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Clip-in hair – Ponytail gives the user a dynamic and healthy appearance. This type is also relatively easy to style and can last quite a long time. However, do you fully understand this hairstyle? If you are interested in the clip in Ponytail, immediately refer to the shares contained in the article.

What Is A Clip In Ponytail Extension?

What Is A Clip In Ponytail Extension

A clip-on Ponytail is a hair extension type that is relatively easy to attach to natural hair. It has a design quite similar to an accessory when you can attach it to natural hair to add thickness and length to your hair.

Nowadays, you have quite a few options for ponytails. The premium products will be made from 100% human hair. Meanwhile, some other hair types are from artificial materials.

How To Apply for Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extensions?

How To Apply for Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extensions

The most significant advantage of ponytails over many hairstyles is the ease of use. In most cases, you need a headband and hair clips, and you're ready to go.

Put your hair in a Ponytail.

The first step to using a ponytail is simple to style your natural hair. Tie your hair in the ponytail to create a solid base for attaching the wig.

You can customize your hair height depending on your personal preference. The higher the Ponytail, the more unnecessary pressure on the hair and vice versa.

Slide some piece in the hair

Use the hairpin you prepared earlier to attach to the hairpiece. Then, press this clip down above the headband in a ponytail style. To ensure aesthetics, hide your clip in your hair.

Secure these ribbons

Let's use the ribbon to wrap it around the hair tie. Let's work from the bottom hair to the top part. Also, remember to patiently wrap your hair until the end of the ribbon you prepared.

Hide some attachments

After fixing the Ponytail, you will need to hide the extension. To cleverly hide the seams, take a section from the bottom of the Ponytail to cover some seams. The most suitable thickness is one inch.

Once you've hidden the extension and covered the accessories, use a hairpin to secure it under the hair.

How To Handle The Clip-In Ponytail 

How To Handle The Clip-In Ponytail

You can use a clipped ponytail by creating a bun or fishtail braid. You can flexibly switch the position of the bun. For the most comfort, try lowering your bun. You can also move the bun to the side to create your style.

If the above guides are not easy enough for you to use a ponytail, try these simple steps:

Straighten your hair

The first step with a significant aesthetic impact when using hair extensions is straightening your natural hair. Smooth, natural hair will help you get a shiny hairstyle without revealing uneven hair extensions.

It is easy for you to straighten your natural hair. All you need to do is use the round brush for gentle brushing and detangling.

Tie-up your hair

Before using the print-ponytail clip, tie your natural hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. 

This simple method will help you accentuate your Ponytail. Remember to connect your Ponytail with a tight fit to maintain comfort.

Add volume

You can add additional hair ties to make your Ponytail naturally high. The use of extra hair ties is also beneficial to prevent slipping. 

If you are confident with your naturally beautiful and thick hair, try your bun to achieve the same aesthetic effect.

Apply the Ponytail

You are now available with the preparation. You can attach the ponytail extension to your hair with a ported clip. Select the velcro and work it carefully with your hands to aid in fixation.

Secure the Ponytail

To hide the connection between the Ponytail and the real hair, wrap the glued part around the natural Ponytail. You can also use bobby pins to secure the hair around your Ponytail.

Finish the look

Finally, you are done attaching the Ponytail to your natural hair. And you can be confident with your new youthful and stylish look. You can also use other styling methods to change the face.

How To Look After A Clip-In Ponytail?

How To Look After A Clip-In Ponytail

There's no denying the long-lasting aesthetic of ponytails. Yet, like every other extension, you must apply a particular hair care method to maintain hair quality.

And here are the methods you can apply to prevent your hair extensions from drying out and frizzing:

Use the right comb

Keeping hair smooth is one of the essential principles that help maintain the hair extensions' longevity. Yet, you will need to prepare the correct comb to do this.

Hair-friendly detangling brushes are always recommended for use on ponytails. This brush style will not affect the quality of the hair, especially the easily damaged hair roots.

Clean the Ponytail regularly

Hair extensions can also get oil and dirt like your natural hair. Therefore, please maintain the habit of cleaning hair extensions after about 20 times of use.

This shampooing frequency is quite ideal as it helps you keep your hair clean and doesn't dry out your hair or damage the mesh.

Do not use sulfates or alcohol.

Regular ponytail cleaning is the hair care method you should apply. However, in the cleaning process, you also need to find the exact type of cleaning product.

Shampoos that do not contain alcohol or sulfates are the friendliest option for extensions. These products will keep your hair clean while maintaining its softness and smoothness.

Don't let your hair wet.

It would help if you did not immediately go to bed after washing your hair. Because going to bed with wet hair will seriously affect your natural hair and scalp. Make sure your hair is dry before going to bed.

Protect hair from heat

Blow-drying and styling with heat are your regular activities with hair extensions. However, if you do not take special protection when applying heat to your hair, your hair extensions and your natural hair can receive severe damage.

You're better off looking for conditioners or mists that protect your hair's cuticles from the adverse effects of heat.

Tips For Using Clip-Ins To Create Ponytail Looks

Tips For Using Clip-Ins To Create Ponytail Looks

Ponytail hair extensions are popular products today. However, not all users know how to use this product properly. And here are tips you can apply to change your style with Ponytail.

Clip the hair extension

A trick you can apply when using a ponytail is to clip the hair extension in this direction you will style the hair. 

For instance, with a bun, you would fix the clip in an upward movement. This method will help you select the Ponytail better, preventing the Ponytail from coming out.

Leave some side pieces.

For a natural look, you don't have to tuck all of your hair into a bun. Instead, you can leave some hair sides with no extensions or intentionally leave some pieces hidden for a natural look.

Use inner clips to thicken the Ponytail.

If you need more confidence with your hair thickness, use an inner clip to create two ponytails. This method is straightforward to apply, but it will help your hair to be neat and have a natural thickness.

Create original style before using clip in

It would help if you also took the time to style your natural hair before using extensions. Using the original backcomb before the printed clip will help your hair extensions stay firmly in place with less risk of slipping.


Are ponytail hair extensions suitable for thin hair?

The answer depends on the type of Ponytail you use. Thick and bouncy ponytails may not be suitable for users with thin hair. This type puts more pressure on the scalp than usual.

However, you can still use a ponytail when you have thin hair. All you need to do is use the seamless clip in the hair extension to hide the layer of your wig.

Could you wash these extensions?

You can wash your ponytail hair extensions. However, washing this type of hair will not be as frequent as your natural hair. Most experts recommend that users get in the habit of cleaning hair extensions every 15-20 times after use.

Can you wear Ponytail hair extensions every day?

The frequency of using a ponytail depends on your hair type. With ponytails weighing more than 120g, you should use them at most 1-2 times per week. This style, although highly aesthetic, is too heavy for frequent use.

Can you dye Ponytail hair extensions?

As with any other high-quality hair extension, you can completely curl your hair in a ponytail. Remember to use a spray, conditioner, or other heat-protecting product before curling, straightening, or styling your hair.

How long does this one last?

A printed clip ponytail can last for a year if you apply careful care. This hairstyle will be available for many years, mainly if you use it sparingly.


Clip in hair - Ponytail is easy to use, highly aesthetic, and suitable for many different styles. By sharing in the Belady Hair Factory article, you better understand this versatile hairstyle and get the look you want.