Get the best hairstyles with clip in hair extensions for your wedding day

clip in hair extensions

Whether you are preparing for your own big day, acting as a bridesmaid or just simply the guest of honor at the wedding in some more days, one of the things that you have to pay attention is to your hairstyle. However, preparation time is limited while you are up to ears at work and other personal stuff. Therefore, clip in hair extensions exist to save you when you are in the most desperate situation.

For a lady, shopping for outfits is both a hard and interesting task, let alone picking a wonderful wedding dress. However, maybe you do not know that deciding on a hairstyle can often be more challenging. A big day requires something unique, impressive and graceful at the same time.

Clip in hair extensions in a nutshell

Normally, we have a lot of things to talk about clip in hair extensions because they are considered to be the most popular one with ladies out there. Once customers care about a product, it is understandable why it deserves well-written lines of instructions.

clip in hair extensions
However, the main topic of this article is to introduce the best hairstyles that a bride could achieve. So, we will provide you with the most basic information about clip ins
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Clip in hair extensions are the perfect option to add length, volume, and color to your natural hair. Stylists and experts name them after the method of application. All you have to do is to attach them by using pressure sensitive clips. Therefore, they are safe to your strands, easy to install and quick to get your desired look.

While most other permanent methods of applying hair integrations could be extremely damaging due to breakage and hair loss resulting from the included glue, clip in hair extensions just do no harm to your strands and body. Without a visit to expensive salons, you still possess a glorious look for a longer time and with less maintenance.

Clip-ins vs tape ins in the battle for wedding style

clip in hair extensions
No matter what you look like on daily life, it is important to well dress up on your own day. At your wedding, it is you who is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The big day is coming and you are still in two minds about wearing clip in hair extensions or tape in hair extensions on your wedding day. With extensions, you do not need to worry about hair growth when the day comes. You can add lengths, double or even triple your thickness within minutes. So why are we confused at two choices?

First, we want to assert that both are perfect for your facial transformation. We are sure that long and well-styled strands will be redolent of something both graceful and fabulous at the same time. Believe it or not, hair extensions will not let you down because length and thickness are achieved.

Clip in hair extensions

clip in hair extensions
You can easily recognize a bundle of clip in hair extensions by seeing the clips right over there (Source: Internet)

Even for those who have not tried hair integrations before, they could use this type since there is no commitment required. Users can quickly get longer tresses and remove them when you are done just in few seconds. You can experience any hair color that you desire or you just think it is suitable for your wedding theme. Moreover, clip in hair extensions bring about ultimate flexibility, which is a superior feature when it comes to other counterparts.

clip in hair extensions
As long as clip in hair extensions are well blended into the natural ones, you can immediately have that glorious look (Source: Internet)

By flexibility, we mean that working with clip in hair extensions allow you to place them wherever you need and in whichever direction the style you are creating. Some argue that clip-ins are too flexible to secure in the right spot. This argument has its own reason but from our personal experience, no bride has to suffer from hair extension falling in their big day.

It is also easier to hide the tracks in order that others cannot recognize you are wearing fake strands. A tip to avoid applying them too high or having them visible, you should use the tail-end side of the comb and slide it underneath the strands located near the crown of your head.

clip in hair extensions
Every girl deserves to be at best on the most important day A close up of a clip in this type of hair integrations (Source: Internet)

Plus, clip in hair extensions are always cheaper than tape in extensions. Therefore, you can save a small amount for other plans. Who else does not want to set aside for a bigger project?

  • Tape in hair extensions

In the battle between clip in hair extensions and tape in ones, it is hard to find the winner because it depends on what look you are about to go with, your budget, your ability to maintain them and your existing strands as well.

clip in hair extensions
Every girl deserves to be at best on the most important day in her life and this hair enhances her glamorous look indeed (Source: Internet)

To be fair, in terms of quality, tape ins are hands down the best option for brides on their big day. When compared to clip in hair extensions, they are more discreet and you can wear for up to 3 months. It is long-lasting and so lightweight that you forget you are wearing them.

On the contrary to clip in hair extensions, you can take advantage of tape ins for your bachelorette party, your rehearsal dinner, and your honeymoon. If you hope to reuse the strands, please tell your stylist in advance so that she/he could apply more adhesive.

Clip in hair extensions or tape ins both have many styling options; however, if brides go with an updo or in any style that requires more strands, tape ins are a better choice.

clip in hair extensions
How about a wedding party by the pool? How will your hair extensions come when you jump into the pool? (Source: Internet)

An additional benefit of tape in hair extensions is that they are waterproof. That means you can swim with tape ins on and then wash or style them as normal. Therefore, though they are expensive, lots of brides still choose them for their wedding because right after the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds go to their honeymoon to enjoy their happiest day.

There is only one thing that you have to take into consideration. Unlike clip in hair extensions, tape ins are picky and hard to handle. Be sure to have a stylist who is qualified and certified in tape in hair integrations as normally, stylists prefer clip ins to tape ins.

One caveat/warning: those who naturally have oily or very fine strands, these tape in hair extensions may not work efficiently for you. Within the first week of application, your strips may fall out. To be safe, just talk to your stylist and get his/her piece of advice first.

Five best wedding hairstyles with clip in hair extensions

Autumn is coming to town and the bell is ringing for wedding season. If you are reading this article, congratulations on your big day. As a spouse-to-be, you have a lot of things to be concerned about; yet, you still need to take good care of yourself to ensure an appropriate look for matrimony.

Besides delicate outfits and makeup, hairstyles are very important in creating a bridal look. To help you in this process, we will provide you with 5 best wedding hairstyles with clip in hair extensions. You do not necessarily follow a certain one in the list; however, we can assert that it is a good source of inspiration.

clip in hair extensions
Brides are always the ones who everybody has to turn their head to stare at (Source: Internet)

Now it is time for creativity and aesthetics!

  • Crafted chignon or delicate updo

Traditionally, brides are deep in love with crafted chignon or delicate updo. It can be said that this style is never out of fashion as it is formal but romantic enough. The modern feature included is the ability to play with texture in the hair. It is the best suited to a fall wedding.

clip in hair extensions
A wedding picture is always emotional and meaningful. The spotlight is the bride with a glorious updo – a beauty that people find it hard to resist their admiration (Source: Internet)
(Source: Internet)

This hairstyle requires a quite long and thick hair. Therefore, the clip ins must give enough volume and length. To achieve a clean and kempt look, during pre-wedding, you should start with nourishing scalp in order to create great texture and smooth movement.

  • Various kinds of attractive braids
clip in hair extensions
The braids convey the good message for the wedding. Brides with braid hairstyle nourish her dream to be a princess of their partner.

For these kinds of braids in the photo, you may need to purchase 18-inch clip in hair extensions. Brides can choose among a braid crown, a thick but cute braided headband, a braided ponytail or fishtail.

To make it stylized and romantic like the princess lost in the jungle, why not apply some flowers – the representative of feminine? Both natural and artificial flower are fine. Should you use in a short period of time, natural one could be perfect thanks to the vitality.

  • Half up, half down

It will be a big miss if we forget to talk about this familiar but feminine hairstyle. It is easy to achieve no matter which hair extensions you are wearing, from clip in hair extension to sew-ins and glue. The idea of creating highlights helps to add some drama to the style.

clip in hair extensions
It is so familiar that we do not need to explain more. Its name reveals all the things (Source: Internet)

You can opt this option for your daily life as well because it is not difficult to do it yourself at all. First, layer the clip in hair extensions in the back of your head. For your initial part, a four clip in is required. Part again and apply another 4 clip one. Next, use a three clip integration and make sure you blend the tracks well with your natural strands.

If you are into curls, you can try to use curling iron. After finishing your curling creation, do not forget to use bobby pins to secure the curls. Spray your new look with hairspray and you can be confident to go on a date, for instance.

  • High bun
clip in hair extensions
High bun is the style for mature women as it will make the wearer older than her age a bit (Source: Internet)

In a nutshell, all you have to do is to create a slight roll at the top of your head and stick out the remaining portion of the ponytail under the rubber band. This hairstyle is pretty suitable for clip in hair extensions to create a sharp and edge look.

To apply high bun, it is necessary to take good care of your natural hair. Once your own strands are smooth, clip in hair extensions applied could not be easily recognized. Such argan oil should be utilized to keep moisture in hair.

  • Ballerina bun
clip in hair extensions
We can only say that ballerina bun possesses an inexplicable mixed with fragile beauty (Source: Internet)

Among 5 hairstyles that clip in hair extensions facilitate, we would say this ballerina will be loved by many readers here. It is extremely compatible with those who want to apply some jewelry or ornaments to the hairstyle. Plus, buns are the compulsory one if you are wearing the veil to go to the church. In minutes, a cute and energetic look is obtained.

The ballerina bun also puts an end to our article about clip in hair extensions for wedding style. We hope that it will be helpful to you the moment you have butterflies in your stomach. The day is coming; so, just let the hair stylist do his/her job. All you have to do is to feel comfortable and choose what you love.

Thank you for your careful reading and we do look forward to seeing the photos where we could see your happiest smile in the best version of yours. Remember that you deserve all the best thing, including a formal, cute and appealing hairstyle.

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