Hair guide: can you bleach synthetic hair? Tips for protecting your wigs

Nowadays, all the girls who want to change their hairstyle quickly without any effect on their real hair. Synthetic wigs are a much more affordable alternative to human hair wigs. Unfortunately, because of this they don’t last as long as human hair wigs and are also more limiting as far as shape and style options. They also require extra care to keep them looking clean and smelling fresh. However, with proper maintenance and use, synthetic wigs are a very practical and affordable option, whether you need a wig for personal or professional use. Unfortunately, they cannot be lightened. In this article, let’s explore can you bleach synthetic hair wigs and some tips to protect your extensions.

can you bleach synthetic hair wigs
Can you bleach synthetic hair? (Source: Internet)


Advantages and disadvantages of some hair extensions types.


can you bleach synthetic hair wigs
Can you bleach synthetic hair (Source: Internet)


  • Create a flexible shape, you can comfortably dye real hair. If you want to change the style, you need to go to a salon with experience in modeling hair wigs with real hair.
  • Regarding the texture of the hair, the hair is quite perse in texture. Therefore, it is just like real hair.
  • Longevity: with proper care of wigs made of real hair, can be used for a year or two when you use it daily or more.
  • It will give you a natural look and real hair wigs bring comfort and natural feeling.


  • Require more care. Like real hair,  wigs with real hair also need to wash, massage and style regularly.
  • Wigs made in real hair is quite costly. Because they are taken from human hair, so they cost more.
  • Color variation, It is hard to dye a real hair wig so that it is as colorful as the hair on our head because each wig is made from real hair of different people.
  • The weather response. Like your hair with real hair wigs, also reacts to the weather. It can be firm, soft, or hard to dry depending on the weather.
  • Colored beads, wigs with real hair can be oxidized when exposed to sunlight.
  • Easy to break, easily damaged hair if we wash with hot water, brush too hard, or use tools that are too hot to act on the hair.
  • About weight, wigs made of real hair can be heavier than synthetic fiber wigs of the same length and style.
  • About design, wigs with real hair need many people who require careful care and have specialized skills in styling areas for wigs.

can you bleach synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs

can you bleach synthetic hair wigs
Can you bleach synthetic hair (Source: Internet)


  • Require little care: Synthetic hair are taken care of easily. Because synthetic wigs have so-called “style retention”, they never have to re-create styles. You just need to wash, dry and then hold them, and the wig will return to its original style.
  • Easy for you to protect your hairstyle, Synthetic wigs keep their style regardless of the weather.
  • Flexible: You can try different colors and styles without going to a hair stylist by buying multiple synthetic wigs.
  • Variety of colors, There are countless colors to choose from. You can choose from a range of natural colors, as well as some fanciful colors. You can buy another wig and do not have to ask can you bleach synthetic hair wigs anymore.
  • Cost, relatively cheap synthetic wigs.
  • No need for thorough care. Synthetic hair require no careful care. This is very important if you are do not have time and too busy to give too much care for your hair.
  • Naturally, If you buy a high-quality synthetic wig, it is difficult to distinguish between a synthetic and a wig made from real human hair.


  • Natural: Some types of synthetic silk wigs with low prices will look unnatural.
  • Life expectancy: Synthetic fiber wigs are of lower use value than real hair wigs. Usually, 4-6 months if used daily.
  • More flexible, synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curved with hot styling tools, unless it is a specially designed “heat-resistant” wig.
  • Unable to change the color, do not recolor the wig with synthetic silk because the color will not stick to the hair. Therefore, there will be no way to help when you ask how do you bleach ((How bleach is made – material, manufacture, making, history, used, components, steps, product, industry. (n.d.). Retrieved from synthetic hairHIGH-GRADE WIGS:
    can you bleach synthetic hair wigs
    Can you bleach synthetic hair (Source: Internet)

High-end heat resistant wig is a type of wig that can be styled with heating tools. It also comes with pros and cons, different from synthetic silk wigs and real hair wigs. After discovering this hair wig type, let’s see that can you bleach synthetic hair.


  • perse styles, high-end heat resistant wigs can be easily styled and re-created quite flexible.
  • Maintain style: Unlike traditional synthetic hair wigs, synthetic fiber hair wigs with heat-friendly synthetic style. After they get wet and dry, they will return to their original shape without styling.
  • In fact, they are usually less glossy than other synthetic fiber wigs.
  • Consistency, high-quality heat-resistant wigs are not subject to change.
  • Costs, if you have to have a wig that can create a hairstyle, premium heat resistant wigs are usually more effective than real hair wigs.
  • Heat-friendly synthetic hair structure, wigs can be tangled if excessive massage or ceiling on the chair.
  • Lifespan: Only available for a few months they cannot be used as long as a wig with real hair or a traditional synthetic silk wig. Therefore, when asking can you bleach synthetic hair, you can also see that it is hard for you to bleach this synthetic hair.
  • This wig types not change color, just like a synthetic hair wig, do not redo the color.
  • Require high styling skills: They can be more difficult to style like real hair wigs, so they can be a problem for hair stylists.

Can you bleach synthetic hair

can you bleach synthetic hair wigs
Can you bleach synthetic hair (Source: Internet)

After reading the above advantages and disadvantages of each type of wigs, you can now see if they can be dyed or bleached or not. The answer of the question can you bleach synthetic hair is “No”. Natural human hair wigs can be dyed lighter in some cases even though it can be a risk and becomes very difficult. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are mostly made of a substance like nylon  ((What is Nylon? From Stockings To Ropes; A Versatile Fibre. (2018, September 20). Retrieved from which already has the color into the pigment so that it cannot take any other colors like the real hair. As a consequence, there is hardly any way to lighten a synthetic wig. If you are looking for a wig which is able to be lightened, you will need to buy a wig made of real human hair which cost you up to $200. Synthetic hair wigs are often a lot cheaper than a human hair wig.
The origin of hair is not the only factor. However, the technique to create a hair set is directly related to the beauty and quality of the final product. The chemicals needed to disinfect and disinfect the original colors to create different styles and colors, effects and hair can affect the hair depending on the method used. When higher chemical quality and better treatment for hair are used, the result is higher quality products and therefore higher prices.

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Human human hair is considered to be the best choice. Hair fibers are kept in the same direction when collected and woven into a wig or bald roof. With the epidermis all running in the same direction, the tangles will decrease significantly and the hair looks natural and smoother. Beware of scammers with suspicious price products.
It is very important to use special care products that are woven for high-quality real hair wigs. Also remember that wigs cannot absorb natural oil nutrients from the scalp.
Wigs made of hair are the first choice if the quality is the most important factor. Unlike the price, the main disadvantage of wigs made from human hair is that it needs maintenance – just like natural hair. For many people, the room every day is actually more appropriate because it allows for easier control of everyday hair styling tools. Remember that untreated hair wigs are also ready for you to use. You can choose the right hairstyle by a professional stylist to get exactly the hair you like.

Although lightening a synthetic hair wig can be difficult and nearly impossible, you can still darken it. As the plastic fibers of synthetic hair wigs will tkae on with certain stains, such as fabric dyes. If you want to make your synthetic hair darker, you can mix about four ounces of the fabric dye with one gallon of water then soak the wig until it reaches the color that you want. However, if you try to make  a synthetic wig lighter, believe me, it cannot work and the original color will reign over any lighter dye. So can you bleach synthetic hair ? The answer is no.
You should buy a synthetic wig with lighter color in case that you need one. One advantage of synthetic hair wigs over other kinds is that they are relatively cheap and affordable, which means it’s pretty suitable for you to get a range of synthetic wigs to make it proper in different occasions. If you think that you do need a lighter wig, the easiest way for you is to buy a new one and you don’t have to wonder that can you bleach synthetic hair. Buying a wig made of real human hair and then dyeing it would be a lot more expensive and time-consuming for you.

 Some tips to take care of your hair wigs

can you bleach synthetic hair wigs
Can you bleach synthetic hair (Source: Internet)

After answer the question of can you bleach synthetic hair, you can now find some tips to take good care of your wigs. If you use wigs every day, washing for 2-3 times per week is recommended. If you use them less, you can wash them 3 times every 2 weeks. Also, when possible, you should tie your hair or shield your hair carefully so that your hair is not exposed to sun and dust. For wig that has been curled, it is not advisable to use a curling brush. You can use your hands to rotate your hair clockwise or to curl as desired.
Do not neglect them and see if they are not part of your body. Should treat them like your real hair or you will have a ugly, dirty and less lifelike wig. In particular, some countries has a hot and humid climate, it is easy to cause hair and scalp diseases if not properly maintained.
The key to taking care of your wig is to take care, keep your wig as real as your real hair, keep it clean, this is also a way to protect your hair.
Use hải spray for wigs to keep the wig beautiful, if tangled, you should get a hair spray and then gently brush it with a comb. When brushing, remember to hold the hairline and then comb it down and down to grow hair from top to bottom to prevent it from falling.

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