Tips for girls to live the short hair life: Best hair extensions for short hair

Sometimes, for a reason, you have just chopped your strands off but unfortunately, you want it back the next day.  We believe that this feeling is a universal one and it is shared by many ladies out there. The big secret to naturally growing long hair overnight is hair extensions for short hair.

Hair extensions are the easiest way to achieve your desired look and it is done in a few minutes. However, in order to transform your stupid or natural short hair, you need to be well aware of types which are the best suited to your requirements.

No matter which type you are going with, no commitment, no damage, and absolute natural strands need to be achieved. Let’s get on board and feel what is the real happiness of ‘short hair no care’ spirit!

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Few things about short hair you need to know before craving for a different look

Short hair is picky when it comes to finding a suitable type of hair extensions to go with. It is understandable because one size cannot fit all. Therefore, there are a few things for you to get to know about before getting started with it.

hair extensions for short hair
A magnificient transformation thanks to clip-in hair extensions.
(Source: Internet)
  • Lengths of hair extensions

Let us begin by giving you a definition of being ‘short’. Your hair is considered to be short and you can get extensions if your strands on the sides are 2 inches long when they are straight.

Plus, do not go out and buy 22 inches or 24 inches hair extensions – not best hair extensions for short hair at all, especially if your hair is of shoulder length or shorter. It is achievable but it is going to take a lot of time. You are going to have to get a thick set and you are going to take them somewhere, getting them layered to blend into your own strands. This means pain coming forward.

If you do have shoulder-long hair or shorter, you are not going to be able to throw them in and wear them straight or curly. It will take a lot of work to blend in as well. Suggested length of hair extensions for short hair is 14 inches. Never go anything more than this length such as 16 and 18 inches. You could try these other two types but to save time, 14 inches or shorter is the best hair extensions for short hair.

  • Bundles of hair extensions

hair extensions for short hair
To achieve a glorious look in the left, you have to pay attention to the quantity of hair extensions, too (Source: Internet)

Most heads need from 5 to 7 bundles to get a truly natural look. Sometimes, you may have to have your hair cut into a short bob, shoulder length or mid back to waist. The ideal situation to apply hair extensions is hair of above shoulder. Then when it grows longer, hair extensions will blend into the natural strands so well.

  • Should you be a beginner, it is highly recommended that you choose a top experienced extension expert to ask for his/her face-to-face consultation. Best Vietnamese hair extensions for short hair need to meet the requirements of bringing about comfort.
  • Steps and guidelines from your stylist should be neatly followed if you desire a perfect look. Otherwise, bonds will become weak; strands are bound to slip and shed prematurely.
  • To achieve the best look thanks to hair extensions for short hair, you can take advantage of playing with colors. By this, we mean you can blend colors to create a unique look. For instance, dark brown and black are a well-matched combination that you may want to try.

Instructions on how to cut, trim and layer your hair before applying for hair extensions

To blend hair extensions well into your own strands, you are advised to create layers. At first, you may think that it is just like a waste because in the end, what others will see is your fake strands, not brittle natural hair. However, believe us when we claim that every inch is worth it. Without layering your own hair, you will look unnatural and your hair extensions will be easily recognized.

hair extensions for short hair
Hair extensions for short hair give you the appealing look but you have to put efforts in working a bit (Source:

Remember to cut your strands until they reach the standard length that we have mentioned. Next, trim your hair extensions so that they are in natural conditions. If you have not done this before, we recommend that you take the set a hair stylist who can ensure to give you the best result.

If you are doing it on your own, do not forget to get a pair of hair cutting shears and open the wide. Hold one piece of hair extensions firmly and then place it somewhere between the scissors. To form light layers, you are likely to tighten and loosen the shears in your hand, slowly dropping them downward.

Types of hair extensions for short hair

Once you decided to wear hair extensions for short hair, the first thing you should take into consideration is color. No matter which types of hair integrations you are going for, you must choose hair color.

It is a lot easier if you have a single tone color hair to match hair extensions to it. If you happen to have a bit of crazy two-toned color – darker at the top and some highlights towards the end, the best tip is to mix and match hair integrations. Use two sets of different colors and blend these together.

  • Clip in hair extensions for short hair

Clip-ins are always the first thing that comes across our mind when someone asks us which hair extensions he/she should go with. The reason we are in love with them is that they do not damage your own strands and they do not rip out your natural hair. What you need to do is just to clip them in and clip them out at the end of the day.

hair extensions for short hair
You do not have to wear them to the gym or to be. Whenever you feel like having hair extensions for short hair, just pop them in within a few minutes (Source: Internet)

Especially when you have an event or a night out, clip in hair extensions will be a thing to save you from embarrassment. To get extra glamor, let’s follow us and explore what you have to do to apply these things.

First, to pull back most of your hair and just leave a tiny little piece out at the bottom. You will be pinning all of the sectioned strands up; with the little piece left, you will be backcombing and twisting it. Just lay it flat and grab some bobby pins fasten the process.

hair extensions for short hair
This is where you are going to apply the first bunch of hair extensions (Source:

For those who have one-tone strands, just section out the nape of your hair and use a teasing brush to tease the root, adding the texture at the same time. This will help to secure hair extensions for short hair. Clip in the integrations behind your crown to cover what others might see.

For those who have two-tone hair like the one in the picture below, you have to start with the bundle with a darker color. Sometimes, 4 clips are necessary to clip in the first bunch of extensions. Repeat the technique with your ombre or blonde bundle.

Up until now, you seem to finish blending hair extensions for short hair. However, to layer hair side by side, you may need 2 more sets of clip ins. This will help you to frame your face and overlap a little bit at the back.

hair extensions for short hair
Have we done with it to possess this outstanding transformation? (Source: Internet)

Your goal is to cover much of your own hair and leave it a chance to grow beautifully. Therefore, try to clip in hair extensions for short hair until you have reached the top. Once you feel that your own short strands are on the top and hair extensions are situated near your head, it is time to stop. Do not forget to clip in at the back of your hair if you are longing for cohesive hair extensions.

Next step to achieve that glamorous look is to learn how to style hair extensions. You can browse through this article to know popular and professional hairstyles for women.

  • Sew-in hair extensions for short hair

Unlike clip in hair integrations, we would consider sew-in hair extensions as a specialized type for those who have thick and textured strands in nature. Normally, if you are aware of hair extensions to some extent, you may think that your hair is too short for a sew-in. However, you do not know how magic it could be if you have read until the end of this part.

hair extensions for short hair
Do you miss your sexy look in long tresses or you just desire to be here one day? (Source: Internet)

To your surprise, sew-ins are a protective style. This type of hair extensions will help you to protect all your short but precious strands up to 3 months if you purchase a full sew in or frontal with no leave out.

Sorry if you are not familiar with the term ‘sew-in hair extensions’ as we will cover the basic thing about them here. Basically, a sew-in is a hair extension technique in which strands are braided down into a flat and consistent pattern. This is the foundation for the sew in to stick to. To get more information about this hair type.

hair extensions for short hair
Sew in extensions are not the thing that you can apply on your own. They are much more complicated than the counterparts (Source: Internet)

All you have to do is to sit and enjoy until the stylist reaches the crown after having sewn the wefted hair around your natural strands.

  • A small tip to get a more beautiful look

Straight hair seems to be a thing redolent of traditional beauty while curly and wavy strands appear to refresh a look just in a second. Therefore, even though you have short hair, it does not mean you cannot change that look into something beyond the imagination of others.

hair extensions for short hair
We can be sure that you will definitely turn your head around to stare at this wave-on-the-beach look (Source: Internet)

For slightly curly or wavy hair, you may ask for the help of the flat iron and make it curl in the way you desire. All the things about flat iron, how to use it and when to buy it are included here.

To save time and your word, you can even buy the exact texture that you want on the Amazon or Alibaba. By that way could you get hair extensions for short hair and have the texture you are longing for at the same time. It is highly recommended for those who are up to ears in office work and housework.

So, this is the end of the article about hair extensions for short hair. We hope that with these domains, you will no longer feel upset after having your hair cut and regretting about what you have done. You can be convinced by hair extensions for sure and people believe that they should have known them earlier.

Once you are familiar with wearing these kinds of artificial strands, you may need to learn how to take good care of them for longer use. In that case, you can take advantage of the search engine on our website as we are pretty sure that we have provided you with nearly all the information you may be badly in need. Thank you for your reading and see you in the next article!

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