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If you are interested in hair extensions, you must have faced many questions related to the hair extension types available in the market. One of the concepts that are available quite a lot when you learn about hair extensions is bulk hair.

So what is bulk hair? What are its pros and cons, and should you own bulk hair? This article will answer all your questions. Let’s read on to learn right now!

What Is Bulk Hair?

What Is Bulk Hair

As the name suggests, this hair usually comes in bulk as bundles of natural hair.

It is made entirely from 100% real hair, with a cuticle that has not been damaged by processing. Bulk extensions may appear as clips instead of bundles. However, they do not include accessories, and their price is quite reasonable.

This hair type is quite diverse in color and style. Buyers can request to adjust the thickness and length of the hair to get the product that meets their needs.

Despite possessing many advantages, especially in terms of price, there are still some disadvantages to bulk hair extensions.

The biggest downside of this hair type is that you can't immediately use it when you buy it. Because it has yet to be processed, you will need to ask the help of stylists to turn basic bundles into natural hair extensions.

Another problem when buying hair extensions in bulk is that you need help controlling the hair supply. This problem quickly leads to uneven hair extensions in quality, affecting their styling and aesthetics.

How To Choose The Right Bulk Hair?

How To Choose The Right Bulk Hair

Bulk hair extensions are a worthwhile investment. It's reasonably priced yet delivers impressive quality.

However, only in some cases can you find high-quality hair extensions that suit your needs. To avoid making the wrong decision, here are all the things you need to consider when choosing bulk hair extensions:

Consider its length and weight.

To avoid creating too much undue pressure when using hair extensions, you must consider the length and weight of your natural hair.

If your natural hair is already quite thick, choosing an extension with a similar thickness will be uncomfortable for you in the long run.

On the contrary, if you have naturally short and thin hair, thicker hair extensions are suitable for concealing your flaws.

Consider the color

Consider the color of the bulk hair

You can use hair extensions to change your style. However, you should note that the hair extension should be in harmony with your natural hair color.

A brightly colored hair extension may not be suitable for a naturally dark hair color and vice versa.

Consider expert advice

Experienced hair stylists often give detailed advice to choose the right hair extensions. If you need clarification on your favorite styles and colors, seek advice from stylists.

Examine your personality

Your hair can speak volumes about your personality. You will only be satisfied with hair extensions that match your preferred style, so consider your personality when choosing hair extensions.

If you love changing your look often, clip-in hair extensions can make you happy. Meanwhile, if you love long-lasting, sew-in hair extensions will suit you.


Bulk hair extensions have a pretty good price for the budget. Yet, if you want to style this hairstyle, you will need to spend a certain amount of money.

The best option for the budget is to style bulk hair extensions in the shape of printed clips. Yet, invest in sew-in, tape-in hair extensions if you love durability and naturalness.

Frequency of use

Hair extensions experts recommend using this type of hair sparingly. Even if you apply the best hair care methods, you will still put unnecessary pressure on your scalp and natural hair. It can cause hair loss and many serious consequences.

If you only need to use hair extensions on special occasions, consider clips or extension extensions.


Lifestyle of the bulk hair

The link extension is not the first choice for active people who regularly participate in physical activities because this hairstyle can easily damage if the user engages in solid activities.

Before choosing hair extensions, you should consider your lifestyle carefully. You don’t certainly want your hair extensions to be a barrier that keeps you from participating in your favorite sports activities.

How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair?

Bulk natural hair extensions can last long if you take proper care. However, many users still need to get used to taking care of hair extensions, resulting in the inability to use hair extensions for a long time and damage to natural hair.

In order not to make the above mistakes, please immediately refer to some essential hair extensions care notes below:

Wash properly

Many users think just washing their natural hair without cleaning the extensions is. It is a big mistake because dirt and sweat still cause adverse effects on your hair extensions, so it is necessary to wash your hair extensions.

However, you should refrain from applying the rules of natural hair washing when taking care of hair extensions.

With hair extensions, you should choose shampoos and conditioners free of sulfates and alcohol. These ingredients are widely available in hair-cleaning products. However, they will cause adverse effects on your hair extensions as they strip away the natural oils for dry and frizzy hair.

In addition, while washing your hair, you must keep a few other tips in mind, including brushing out tangles, showering, concentrating shampoo on the roots, and using warm water.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair.

Going to bed with slightly damp hair is a habit of many people. However, with hair extensions this is a harmful habit. Hair is relatively weak when wet.

When you sleep, your tossing and turning will most likely damage the tape and joints, making your hair prone to tangles and loss.

You'd better get in the habit of drying your hair after you wash it. Invest in a good quality hair dryer and dry your hair properly before bed.

Regular brush

Regular brush for bulk hair

Not brushing your hair regularly can cause severe tangles. And in case you need to detangle, you will have to put too much tension on the extension.

Maintain a daily brushing routine, and hair extensions experts recommend brushing your hair as gently as possible to keep it smooth.

Certain times you need to brush your hair are before and after shampooing, every morning, and before bed.

A hairbrush is also something you need to pay attention to. Prioritize using a soft-bristled brush to avoid adverse effects on the hair.

In addition, you should practice brushing your hair gently, avoiding creating too much pressure to stretch the hair extensions.

Limit heat impact

Too much heat on your hair without special care and protection will damage your extensions. When the hair extension is brittle and split ends due to the heat impact, you have to replace it with new hair.

To avoid having to replace hair extensions too often, apply a few tips below:

  • Use heat protection products

Nowadays, you can find quite a few products that protect your hair from heat when styling. You can choose an anti-heat spray and hair conditioner. These products can be available on wet hair or used immediately before heat exposure.

  • Refrain from excessive heat continuously for a long time

You need to control the temperature during styling. First, set the temperature as low as possible. Only then do you do some testing to determine a safe temperature range to style without burning your extensions.

  • Do not use heat to style too often

You should not straighten your hair every day or curl or style your hair too often. Continuous heat impact will reduce the life of the hair extension.

You need to limit the use of heat to style as much as possible. Instead, try using heat-free accessories or curls to change up your look.

Schedule weekly care

Schedule weekly care for bulk hair

Hair extensions are not supplied with natural oils to moisturize like natural hair. So, this hair is prone to dryness and tangles and does not maintain a shine.

To maintain the natural beauty of your extensions, you will need to schedule a weekly moisturizing routine. It would help if you also planned to care for your hair with damaged repair products periodically.

The hair care products you use should be of natural origin. Coconut oil-based and argan oil-based lotions and creams are highly recommended for their effectiveness and goodness.

Avoid messing up when sleeping.

Do you always wake up with messy hair the following day? To avoid this situation, it would help to tie your hair extensions before bed. All you need to do is tie a low ponytail loosely, so you don't mess up your hair in the morning.

The optimal solution is to use a silk scarf, a headband, or a sleeping cap. If you want to style your hair, learn to lose French braids and wake up in the morning with gorgeous waves.

Belady Hair Factory - Provide High-Quality Natural Bulk Hair

There are many addresses that provide bulk hair extensions today. However, not many addresses can keep the supply quality uniform.

Belady Hair Factory will be an exception! You can be assured of our bulk hair extension quality. All products are selected from the quality suppliers.

You will surely be satisfied with our bulk bundles, with all-natural cuticles and excellent quality unprocessed hair.

Bulk hair extensions are an investment that will satisfy you because of their durability. Hopefully, through the sharing in the article, you have understood how to take care of and use it most effectively.

Please comment below if you have any other questions so we can respond promptly. Thank you for taking the time to read the post!