An Essential Hair Guide: Best Place To Buy Hair Extensions Online

Are you a fan of hair extensions and you are looking for a reputable quality hair extensions store in your area, but you do not know which brand that is able to suit own your favorite style or the quality that you like such as hair extensions made from real hair. So this article will help you to find the top best place to buy hair extensions online. Let’s stay tuned and check it out!


1.1. Market Hair Extensions

This hair extensions company was launched in 2008 with the aim of providing high quality and fashionable hair extensions as well as hair tools to customers. Market Hair Extension tries their best in order to be different from the traditional way from the curtail circulation procedures to delivery procedures to provide customers with products directly from manufacturers so that customers’ cost can be saved considerably, and manufacturers can achieve more benefits.

The company is a part of the Eugenics Co., Limited. – one of the world’s leading online hair extensions retailers with operations in many parts of the world. This enables Market Hair Extensions to work closely with the global distributors and assure customers that they can provide the most high-quality hair extensions with very reasonable prices. They really want to provide exceptional customer service and relish working in an international setting.

As a worldwide retailer, Market Hair Extensions can offer products worldwide. They do desire to give customers outstanding quality products which are delivered in time. That is the reason why they always get strong customer satisfaction. Also, they have a very strong business trade team and supply the products to many outlets around the world including US AU and many other countries. This company deserves to be best place to buy hair extensions online. 


  • Fast shipping 
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Good customer service
  • Good return policy


  • Sometimes there is a delay in delivering the product
  • Customers receive wrong hair products from the company

1.2 The Hair Shop

This is one of the most famous hair extensions store in the US with a history of more than 30 years. Customers will be definitely satisfied with a variety of hair textures, lengths, and many different colors from The Hair Shop Inc. The company has a wide range of product, from the ready-to-wear hair to the highest quality hair extensions. Not only selling the products online, but they also have more than seven retail shops across the US. The Hair Shop is now blooming even more and becoming best place to buy hair extensions online. 

Customers are almost very satisfied with the quality of the hair extensions that The Hair Shop provide, with great service. So many celebrity stylists, reputable studios, as well as influencers have come here and choose The Hair Shop to become their favorite place to buy hair extensions.


  • Various types of hair extensions
  • Different length for you to choose from
  • Professional products
  • Provide instruction class for the customers to use the products


  • Some customers are given the wrong products
  • Not very long lifespan

United Kingdom

2.1. HairbySueno

This retailer is one of the most famous hair extensions suppliers with high quality 100% human hair extension products. In addition to our hair bundles that come on wefts perfect weaving and hair extensions making, we also specialize in hair extensions customization, hair clip-ins perfect for clients with fine hair. Wig experts and color experts comprise our team. They are now one of the best place to buy hair extensions online in the UK


  • A wide range of choices for all customers
  • 100% real hair texture
  • Customers are mostly satisfied with the products they receive from HairbySueno


  • Sometimes there is slow delivery
  • The relatively short lifespan of the hair extensions products

2.2. Lush hair extension UK

Lush Hair Extensions were established in June 2006, which is one of the largest independent online human hair extension stores in the UK. They are very proud of the products that they are providing because all of the real human hair they get is from ethically suppliers from around the world. Lush Hair Extensions guarantee they have 100% Remy human hair extensions with very great quality and a perfect price for all customers. 


  • The extensions are made from 100% real hair. It is then sterilized and manufactured at the factory, creating soft, beautiful and shiny hair.
  • The hair extension will prevent your real hair from the chemical interference because the chemicals will make the hair dry, the fiber no longer has natural beauty. Only when you need to bend, stretch or dye your hair, you will need to take care of the extensions with valuable products in the prestigious salon which has a clear origin.


  • Slow delivery
  • Sometimes customers are given the wrong products


3.1. Beauty Forever Hair Extensions

This is one of the best place to buy hair extensions online in China that provides 100% Remy Human hair extensions. With amazing quality and perfect style, you can get the hair in the fullest condition you have ever had with Beauty Forever. Also, hair extensions include a wide range of choices for you: Clip in hair, Tape in extensions or, Micro hair extensions.

The company was formed in 1999 in Henan, China with nearly 22 years of experience. From a small local textile processing firm and now it gradually becomes a global human hair enterprise. They specialized in professional hair design, production,as well as customer service for all customers over the world. The website of Beauty Forever was built in 2016 and became a professional online virgin hair supplier and one of the best hair extensions seller. The address of is Room1702, Buliding 16A,The national university science and technology Park, Dianchang Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. And the telephone number to contact is: 6262487420


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Invisible bondings
  • Good hair color
  • Different extensions length upon your request: 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”


  • Slow delivery 
  • Unqualified quality 

3.2. First Hair

This hair extensions company is known as one of the best hair factories hair in China which is growing very fast and it was founded in 2002. Its factory is situated in QingDao, China. It has started to expand its distribution services recently,  and it going global with many different distributions from US, UK, Australia, to even South Africa. One of best place to buy hair extensions online – FirstHair is proud to best be place to buy hair extensions online providing a lot of different kinds of human hair extensions for customers including all lace hair extensions and other lace frontals.


  • Global delivery
  • · 24/7 customer service
  • ·Very Simple return policy for customer


  • Some customers complain about the quality


4.1. Belady Hair

This is one of the best place to buy hair extensions online in Vietnam. Coming to Belady hair, you will be helped by the experts with your hair extension best choices, from branding, hair extension strands, and even market expanding. Belady hair is continuing to grow very fast along with a lot of amazing client as well as stylists, salon owners, celebrities and last but not least, hair entrepreneurs.

There are many types of hair extensions and you probably do not know which one exactly to choose from. With more than 5 years of experience in selling and consulting domestic and international market, the company knows very well what its customers really want. 


  • 100% real hair
  • Global shipping
  • Great customer service
  • 24/7 service


  • Slow delivery sometimes

4.2. Ivirgo Hair

This company is one of the top Vietnamese hair extension supply companies which sell top quality natural raw hair from Vietnam and Cambodia with the shipping to a lot of different countries all over the world. With many years experience in the hair business, we can understand the different demands from their customers in different regions, race, etc. 

Here, Ivirgo Hair proudly provide customers with 100% raw hair which is under no chemical process, which has the best and most original quality to their customers. Ivirgo Hair is proud to be best place to buy hair extensions online.

At the same time it is a perfect natural beauty of these hairs, to the point that even if one stares at it, it is impossible to detect you wearing a wig. It is this product that accompanies numerous customers without ever being disappointed with it. You can match short hair or long hair, Ivirgo Hair has many kinds of hair extensions for you to choose,  from short hair to long hair.


  • Different types of hair for customers to choose from: Tape in, Clip in, Micro hair
  • Different lengths of hair: from 6 inches to 40 inches
  • Great customer service
  • Natural hair color
  • Real hair 100% from human


  • Slow delivery as global shipping

How to choose the right hair extensions for you?

Choose the right hair color

Wherever you buy hair extensions, there are countless colors for you to choose from light, neutral to striking colors. However, if you want to have a natural beauty, then choose a color that is similar in color to your natural hair color.

Then, you will change the hair color base on the season, you can choose a lighter color than the original color when the summer comes and the color is darker than the original in winter. With just that simple color selection, you will have a trendy hair and hardly anyone can recognize it as a hair extensions.

Choose products with a clear origin

Demand for hair extensions is now increasing and to meet the demand, there are many product suppliers. However, you don’t know which one sells quality, safe hair extensions with clear origin.

In fact, hair extensions made of Remy hair from Vietnam or India are always appreciated for quality, but some suppliers have mixed low-quality, low-priced hair fiber to earn more profit. Therefore, you need to be careful and learn thoroughly about the origins of hair extensions and suppliers to avoid the “money loss” situation.

To find some of the leading and reputable suppliers of quality hair extensions. You can look to the list of best place to buy hair extensions online to choose trendy hair extensions we have suggested above with 100% clear origin.

Choose the right material

 Material is the second important factor that you need to consider when buying hair extensions because it has a direct impact on the durability. The market is now popular with two types of hair extensions from real hair and synthetic hair. You can distinguish these two types of hair through the thickness, color and price. Hair made of thick synthetic fiber has yarn, glossy color, and doesn’t look natural and is priced lower than real hair. Although the price is higher, but with more natural advantages, hair extensions from real hair are still used by the majority of people. The list of best place to buy hair extensions online from us can help you to buy quality products. 

How to protect your hair extensions

Limit wearing hair extensions when the weather is too hot

Using regular hair extensions in hot weather will make the scalp skin more mucus clog the scalp, resulting in poor blood circulation and bacterial infection. Therefore, you should not overuse these products too often when it is hot and remember to clean it properly.

Just as simple as that, you already have a smooth hair extension that looks like real hair without causing discomfort or health effects. Change and renew yourself with a hair extension is the starting step for new successes and happiness.

Where to buy hair extensions which have quality hair and great reputation?

Once you have identified the above elements, you have already figured out what type of hair you want to buy, right? But standing in front of hundreds of choices, you don’t know where to buy hair extensions, which is the most safe and quality? Do not worry, as you already have a number of suggestions about best place to buy hair extensions online we have given you above. So take your time and have the best hair extensions for your own.

Remember to style your hair before you head

Usually, you usually wear a hair extension right into your head right after removing the label. But the hard part is that you always have to style your hair every morning before the team. So, if your shop buys hair extensions that have styling services, ask them to create a hairstyle that suits you best.

 Pay attention to the shine of the hair

Hair extensions are unusually shinier than real hair so they are easily recognised, especially some types of hair extensions made of synthetic fibers. If you want to make your hair extension look more natural, you need to use a special powder for hair to sprinkle it on your hair and comb it before using it. The shine of the hair extension will improve and look like natural hair. All best place to buy hair extensions online wwe mention above has this ability to make your appearance more natural.

Wear your hair extensions properly

Did you know, oil secreted from the scalp can shorten the life of the hair extension. Therefore, you should use a plastic hat that covers your real hair every time you wear a hair extension. If you have to wear hair extensions regularly, you can buy 2-3 different types of hair extensions and create new styles while ensuring long-term durability.

The need to use hair extensions is increasing so the knowledge shared by experts will definitely help you choose the right hair extensions for your face and always look good over time. The hair extension you team will be perfect to the smallest detail, looking like real hair, hardly anyone can recognize.

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