm, so it is better that you dry 1 step of heat with a close distance.

Wipe hair

After shampooing, use a towel to gently apply to your hair, especially, do not rub your hair because it is easy to get tangled and dry. It is also not advisable to squeeze the hair out of the water because it will make the hair break.


If you want to dry your hair at home with a dryer, you should not choose a high-temperature mode. You should not dry it, just dry it until the hair is still damp. After drying, use your hand to squeeze the hair to lock the curls into place. You can use more hair care products in your hair and moisturize after shampooing to help your hair get better.

Use less oil for shining hair

You should limit the use of shining oil because this oil will increase the dust adhesion of the hair. When the hair gets dusty, this is also the reason why the hair is easy to get loose, dry and dirty. In addition to using varnish as well as conditioner, should be about 4 cm from the scalp to avoid scalding.

Hot oil treatment

After perming, pressing, and dyeing, in the first 4 weeks, you should use deep treatment masque for your hair 2 times a week, for a period of 5-10 minutes to balance the natural moisture of the hair. After that, you should use some heat with deep treatment masque once a week. That’s the way to beautify your hair effectively.

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