How Much Is 8 Inches Of Hair? All Things You Need To Know

There is a wide range of hair extensions with numerous lengths on the market. The 8 inches of hair is widespread as it can suit all face shapes and hairstyles, allowing users to redesign their hairstyle according to their preferences.

So, what is an 8-inch hair extension? How many 8-inch hair extensions are there on the market? Belady Hair Vendors will give you straightforward answers and provide detailed information on this hair extension type.

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What does an 8-inch hair extension mean?

Hair Extension

Hair extensions are typically designed to attach and add more length to the user’s natural hair. This hair type helps users comfortably change their hairstyles without hair-damaging.

Some people use hair extensions like a shield that protects their natural hair from sun exposure and ambient impacts. These consumers usually move around and participate in physical activities during daylight hours.

8 Inch Hair Extension

An 8-inch hair extension delivers 8 inches long. This is a typical hair extension length above your shoulder (together with the 6 inches products).

It can be sourced from natural human hair or synthetic fiber with chemical treatment. Depending on the material, 8-inch hair extensions can vary in quality.

How much is 8 inches of hair?

There is no answer to this question. The rates range from low to high depending on numerous criteria like hair extension types, lengths, and quality grades.

You need to pay around 200$ to 600$ for a standard 8-inch hair extension. The longer and more professional the service is, the more expensive it will be.

The quality usually goes with the price. The hair extension is reasonable if the quality is worth your money. It would be best to consider choosing a prestigious supplier and hair salon to get the bang for your buck.

How many 8 inch hair extensions are there?

The selling point of 8-inch hair extensions lies in the variety of types and textures. This gives users more options to choose a suitable hairstyle that suits their preferences.

8 inch clip hair extension

The 8-inch clip hair extension is reputable for its versatility and convenience. This is a weft hair extension with hair clips, allowing users to temporarily put the hair extension on their natural hair.

This hair extension type is always ready for instant use, especially for dating and parties. Moreover, you can redesign it with numerous styles, including colored, curled, and straightened, without worrying about hair-damaging.

It is easy to clean and maintain. You need to gently brush the hair extensions’ textures from the root with a comb to keep them in good condition for later use.

  how much is 8 inches of hair

2.  Gently Brush The Hair Extensions’ Textures From The Root With A Comb

8 inch tape hair extension

The 8-inch tape hair extension is another noticeable choice if you want a semi-temporary hair extension product. It is designed with a unique horizontal tape that can attach to the user’s natural hair for 6 to 8 weeks.

It’s recommended for anyone who wants to add length and volume to their natural hair for a short period. You can customize the 8-inch tape hair extension with many hairstyles and chemical treatments.

Thanks to the special horizontal tape, you can wear the hair extensions in the shower, walking, and running. Therefore, users save a lot of time removing their extension hair to participate in these activities.

8 inch sewing hair extension

The 8-inch hair will be sewn on your natural hair, allowing it to stick on your head firmly for at least 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the glue and tape extension.

It can add extra length and maintain its form regardless of weather or ambient impacts. You can rest assured about the comfortability as it won’t cause any discomfort if you apply it properly on your natural hair.

Even though the 8-inch sewing hair extension can withstand high-intense impacts, you should keep your hair dry, especially near the sew joints, to keep it in good condition during the use process.

how much is 8 inches of hair

3.  You Shouldn’t Over Wash Your Hair To Keep It In Good Condition 

Fusion and Pre-bonded 8-inch hair extensions

Hair stylists use heat and keratin glue to attach fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions on your head that make a difference in the hair styling process.

While other conventional hair extensions use clip or tape to attach hair weft on the user’s natural hair, this hair extension type attaches to your hair strands separately.

There are two main types, including I-tip and U-tip hair extensions. Depending on the applying process and the amount of heat and glue used, fusion and pre-bonded hair extension can be detrimental to your natural hair over time.

Microbead 8 inch hair extension

The Microbead 8-inch hair extension is similar to the I-tip hair extension, but the core difference between them is the hairstyling process. Instead of using keratin glue or heat, this hair extension type uses hair rings.

The rings might be metal or plastic and fit snugly around the hair strands. Usually, these hair extensions can last up to five weeks in a row.

8 inch hair extensions 

Regarding hairstyle, the 8-inch hair extensions are not inferior to any hair extension type in the market. They give a variety of hairstyles and textures, adding a new look to your face in an aesthetic way.

8 inch curly hair extension

There are many options if you want to perm the 8-inch hair extension. You can apply heat and perm the hair into medium or tight curls or use curlers and gradually perm the hair to the desired curl.

Another common way is to buy additional curly hair and attach it to the hair extension. This allows you to retain the hair extension quality and change the styles more frequently in the long run.

8 inch colored hair extension

Hair extensions with colors are always a prevalent choice for anyone who wears hair extensions, regardless of type and materials. The 8-inch colored hair extension gives users a wide range of options, including colors and tones.

From pale hues like blond, green, and ombre to deep shades like purple and brown, you have various options. Your skin will appear brighter than usual with suitable hair color.

how much is 8 inches of hair

4.  Hair Extensions With Colors Are Always A Prevalent Choice

8 inch straight hair extension

The 8-inch straight hair extensions are a basic hairstyle, allowing users to redesign their hair according to their preferences. The most common hairstyle with straightforward hair extension is bob hair, a short-medium hairstyle.

With proper length, you can braid the hair extension that helps retain your hair length and protect the scalp effectively.


There are many critical factors determining the price of 8-inch hair extensions. It would be best if you considered choosing suitable materials, types, and quality grades to achieve the most satisfying result.

After reading this post, maybe you have learned some important facts regarding 18-inch hair extensions. Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment sections if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!

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