How To Take Care Of The Cambodian Hair Bundles?

Why are Cambodian hair bundles so popular in the wig market?

The hair bundles are robust, easy to style, and suitable for women from many countries.

If you are concerned about the quality of these hair bundles and how to take care of them effectively, you can check out the information in the article.

Belady Hair Factory will give you a complete guide to handling Cambodian hair. Let’s read on to discover!

About Cambodian Hair Bundles 

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About Cambodian hair bundles

As the name suggests, this hair is sourced from Cambodian hair donors.

Like many other options available on the market, you can find three bundles in three styles: straight, wavy, and curled. Depending on the donor, Cambodian hair bundles can have a natural bounce or wavy curls.

However, its common feature is its lightweight, which provides a relatively comfortable user experience. This hairstyle is durable when available far beyond much-existing hair on the market.

Cambodian Hair Features

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The hair features

Nature is the most prominent Cambodian hair feature. Right at the first contact, you will be impressed with the softness of this hairstyle’s three folds.

More specifically, although quite soft, Cambodian hair is rarely tangled. So you spend less time combing your hair and avoid breakage from styling too often.

Its other characteristic is a sense of comfort. This hair is light, so you won’t be too uncomfortable, even with multiple layers. Its hair-like texture also works well with the user’s natural hair for maximum naturalness.

Finally, Cambodian hair holds the style quite well, keeping curls for about two weeks. It is a record that few hair types from quite a country can do.

Cambodian hair’s ability to hold comes from its slightly coarse nature. And thanks to this advantage, Cambodian hair can withstand heat quite well.

How To Take Care Of Cambodian Hair Bundles

Cambodian hair can hold well with high durability. Yet, to maintain its aesthetics for the longest time, you should still note a few issues as follows:

Choose hair care products

Choosing the right conditioner, conditioner, and shampoo is the first step and plays a vital role in hair care.

You should not use products containing strong surfactants such as Sulfate and Paraben. Instead, natural cleaning agents will be a friendly and practical choice.

You should also use conditioner after cleaning Cambodian hair with shampoo. Thick substances will provide moisture to the hair to limit tangles and damage.

In addition to shampoo and conditioner, you should look to some other hair care products such as conditioners,

Very thick creamy conditioners tend to work best with Cambodian hair. Use a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner.

Apply some remaining conditioner to infuse moisture. As you know, the cream-in conditioner tends to work best with our Cambodian hair extensions. Of course, you can also choose to use no products at all.

Applying hair oil to your hair daily is an innovative solution. A small amount of product build-up causes the extensions to become stiff and lifeless. If your hair has a curly/very wavy texture, you can add a conditioner or heat protectant.

Accordingly, the daily conditioner will add moisture to the hair, limit frizz, and shape curls. Meanwhile, the heat protectant will minimize damage when you use hair straighteners or other styling devices.

You can use argan oil instead if you don’t have a separate insulation essence. This oil has an excellent anti-heat effect.

Hair hygiene

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Hair hygiene

During use, the hair is very susceptible to dirt, and sebum quickly becomes dull and sticky. To keep your hair smooth and naturally bouncy, you must maintain wig-washing at least once a week.

In addition, you can also apply some other hair hygiene measures, such as dry shampoo and a hair cap.

Brush your hair regularly

Combing is also a critical care technique that affects hair quality and aesthetics.

You must brush your hair before washing it to ensure your wet wig stays smooth. Using a wide-tooth comb is a smart solution to avoid hair loss.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

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How long do hair extensions last?

Wig life depends on many factors, such as hairstyle, hair quality, frequency of use, and maintenance. Usually, glue wigs will last up to 4 – 8 weeks. Meanwhile, stitched wigs will have a shelf life of 6-8 weeks.

Hyperlink wigs will have a longer life when available within four months. Yet, this hair again requires quite complicated periodic positioning.

Cambodian Hair Pattern And Durability 

Cambodian hairstyles have many distinct features compared to wigs from other countries. It has natural light waves, has a lot of bounce, and is very easy to style.

The durability of Cambodian hair extensions is also quite impressive. In case you maintain hygiene and care for your hair according to the above instructions, Cambodian hair can last from 12-24 months.


1. Is Cambodian hair good hair?

Cambodia is one of the countries that provide the best quality hair. The characteristic of this national hair is quite natural, light, and holds well. This hair type is impressively heat resistant and highly durable due to its vapor nature.

2. How do you keep Cambodian raw hair?

Raw Cambodian hair is a type of hair that has never been chemically treated, with a completely natural color and style.

To keep this hairstyle, you will have to maintain cuticle integrity. It is best that the cuticles need to align. Naturally, the hair does not appear tangled.

3. Is Cambodian hair thick?

Cambodian hair has quite thick hair and cuticles. Especially when compared to the hair in some neighboring countries, Cambodian hair still stands out with its exceptional thickness, straightness, and strength.

4. Is Cambodian hair better than Vietnamese?

Cambodian hair has many advantages, such as being quite thick, straight, and having natural beauty. These are the advantages that Vietnamese hair cannot overcome because Vietnamese hair lacks the necessary coarseness.

However, in terms of overall quality, Vietnamese hair is still appreciated. It is also why Cambodian hair prices are slightly lower than Vietnamese hair.

5. Can you put oil on hair extensions?

You can use conditioner on wigs. You are even encouraged to use a conditioner to protect your hair from heat and negative external influences.

However, when using conditioner, you should not apply oil to the base or crosslinks to avoid sticking or damaging the bonding agent.


Cambodian hair bundles possess all the advantages you would find in a wig: durability, aesthetics, and reasonable price.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you have understood more about this hair type and how to maintain the beauty of Cambodian hair.

Thanks for reading!

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