Hair Length Chart

Hair length chart

We provide various hair extension length options from 8-40 inches as well as how to choose the optimum length for your hair, to help you make the best decision.

Hair Length Chart 1

If you need help choosing the correct length of Hair Extensions for you. You can refer to and follow our instructions below.

Hair Length Chart 3

Please don’t forget that curly and wavy hair will look shorter than straight hair because it’s curly. The correct length will look longer for a moderate person than for a tall or short person.

If you want a moderate look, we recommend going between 16 inches and 20 inches.  Remember the longer the extensions, the harder it is to take care of.

Hair Length Chart 5

If you go for curly hair, please consider ordering 8-10 inches longer to ensure you get your desired length. Curly hair is usually 2.0-3.0″ shorter than Straight hair.

Hair Length Chart 7