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You or your children had a problem with lice and then had some treatment for lice. After that, everything seems better and your child is safe to get back to school. When you think you can mostly get rid of the problem about lice, this annoying insect, you still want to be sure that all of the lice are gone. In this article, let’s see How do you know when lice is gone to see whether you manage to kill lice or not.

Some signals to tell you: How do you know when lice is gone 

Removing lice is a whole process which is something we all should remember. Apparently, this process cannot be something that can be controlled in a minute! However, nowadays it is so much easier for you to kill lice with the help of various ways which has a very strong commitment.  This problem can be less painful and your life will soon return to normal. However, most of you may be afraid of the idea that the lice and their egg still hatch on your head and your lice treatment dóe not work. Let’s see how can we do to answer the question of “how do you know when lice is gone”

How do you know when lice is gone
How do you know when this insect disappear completely? (Source: Internet)

Lice lay eggs at about 2.5cm from the scalp – this place is both soft and warm – suitable for hatching eggs. Lice eggs usually hatch after 8-9 days; After hatching, the white or yellow eggshell is still attached to the hair, “leaving” the scalp layer as the hair grows every day. As a result, the shells that are not attached to the hair are often found to be quite far from the scalp where the head lice are actually living. Female lice “attach” their eggs to human hair with a water-proof and glue-like substance – this ensures that nits are not washed away, not blown or brushed off like dandruff flakes or other things. This is a point for you to find out how do you know when lice is gone.

If you find white nits stick close to the scalp, this can be a clue that you or your child may still have lice living on the head. Lice lay eggs, about 10 eggs per day, 300 eggs a month. Lice eggs look like pale colored seeds when they are alive and become whiter when they are flat. Lice eggs are about 0.8mm long and stick to the hairline. Eggs hatch into baby lice after about 5 days, and young lice become adult lice that can reproduce within 10 days.

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Another clue for you to know how do you know when lice is gone. The nits which are laid recently can be found near the scalp. When the hair grows, if the nits move down further to the hair shaft then they are old nits. Lice eggs often hatch from 7 to 10 days. It never takes more than 2 weeks for lice eggs to hatch. If you observe that after 2 weeks the nits do not hatch, it can mean that they never will and they are just old nits which are dead ones. They can be just the remaining from ones that had hatched.

How do you know when lice is gone
It would take you a period of time to find out whether lice still exists on your head or not (Source: Internet)

Also, you can follow these steps to find out how do you know when lice is gone.

  • Use a lice comb. This step will help speed up the effects of lice elimination, but you can just use combs to remove them. Lice comb is specially designed to remove dead eggs and lice.
  • pide the hair into two parts.
  • Start brushing from the scalp, from the base of the hair to the end of the ends.
  • Dip into a bowl of warm soapy water. This will kill lice and eggs quickly due to the killers.
  • Continue brushing each side of your hair until you have brushed off your hair.
  • Clean the comb by dipping it in hot water after each use. Lice and eggs will die when exposed to a temperature of 50 Celsius degrees for 5 minutes or more.

How to prevent the spread of lice

How do you know when lice is gone
How to know that they have really gone? (Source: Internet)

Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from lice after the lice outbreaks and you know how do you know when lice is gone? Don’t you want to have any crawling monster on your head? Although lice can give you a terrible feeling, they are actually less dangerous than we often think. A few simple tips below will help you prevent lice and you will not have to worry about treating lice after they appear in your hair.

Pay attention to the person who is having lice

Although lice are annoying, this is not an infectious disease. However, you should be careful with someone who is infected with lice or is undergoing treatment. Understanding is power.

If someone is infected with lice and has been cured, but after two weeks have passed since starting treatment, you should avoid contact with their clothing. You don’t need to be afraid of them, but try to avoid direct contact, especially head and hair.

Do not use sprays and other chemicals

The sprays do not kill lice and can cause more harm if children breathe in or swallow.

Regularly wash clothes or blankets if you suspect your child may be infected with lice. The sequence includes:

  • Wash children’s blankets with hot water.
  • Wash baby clothes worn in the last 48 hours.
  • For cloth toys, children can sleep together in the dryer for about 20 minutes.

Soak all hair accessories in warm water, cleansing alcohol or therapeutic shampoo

To kill lice, you should regularly soak your hair accessories such as combs, lanyards, clips and hair extensions, etc. Handling all items that are likely to cause lice infection, it is better to miss the wrong.

Use products suitable for hair to kill lice

Whether it is due to the smell of the product or the reverse chemical reaction, lice can be eliminated by:

  • Tea tree oil. To treat lice, you can use shampoo or conditioner that contains this ingredient.
  • Coconut oil. Coconut oil is known as a lice killer.
  • Peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. Most likely lice do not like the strong odor of these oils.
  • In addition, there are special hair products designed to kill lice. Use only shampoo to kill lice if you are really infected with lice. Otherwise, the product will have a bad impact on the hair

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