Can You Straighten Synthetic Hair? Everything You Need to Know

If you are someone who loves changing hairstyles frequently, then synthetic hair wigs and extensions must be your go-to options. They are affordable, come in various colors, and require less maintenance than natural hair. However, the question arises: can synthetic hair be straightened? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about straightening synthetic hair.

Who Uses Synthetic Hair?

Can You Straighten Synthetic Hair? Everything You Need to Know

People who want to try different hairstyles without damaging their natural hair use synthetic hair wigs and extensions. Inpiduals who suffer from hair loss or have thin hair often use synthetic hairpieces to add volume and length to their hair. They are also used in the entertainment industry for performances and photo shoots.

What is Synthetic Hair Made of?

Synthetic hair is usually made of synthetic fibers such as Kanekalon, Toyokalon, and Teflon. These fibers are heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures up to a certain point.

When Should You Consider Straightening Synthetic Hair?

Straightening synthetic hair can give you a sleek look that complements your face shape and outfit. It is recommended if you have curly or wavy synthetic hair that you want to transform into straight hair.

How To Straighten Synthetic Hair?

Can You Straighten Synthetic Hair? Everything You Need to Know
Before straightening synthetic hair, it is essential to wash and detangle it. Apply a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to the hair. Next, use a flat iron or a hair straightener to straighten the hair.

Set the temperature on low or medium heat as high heat can melt the fibers. pide your hair into small sections and glide the straightener down each section slowly. Once you achieve the desired look, apply a hair serum to add shine.

Pros and Cons of Straightening Synthetic Hair


  • Adds versatility to your hair
  • Gives a sleek and polished look
  • Requires less maintenance than natural hair
  • Affordable compared to natural hair wigs and extensions


  • Applying heat on synthetic hair can damage the fibers
  • Straightening synthetic hair frequently can cause it to lose its shape and curl pattern
  • Synthetic hair cannot withstand high temperatures, and using high heat can melt the fibers.

Alternatives to Straightening Synthetic Hair

If you do not want to use heat on your synthetic hair, there are alternative methods to straighten it. You can use a hair steamer or hot water to achieve straight hair. These methods are gentle on the hair and do not cause damage like flat irons or hair straighteners.

Step by Step Guide to Straighten Synthetic Hair

Here is a step-by-step guide to straighten synthetic hair:

  1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Comb your hair gently to remove any tangles.
  3. Apply a heat protectant spray to your hair before straightening it.
  4. pide your hair into small sections.
  5. Set your flat iron or hair straightener on low or medium heat.
  6. Glide the straightener slowly down each section of hair.
  7. Once you have straightened all your hair, apply a hair serum for shine.

Synthetic Hair vs. Natural Hair

Synthetic hair is affordable and requires less maintenance than natural hair wigs and extensions. It also comes in various colors, making it easy to experiment with different hairstyles. However, natural hair is more durable than synthetic hair and can last longer with proper care. Natural hair also feels and looks more realistic than synthetic hair.

Tips for Maintaining Straight Synthetic Hair

Here are some tips to maintain straight synthetic hair:

  1. Avoid applying heat frequently on synthetic hair.
  2. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.
  3. Do not expose your synthetic hair to direct sunlight for a long time.
  4. Cover your hair while sleeping to prevent tangling.
  5. Store your synthetic hair in a cool and dry place.

The Best Synthetic Hair for Straightening

Kanekalon synthetic hair is the best option for straightening as it can withstand high temperatures up to 450°F. It looks and feels like natural hair, making it easy to style.


Synthetic hair can be straightened, but it requires proper care and low or medium heat. Applying heat frequently on synthetic hair can damage the fibers and cause them to lose their shape.

Therefore, it is essential to use alternative methods such as hair steamers or hot water if you want to avoid using heat on your synthetic hair. Always remember to maintain your synthetic hair with gentle washing, conditioning, and storing in a cool and dry place to ensure its longevity.


Q1. Can you curl synthetic hair?

Yes, you can curl synthetic hair by using hot water or curling rods that are specifically designed for synthetic hair.

Q2. How long does synthetic hair last?

Synthetic hair can last up to six months with proper care and maintenance.

Q3. Can Ito dye synthetic hair?

It is not recommended to dye synthetic hair as the fibers cannot withstand chemicals like natural hair.

Q4. How do I detangle synthetic hair?

Gently comb your synthetic hair from the bottom and work your way up to prevent breakage and tangling.

Q5. Can I use regular hair products on synthetic hair?

It is recommended to use products specifically designed for synthetic hair as regular hair products can damage the fibers.ynthetic hair as the fibers cannot withstand chemicals like natural hair.

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