• 1: How To Pay For My Order?

Once you have confirmed the price, you can pay for your order by Paypal, Visa, Western Union, Money Gram, transfer (T/T), Remitly, Transfer Wise, Ria, … Once the payment is completed, we will inform you as soon as possible.


  • 2: How To Order?

If you love our hair products, please message us with your order details via Whatsapp, Instargram or face book. We will support and advise you.


  • 3: What Is The Shipping Cost?

We do offer expedited shipping at the cost of customers’ expense and estimated delivery costs/time vary depending on which kind of service is chosen, weight of package, and delivery destination.

  • 4: Is There A Minimum Arder Quantity?

You can purchase any quantity you like. The more you buy, the more discounts you get.


  • 5: What Is The Difference Between The 3 Standards?


In the Vietnamese hair market, the quality grades of hair products are pided into three basic categories: Super Double Drawn, Double Drawn, and Single Drawn.

  • Single-drawn hair is the category of the lowest hair thickness with just 40-50% of the hair having the same length. When you touch the hair, it appears thick at the root but very thin at the tail.
  • Double-drawn hair refers to the 2nd rank in hair thickness with 60-65% of the hairs being the same length. Only 35-40% of your hair won’t show them too much and the double-drawn hair bundle looks full too.
  • Super double-drawn hair is the highest rank in hair grade with 80-90% of the long hair strand as single-drawn hair and double-drawn hair, and the rest of the hair is short.


and quality Virgin hair from one donor, which is high quality hair that can be bleached and dyed.

  • 6: Do You Have The Hair In Stock Or Available Hair To Ship Now?

 With the mission of making the best high-quality hair, the Ivirgo hair factory does not produce large quantities of hair and keeps it in stock like Chinese factories do (because this way can make the hair dry and not silky). Instead of that, our factory prepares 100% BEST-NEWEST-FRESH hair materials for each customer order so that each bundle of hair will be in the perfect situation: silky, soft, and the hair strands in the best condition.

  • 7: Do You Offer Free Sample Products?

 Currently, the company does not provide free sample products for customer testing. To ensure the customer’s pleasure prior to delivery, our team will video call or utilize other means to allow customers to inspect the product quality after our factory has completed generating the order. We only deliver packages to shipping agents after the consumer has been satisfied with the quality of the hair products.


  • 8: If My Hair Doesn’t Match My Order, Will I Get A Refund? What Are Your Return And Refund Policy?

 We will contact the customer via video call or other ways before delivering the shipments to shipping agents to assist the customer to inspect the quality of their hair products and ensure the accuracy of the order.


 However, some matters may occur with the packages during the delivery process, but you do not need to be concerned because the company also provides a good guarantee policy. We have clear policies regarding returns and refunds.


  • 9: Where Does Your Hair Come From? Are You Import Cheap Raw Hair Materials From India or Mix Synthetic Fiber Into Your Hair Products?

 We commit that all of Ivirgo hair products are made ENTIRELY from Vietnamese human hair and NO MIX SYNTHETIC FIBER. We only have one hair source: local human hair, which is come from one areas: The northern mountainous area

  • 10: Can I Bleach, Dye And Style My Hair With Heat Directly On Your Hair?

 Vietnamese hair is famous for being very strong, shiny, does not tangle or fall out despite its thick appearance, but Vietnamese hair is not coarse or coarse but extremely smooth. And since all Ivirgo Hair products are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, without any chemical treatment in any way. Depending on the type of hair quality you can do anything. with hair extensions that you can do with your natural hair. This includes dyeing, cutting, heat styling, and chemically treating your human hair. While it’s best to avoid using harsh chemicals, Virgin and Remy extensions can be lightened or darkened in a similar way to natural hair.