brazilian hair

Raw Brazilian Hair Extentions

Today, hair extension becomes one of the most fashionable and stylish accessories for women. You do not have to sit in the salon for half a day to have a good hairstyle, you do not have to fear the risk of trying a new hairstyle. Now just in a “blink of an eye” you can have a new look with beautiful hair extensions.  However, what type of extensions you will choose to use? Choosing the right extensions which are convenient for you is not easy. Brazilian hair stands out in a variety of different extensions. People choose brazilian hair for its quality and variety in its category. So do you know clearly about brazilian hair? And how to choose your own brazilian hair extension?

What is brazilian hair?

brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is the highest quality type of hair extensions. It is natural hair and does not undergo any chemical treatment. It is not accidental that brazilian hair is favored and widely used around the world. The distinctive and striking features of this hair are soft, thick and durable. We can find brazilian hair in straight hair, curly hair or curly hair style. The texture of brazilian hair makes it easy to blend with most natural ethnic hair textures. People can also easily style with this type of hair. We can even style it with high temperatures when using brazilian hair, although this is not recommended. And if we know how to properly care for our hair, the longevity of brazilian hair extensions can be more than a year.

The origin of brazilian hair

Brazilian hair originates in South America. Most of the donors are people from rural Brazil. Usually, they are paid to keep their hair healthy and then donate their hair to make brazilian hair extension.

Types of brazilian hair

Brazilian hairs come in many varieties, from straight to curly or very curly. Before investing in a brazilian hair extension, you should take the time to learn each type carefully find out what kind is best for you.

Brazilian Straight Hair

brazilian hair

Straight hair is always a safe choice for every girl. Brazilian Straight Hair gives you subtlety and elegance. In particular, the shine of a straight and long hair will make you noble.

This hairstyle is actually very easy to style. You just have to let it loose and straight to look impressive. Or else, you can style bob hair to look energetic and youthful. If you want a strong and serious look, you can cut the bottom of your Brazilian Straight Hair extensions equally. Another way of styling the Brazilian Straight Hair is to tie it to a ponytail. No one can be unsatisfied with a neat ponytail which makes you look a little bit of mystery. This type of ponytail is also quite convenient for day-to-day tasks, which does not cause the feeling of being hot or sensation for the user.

Taking care of your Brazilian Straight Hair extensions is also quite simple. You do not have to spend too much time on it. Because what you need to do is just brush your hair extensions to smooth it and keep it from being tangled. Moisturize regularly and keep your Brazilian Straight Hair clean so you will always look perfect every time you use it.

Sometimes if you want to change, you can also dye the other colors for your hair extensions or you can even bend it to have slight waves. Brazilian hair is high quality hair so just take care of it and you can comfortably create your own style with it.

Brazilian Kinky Straight Hair Extensions

brazilian hair

The striking feature of this hairstyle is its thick, puffy texture. If you are interested in or enjoy curly hairstyle which looks like natural afro hair, Brazilian Kinky Straight Hair Extensions is a good choice. You can completely dye any color you want when using it.

The hairstyle best suited to Brazilian Kinky Straight Hair Extensions is loose curly hairstyle or large spiral curls. Styling with this extension is very simple. You just need a comb and a small bending tool. Brush your hair and then pinch it to the size of curls as you want.

Brazilian Loose Wave Hair Extensions

brazilian hair

The Brazilian loose wave hair extensions have larger curls and looser curls. The curls are uneven.  They make the buoyancy of your hair. The loose and tight curls make up the natural beauty that any girl would like to have.

The biggest drawback of this type of extension is the dropping of the big curls. So they need to be taken care of more than the others… It is very difficult to keep the bloat. However, once you can keep the bloat of the extension, you will look seductive and luxurious in every case, every costume.

Brazilian Body Wave

brazilian hair

Yes, Brazilian Body Wave is the most popular type of brazilian hair. So, what makes that popularity?

The most distinct difference of Brazilian Body Wave and Brazilian Loose Wave Hair Extensions is the arrangement of curls. If Brazilian Loose Wave Hair Extensions are irregular curls, Brazilian Body Wave extensions have curls that flow in the same direction.

With Brazilian Body Wave extensions, you can make any style of hair you like and even dye it. The cost of hair care is very low. Moreover, the Brazilian Body Wave extension is also very easy to manage.

The locks are not straight and do not float with large curls, instead, the curls are naturally curly and in the same volume. Over time, curls may disappear. You can straighten your hair or make it curl depending on your preference. With Brazilian Body Wave extension, you can easily create a style because It does not matter whatever style you choose, it always gives you an impressive appearance. Or even, you just need to clamp it on your own hair and do not need to spend time styling complexly. You can use it in everyday activities and in big events.

Brazilian Russian Blonde Body Wave

brazilian hair

This is not a separate type of brazilian hair extension. In terms of texture, it is the body wave. However, with so many people, Brazilian Russian Blonde Body Wave is classified into a separate category by its uniqueness and prominence.

Professional dyed blonde hair is a new challenge for those who love change. Changing hair color from dark to light color can make many people afraid and feel a bit risky. In those cases, Brazilian Russian Blonde Body Wave is the perfect choice.

Blonde is also easy to choose the color of the accompanying. For example, the Brazilian Russian Blonde Body Wave hair extensions can fit in almost any color scheme of clothing.

It would be great if your change made you stand out and be in the middle of the crowd right?

Brazilian Water Wave Hair Extensions

brazilian hair

Another name for this hairstyle is the mermaid hairstyle. This hairstyle is extremely unique and individual. The small curls are arranged in different directions. At a glance, it looks a little bit “hot” to wear, but it is really impressive. This “water wave” hairstyle is the highlight for a sporty and unique look.

To make your brazilian water wave hair extensions look shiny, you can use serum oils. However, remember to use with a moderate amount. After applying the oil to your hair, use a towel to dry it. Re-brush the hair with a rough tooth comb to keep the hair from tangling. However, the best option with this hairstyle is to naturally curl it as its inherent texture.

Brazilian Deep Waves Hair Extensions

brazilian hair

Brazilian deep wave hair extensions have tighter curls than the brazilian body wave extensions. These layers of curly hair look quite new to the user. In this type, the curls will be fixed permanently. It is difficult for these curls to disappear over time.

The most favorite style for this type of hair is the high tying style on the back of the head. You just need to fix your hair with a clamp or a strap.

Brazilian Spanish Wave Extensions

brazilian hair

The Spanish Waves is a combination of deep wave and body wave hair extensions. Normally, the upper part of the extensions is slick curls, while the lower curls are smaller. Just like any other brazilian hair, you can comfortably dye or straighten your extension. However, with The Spanish Waves, light curls will return after you wash your hair. The curls of The Spanish Waves are very soft and attractive.

The use of The Spanish waves extensions is also very simple. Because it’s already styled, it only takes a few minutes to clip it.

Brazilian Kinky Curly

brazilian hair

You will look pretty and cute when using Brazilian kinky curly hair extensions. With this type, curls are smaller and softer. The curls are the same size and shape. Usually, they are curly in the form of spirals.

The disadvantage of this type of hair is that the hair care is quite complicated. The cost of maintenance is also quite expensive. You should use shampoo and conditioner regularly to extend the life of this hair extension.

Brazilian Afro Kinky Extensions

brazilian hair

This is the best choice for those who want a natural looking hair.

The hair pieces are tightly curled in a spiral shape. The highlight of this type of hair is the swelling of the hair. The more bulging, the more natural it looks.

With this style of hair, you need to consider the problem of moisturizing the hair. The use of moisturizing products will make your brazilian hair extensions more durable.


  • Pros and cons of brazilian hair

Like other hair types, brazilian hair has its advantages and disadvantages. People who intend to use this type of hair need to understand its pros and cons to choose the right hair type.

Pros of brazilian hair
  • This hair type is real human hair, they are completely natural so their quality is very good.
  • They look beautiful and sleek, just like real hair. It is difficult to distinguish brazilian hair extensions from your own hair.
  • You can comfortably style with brazilian hair extensions such as low tie or loose hair or even short cut.
  • Besides comfortably styling, you can also completely dye the color you want to get the best look. With this type of hairstyle, dye using is acceptable.
  • You can also use hairdressing tools such as curlers, puffing machine, bending machines and other hairdressing tools. Brazilian hair is highly resistant to high temperatures.
  • Since it is used like real hair, you can also wash it like you wash your hair every day. And more specifically, you can use regular shampoos and conditioners for brazilian hair.
  • Clipping these extensions onto your hair is easy. You only need to follow the step-by-step instructions of the manual. Once you are familiar with it, it only takes a few minutes to fix it on your hair.
  • Its durability. If you care for it properly, you can use brazilian hair extension for over a year.
Cons of brazilian hair
  • Price: Because of its high quality, the cost of brazilian hair is also quite high. You will need at least 3 pieces of extensions for the desired hairstyle, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. So a wholesale extension might be more economical in this case.
  • Shipping method
  • If you place it incorrectly to your hair, brazilian hair is easy to noticeable. In this case, it’s a good idea to have a hairdresser cut and give you a head start and teach you how to use it first.
  • As other extensions, it is quite annoying and hot in the summer to wear. However if you take care of it cleanly, this problem will become better.

How to take care of your brazilian hair?

Clean the extensions properly

This is an indispensable principle when using extensions. It comes in direct contact with the scalp, causing more sweat. If you do not clean your extensions regularly, bacteria will cause itching or fungal infections. After using it 2-3 times, remember to clean your brazilian hair extension. Here are some tips to clean it:

  • Put the shampoo in the diluted water pot.
  • Put the extension into the pot for about 5 to 10.
  • After soaking your hair with shampoo, rinse with water.
  • Continue to put the conditioner into the diluted pot. Soak your hair with conditioner and rinse with water. You should use a conditioner specifically for extensions with high hair nourishment to help restore hair.
  • Then, put the extension on a soft towel to absorb water (do not use your hands to rub the hair).
  • When the extension is dry, about 70% – 80%, comb your hair with a sparse tooth comb and spray with water, leaving the hair dry.

Deal with tangled hair

First, select the comb. This is a very important thing that people often overlook. The comb for extensions is different from the comb for real human hair. When you buy brazilian hair extensions, you should buy the hair care equipment attached.

Spray the hair care products exclusively for the extension, divide the hair into small parts, brush the extension from down to the bottom to limit the tangled and lumpy hair. Spray more into the tangled parts. After brushing, lightly trim the hair to get the natural look.

Protect your brazilian hair every time you use it

To keep your brazilian hair always soft, floating as just bought at the store you need to take a meticulous hair care regime. The extension has a different texture from the real hair, so be sure to protect your extension whenever you go out. When walking on the road, or riding a motorcycle, you should put your hair in front of your chest to prevent the wind from making your hair dry and tangled.

In particular, do not let it get wet by rain or exposure to the sun if you do not want your silky wax to become dry, tangled and unnatural.

Swimming is a very useful sport. It helps you relax, keep you healthy, increase height and keeps fit. No one can deny the benefits of it. However, if you have to swim with your brazilian hair extension, be sure to wear a swim cap carefully. Pool water is chlorinated, which is very harmful to your hair extensions. A swimming cap will prevent chlorine from weakening the links of your hair extensions. Not only with the swimming pool, even when you go to the beach, also wear a swimming cap because the saltiness of the seawater can also make your brazilian hair extension dry and fibrous. Wash your hair with clean water immediately after swimming.

Consider with dyeing or bleaching decisions

Brazilian hair is high-quality hair that has not been chemically treated. So you can completely dye it or bleach it. However, this does not mean that you can comfortably bleach or dye your brazilian hair. With every decision to dye and choose colors, consider it.

Remember, dyeing and bleaching can take away the moisture of the hair, including the hair extension. Choose dye products that do not have too much chemistry. This will dry your hair, even damaging your hair extensions. If possible, for every decision to change hair color, you should go to the hair salon for guidance.

Regular moisturizing

This is probably one of the most important things to take care of your hair extension, no matter what type, straight or curly. Well-moisturized hair will always be soft, vibrant, fresh and easy to style. In particular, the hair extension does not receive nutrients from the scalp, so it is not naturally moisturized. So, it is even more important to moisturize your hair extensions than to moisturize your own hair. Ask for specialized hair moisturizer products for hair extensions. If you need advice, the salon near your home or the suppliers are all reliable addresses.

Take care of your brazilian hair after using it

Brazilian hair extension can be used from 6 months to 1 year but if you take careful care of your extension, you can keep it for more than 1 year. After each use, in addition to hair cleaning you should also pay attention to how to preserve it.

After use, spray and comb the hair, wrap it with a net and store it in a nylon bag. To keep the hair in order, it is advisable not to hang the hair outside, but to wrap the hair in the bag, forcing the air out because the extension comes in contact with the air, which also causes the hair to dry and easily tangled.

Restore your brazilian hair extension when not in the fold

  • Step 1: Before curling your brazilian hair extension, you have to brush it to keep the lock of hair straight, not tangled.
  • Step 2: Divide the hair into small parts to bend.
  • Step 3: Take the split parts, use comb to brush smoothly, use the machine to curl, wait for the hair to heat up and then release the hair, keep the hair in the hand. Remember to wait for your hair to cool off before releasing, to keep the structure of curls. Do the same with the other lock of hair until you get the desired look.
  • Step 4: After finishing the curling, remember to spray to keep your brazilian hair sticky.

Brazilian hair in belady vendors

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Brazilian hair is one of the most advanced hair types today. You can use it in everytime and everywhere from daily life to big events. Choosing a good hair extension not only gives you confidence in your appearance, but it also saves you a lot of time and money which you spend at salon. As a girl, choosing yourself trendy hairstyles is indispensable. Let’s choose the right brazilian hair extension to shine your way.