Cambodian Hair Closures: Key Characteristics & Highlights

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Choosing a hairstyle is always more complex than ever because there are so many hairstyles from different origins.

If you accidentally choose the wrong style or poor-quality hair, it will completely change your face and affect your health.

In this article, Belady Hair Factory will introduce Cambodian hair closures, which are popular and reliable for many women nowadays.

What Is Cambodian Hair?

Cambodian Hair Closures
What is Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair is the type that originates from Cambodia. It has a rather glamorous look and is natural. Despite its relatively coarse nature, the hair retains its hold exceptionally well, even in a curly or straight state.

With Cambodian hair, you have three choices: curly, straight, and wavy. Of course, all three are equally good, and you can dye or bleach them to your liking without causing severe damage.

Each form will suit a particular face, but straight and natural hair is still the ideal priority for American women.

Cambodian Hair Characteristics

Each type from a country has different characteristics and properties. Here are the basic features and advantages of Cambodian hair


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Cambodian hair color

Cambodian hair color is entirely from real hair with natural light black color. Although the same is black, it is available in 2 parts.

Accordingly, 1b refers to heavy black, while type 2 models equate to lighter black.

If you are exposed to these styles often, you will be able to understand the two colors at first glance. After many times, you will notice the difference between them more clearly.

Hair cuticle

Cambodian hair is of higher quality because it comes from a donor’s hair or has not been chemically treated. In other words, the hairs will not frizz or break any ends. Its cuticle remains in alignment, so this hair rarely falls into tangles.

Dyeing bleach

Its primary color is black, but you can bleach or dye any color you love. However, no matter what form you use, always ensure that the dye is from safe and natural materials. Besides, you should find a treatment specialist to bring better results.

How To Take Care Of Cambodian Hair Closures

Although Cambodian hair is high-quality, you need to do some hair care treatments for long-term use. However, it is simple and unique.

It will bring high results if you persist in doing it. In this case, you can refer to the way we mentioned below.

Moisturize your Cambodian hair extensions

Curly hair is often of poor quality and falls out more quickly than straight hair. So, you should maintain them regularly through conditioner, moisturizing oil, or water. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

After washing your hair, you must apply a little conditioner and rinse it with clean water. Next, keep your hair dry and spray a little moisturizer evenly on your hair.

For the first use, you must choose moisturizing products at a light, moderate level. In addition, limit hair conditioners with a frequency of many times a week because some types are likely to cause damage to the hair.

Prevent tangles

If you wear Cambodian hair while sleeping, it often appears frizzy. When faced with such situations, a debugger is the only way to deal with them. Sure, it’s very time-consuming and damaging to the scalp.

Reduce hair loss

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It can reduce hair loss

Because Cambodian hair is derived from natural hair, hair loss is inevitable. You don’t need to cut down on brushing your hair every day because we have some other more effective ways to do it.

First of all, make sure that you will limit washing your hair as often. Don’t worry if your hair doesn’t hold the style because there are other handy tools like pins or sprays. It would help if you had a longer preparation time in hairpins, but it does not hurt the hair.

As for the spray, it is more suitable in cases where it is urgent and needs to create volume for the hair. Besides, choose a bouquet with a light formula that is easy to wash and comb.

Washing frequency

In fact, hair extension maintenance is almost the same as natural hair because Cambodian models are 100% natural. Of course, a bundle can mix many different yarns from a donor, so the care is different.

The methods above all involve essential maintenance. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to your natural hair and hair extensions about washing frequency and appropriate chemicals.

Plus, each person’s scalp has a certain thickness, so you will choose the right way to care for and create the best healthy hair.

Can I Dye Cambodian Hair Closures? 

As mentioned above, you can change your Cambodian hair by bleaching or dyeing. Due to its natural origin without chemical treatment, it also becomes easier for you to bleach or color it than other hair types.

From here, if you want to bleach or dye your hair extensions after buying them, you should prioritize choosing the original hair.

It is more convenient to paint over another color. Although you can bleach and redye with other dominant colors, the effect is poor, and the color fades over time.


Beautiful, healthy hair always brings confidence to the supporting sisters whenever they go out. With curly, straight, and wavy Cambodian hair, you are spoiled for choice in the style you love. But no matter what type, always maintain them properly for maximum efficiency.

Hopefully, with the above article, you have understood more about Cambodian hair closures. If you’re considering a long-lasting and natural Cambodian set, don’t hesitate to try it. Thank you for reading.

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