Hair extensions

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Your appearance will give an impression to others about your personality and characteristics. In addition to clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags, hairstyle is essential to improving your appearance.

Many ladies need to be more confident with their hair. It can be too short or thin, and they always dream of bouncing hair like stars on the red carpet.

Today’s beauty technology allows you to change your hairstyle quickly with hair extensions. You can create many shiny or bouncy looks with just hair extensions.

In the following article, Belady Hair Vendor will help you better understand hair extensions and things to consider. This helpful information will help you before changing your look with hair extensions.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions

If you have short hair and want to change to a long hairstyle, waiting for your hair to grow naturally can take a long time. Many girls with natural hair that are too thin will often wish for thick and bouncy hair.

In these cases, hair extensions will become your savior. Many celebrities have used hair extensions to improve their looks. Hair extensions are hair extensions that are added to your natural hair to add length and thickness to your hair.

Hair extensions do not take too much time so they will give you great beauty quickly. You can have any hairstyle and hair color you want with hair extensions.

Anyone can use a wig for a good look. Professionals only add extensions to your natural hair, so it has almost no harm to the user's health.

If your hair follicles are weak and are prone to breakage or breakage, you should consult your doctor and hairstylist. They will give you valuable tips so you can choose the most suitable hair extension style aesthetically and without affecting your natural hair.

What Are Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions

Different styles are classified according to how the extension attaches to your hair. In this article, I will introduce the 3 most popular types and their unique characteristics, including sew-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, and clip-in hair extensions.

Sew-in hair extensions

Sew-in is the oldest hair extension. It is the most classic natural hair extension technique among beauty treatments. Hair stylists use woven curls in small bundles to sew into your natural hair when you use sew-in extensions.

Its advantage is that you can keep them for a long time. If you strictly follow the hair care instructions of the experts, your hair extensions will be available for months straight. This method will give you long, thick hair with natural beauty.

Yet, its downside is that you must have thick hair before hair extensions. Stitching more hair into natural hair can pressure your scalp and hair follicles.

The time it takes for professionals to style your hair will also take a long time, and the price of sew-in hair extensions is costly.

Tape in hair extensions

hair extensions

As the name suggests, tape in hair extensions uses heated keratin glue to bond to your natural hair. It only takes about an hour or so for the stylists to extend your hair. This hairstyle also has a reasonably long use time, ranging from 6 to 8 weeks in a row, in the condition that you take good care of your hair.

In addition, these hair extensions can also be available many times if you protect them from damage.

Its weakness is that you must take care of your extensions more carefully. Frequent shampooing or blow-drying can reduce the life of the adhesive inside.

When you want to remove your hair extensions, you need professional advice. You can damage your natural hair by pulling your hair extensions at home.

Clip-in hair extensions

For those who are looking to use wigs in a short time, clip-ins and wigs will be the choice that makes them happy.

The time for stylists to attach this wig to you is short. You can use them for a special occasion and take them off immediately.

Depending on your preference, you can search for bangs, buns, or ponytails when you use clip-in hair extensions.

The hair quality and your request will determine the price you need to pay. Don't worry, though. Clip-in hair extensions won't cost you too much.

The time you can leave this hairstyle will be about a few days. If you take good care of your extensions, you can keep them for more than a week.

How Do I Choose My Hair Extensions?

Choosing hair extensions can be daunting for many people, especially beginners. The following criteria I point out will assist you in finding the best hair extensions for yourself.


hair extensions

There are two hair extensions that you can choose from, synthetic hair and human hair. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Synthetic hair is usually a wig consisting of nylon or synthetic fibers. This type is lightweight and has many different designs and colors for you to choose from. Its cost is also much cheaper than natural hair.

Their downside, however, is that you can't style them with heat because of their breakdown. Furthermore, synthetic hairstyles have a layer of silicones, which will wear down over time and reduce hair quality.

Hair extensions derived from natural human hair often have high ends, but the quality and durability will certainly not make you complain. Human hair will also not degrade after prolonged use like synthetic hair.


The length of the hair extension will depend on your personal preference and the hairstyle you want to have. Experts advise choosing hair extensions about three times longer than your natural hair.

It is just the right length so that your natural hair doesn't take too much pressure. Also, your hair will have the most natural thick beauty at this length.


hair extensions

Hair extensions in many colors and designs are highly convenient for you. Many products are pre-colored, while others are one hundred percent natural. With high-quality human hair extensions, you can completely bleach and recolor your hair to your favorite color.

Easy to use

If you do not have time to take care of your hair or have little previous hair extension experience, you should prioritize simpler styles. Some hair extensions have stringent requirements for moisture and conditioning to look their best.

Look for easy-to-use extensions like Remy sew in straight hair, which won't take much time to handle. Clip-in hair extensions are usually available for a short time, suitable for those experimenting with hair extensions.

Yet, it will be difficult for you to keep them for a long time. If you want to have hair extensions for a long enough time, look to tape in or sew-in hair extensions.


These products are sourced from many different countries. Each has its own unique properties depending on the female genes in that area.

Experts and consumers highly appreciate Vietnamese human hair because of its excellent quality and thickness. You can freely bleach, dye, curl or steam your hair without worrying about damage.

How To Take Care Of My Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions

Contrary to what many people think, taking care of hair extensions is simple. My tutorials will tell you tips to keep your extensions for a long time.


It would help if you did not use too small a comb to brush your extensions, as this can increase hair loss. Experts also recommend not brushing your hair when it is too dry or too wet.

In that condition, your hair is usually fragile. Brushing your hair at these times will cause tangles and breakage.

Wash and dry

Hair extensions are not affected by oil because they do not connect directly to the scalp, so you do not need to wash your hair too often.

You only need to clean your hair 2 to 3 times per week with specialized hair care products. After cleaning your hair, dry the roots at a moderate temperature. Excessive heat or drying your hair will reduce your extension life.

Hair conditioner using

Finally, remember to use conditioner while preserving your hair. These products will protect the hair from external damage. Your hair will always have a healthy shine, giving you the most natural look possible.


How much do hair extensions cost?

Depending on the type of hair extension and product quality, hair extensions will have different prices. Hair extensions cost anywhere from $80 to over $800.

Can I use clip-in hair extensions if I have curly hair?

Clip-in hair extension is a hairstyle with excellent compatibility.

Even if you have curly hair, you can still use this extension to add length or thickness to your natural hair. Look for hair extensions with a structure compatible with your natural hair for the best aesthetic effect.

How long does hair extension exist on my hair?

Depending on your hair type and how you handle them, hair extensions can last for different periods. Clip-in hair extensions will last about 1 week, while sew-in extensions usually last for several months under good care conditions.

Do I want hairdressers to wear my hair extensions?

I recommend having the help of professional hair stylists when installing extensions on natural hair, especially with tape in hair extensions. They will know how to limit unnecessary damage caused by hair extensions to you.


Choosing the right hair extensions will help your beauty become more radiant and vitality. You can choose from many different hairstyles based on your preferences, needs, and style.

However, finding a suitable model is always challenging, especially for those who have no experience with hair extensions.

With the helpful information in this article, you already have the basic knowledge to choose the best hair extensions for yourself. I hope you soon have the perfect hair that you've always wanted!