An Essential Hair Guide For You: How Many Packs Of Hair For Sew In Is Enough For You?

Are you thinking about having a sew-in for yourself; however, you still have a lot of questions about this topic. You need to get which kind of hair? How many? Should choose packs or bundles? Human or synthetic is better?

Then the questions go on and on. Today we are here to give you some useful advice and ìnormation about sew-ins.

The most common question about sew-ins is likely to be asked is how many packs of hair for sew-in . The answer can be different for each because it depends on your needs and your natural hair. Now, let’s find some useful advice we have for you.

How many packs of hair for sew in

how many packs of hair for sewing in
How many bundles of hair for full sew in (Source: Internet)

The main question for today’s article is how many packs of hair are for sew-in.

The average number for most of you is about three bundles. Achieving a very full sew-in can be only two bundles of hair; however, sometimes, it also relates to the style you are trying to get,  and two bundles are kind of not enough.

With two bundles, the hairstylist would have to space the tracks out more to ensure coverage. In other cases, two bundles are just perfect enough.

Most of the consumers who first bought two bundles and then bought one more bundle all say they would never buy only two hair bundles hair again.  To make an educated choice first consider a few things.

How to sew in your wigs after finding how many packs of hair for sew-in

how many packs of hair for sewing in
How many packs of hair for sewing in (Source: Internet)


Step 1: Choose a lace wig. Lace wigs will give you the most realistic search results because they have an absolute cap. This allows the part of your scalp to show through the wig when the hair is split. It also allows you to blend your natural hair with a wig.

Step 2: Your braids. To sew in wigs, your hair will need to be in some tight braids against your head. After that, you can measure how many packs of hair to sew in you can braid her hair, have a friend braid it for you, or get your hair braided professionally. Aim for something similar to corn or honeycomb pigtails.

Step 3: Try a wig. Next, grab your wig and put it on how you intend to wear it. Be sure to line up the edges of the wig with your natural hairline. Also, make sure the wig is covered with your braid. And then, after deciding how many packs of hair to sew in, you can start to

Step 4: Set clips to hold the wig while sewing. You don’t need to use clips, but they can be helpful to make sure you’re sewing your wig in the right position. They can also help to keep hair wigs out of the way as you sew, which may be necessary for a long-hair wig. Put clips when needed to hold the wig and keep it from getting damaged when you sew.

Step 5: Now, you can measure the size of your head to see how many packs of hair to sew in. Cut lace when needed to fit your natural hairline. With the wig on your head, it will be easier to see any spots where lace extends too far through your natural hairline. Find lace areas that extend beyond your natural hairline and then cut these areas.  Make sure to cut the wig just back up and avoid cutting any hair attached to the wig in other areas.
If you have left some of your hair loose around your hairline, use your finger or a hook to pull the hair pieces through the holes in the lace. This can help you achieve a more natural-looking hairline.

Step 6: Only weave a hair weave with 18 “(46 cm) woven yarn. Hair weaving needles are curved and slightly blunt. Weaving yarn is also thicker than regular sewing. Only knit with threads about 18 ”(46 cm) and tie a knot at the end of the thread.
You can buy knitted and threaded hair at a beauty supply store.

How to check the size of the head to make sure how many packs of hair for sew-in

how many packs of hair for sewing in
How many packs of hair do I need for a sew in (Source: Internet)


Steps should be taken to measure the head size before choosing a female wig.

– Some other factors which also determine how many packs of hair are for sewing that you should not ignore, so answer the following questions yourself before making a payment decision: What size does your head belong to? Is the wig you choose suitable for the face? Is your forehead high or low to choose a hairstyle? Is the wig balancing your head? When was the real hair exposed? This is the note you need to take when buying the first female wig.

– When determining the size of your head to see how many packs of hair to sew in, the remaining problem just need to find the hairstyle suitable for the face, which will help the purchase become quick and convenient on both sides. It will take a lot of time for you to try out a variety of wigs to choose the best one.

Those with long faces and high foreheads should choose the female wig with long hair and then see how many packs of hair for sewing in they need. Because they can hide the front hairline quite effectively, and narrow the forehead to make the face more harmonious.

– If your skull is uneven (distorted), lace wigs with absolute stretch are a wise choice. and the number of bundles for the question of how many packs of hair to sew in You do not have to worry about adjusting the size of the hat properly, because the good elasticity of this lace can fit the head of the user.

A well-proportioned wig is not too long compared to the shape of the team. For example, a large face will certainly never match long straight hair or a bang. If you do not know which face is suitable for your hairstyle, you need to know how to recognize the face and choose the best wig and how many packs of hair to sew in. Trying wearing and feeling if the wig is comfortable when you are active, and jump to check the stability and certainty of hair. When the team, the original female wig must completely cover your real hair and they are not exposed.

You should also wear hats to assess the adaptation of the hair if there is any discomfort that arises, they should be removed immediately, do not forget to read the instructions carefully before use. In addition, learning about the origin of the product and consulting the seller on how to adjust the size of the wig as well as see how many packs of hair are for sewing is indispensable when choosing to buy a wig.

Choose to buy the original female wig made with real hair and how many packs of hair for sew-in

how many packs of hair for sewing in
How many packs of hair do I need for a sew in (Source: Internet)

– Made from 100% natural hair, giving a true feeling, you can freely style and dye as you like. Want to create a set of real hair, suppliers have to collect healthy hair, unprocessed under chemicals.

Characteristics to recognize: The wig made of real hair has a color not too shiny like a synthetic wig, but still retains its natural beauty. it. The hair fiber is split and slightly lumpy, when pulling the hair back you will feel the hiss. This is the most valuable item of all hair types. Some types of bald wigs have a scalp made of real leather-like material with good elasticity, not itchy, allergy-free, comfortable, and airy.

– The first female wig with 100% real hair is a premium product, so it requires special care. They allow you to use specialized hairdressing tools to create your hairstyle. Hair has high durability, life expectancy can last up to several years (depending on usage and proper storage).

– The cost of the wig is not cheap (depending on the hair length and weight). So you should choose a reputable address to buy this type of wig to receive a clear warranty as well as measure how many packs of hair to sew in to buy the proper number of bundles

Wig made of synthetic fibers.

Synthetic wigs are convenient for all ages, they help to change the appearance quickly, not take time in the hair salon. Hair fibers are also as soft and elastic as natural hair. Also, when considering how many packs of hair to sew in, you do not have to worry about the price as synthetic hair is a much cheaper choice.

Synthetic wigs can also be damaged if you do not know how to take care of, reasonable storage. This type of hair is the current trend among young people with perse styles and colors. It only takes 5 minutes to get a new haircut.

how many packs of hair for sewing in

High-quality fiber-made wigs allow freedom to create the style you want

High-end synthetic hair wigs made of high-quality synthetic fibers have good heat resistance, allowing users to create comfortable styles with hairdressing devices to create curly, straight, or straightened curls. The synthetic wigs look quite natural, are very suitable for active girls, and do not take much time to style.

Easy care, preservation, low cost, and life expectancy of hair ranges from 6 months to 1 year. Be careful when choosing to buy synthetic female wigs, because inferior items are often unusable and sometimes affect scalp health. Be wary of hairstyles that are too cheap, unclear origins.

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