The Best Review Aliexpress Hair Vendors – Updated 2023

2023 could be regarded as a year of beauty tips. In addition to the well-being, people are increasingly caring about their own appearance and trying to find a way to make them better day by day. Therefore, things such as hair extensions are given love without the doubt. As a renowned eCommerce platform, we believe that best AliExpress hair vendors will not let you down.

In other articles, we have mentioned AliExpress many times but we do not have a chance to help you get access to it in a very basic way. Therefore, this article is for you – beginners who fumble to do something with their dry and brittle strands. A problem will be solved soon once you find a good spot to place your trust in.

Do not let you try in vain or get lost in the middle of nowhere anymore. Let’s go on board and see what is inside this platform!

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What is AliExpress and how does it work?

Before delving into the world of best AliExpress hair vendors, you should know what this platform will provide you with and how you can take advantage of it onto your journey to find a good hair type. You are in luck because everything is ready for you to explore from now on.

First of all, you may happen to wonder what AliExpress really is. In fact, AliExpress is an e-commerce website based in China. It allows international shoppers to purchase items from wholesale retailers. AliExpress has all sorts of different items available and they can be shipped over 200 countries worldwide.

Hence, if you are looking for something else such as cosmetics and clothes, or you just have not found your favourite hair type, AliExpress is still an option for you to take into consideration.

best AliExpress hair vendors
Things are going to be easier thanks to the emergence of AliExpress
(Source: Internet)

It is popular because it lets users buy items directly from hair manufacturers, helping people like you to save money. However, do not mistake as not all the stuff that AliExpress offers is good. As we have analyzed, it is just an empty platform and manufacturers and distributors pay for it to enhance their marketing.

So, with hundreds of online stores inside, how does it work efficiently and how they categorize best AliExpress hair vendors, for example. These questions may lie in 5 things that we are going to talk about right now.

On the front page of AliExpress, you can browse a huge selection of items. It also has a wide variety of categories including clothing, electronics, toys and the like. In the search tool of AliExpress, you can seek for a certain thing just by typing its name or if you just want to explore a broader world, just type its common noun. For instance, best AliExpress hair vendors, best hair vendors or just hair vendors are a common noun.

best AliExpress hair vendors
This is what I experience after having typed one of those aforementioned words – best AliExpress hair vendors (Source: Internet)

What’s more, you can get virtual coupons to save money on the cost of your orders. AliExpress sometimes offers coupons that reduce the total cost of your order and inpidual sellers regularly possess coupons for available items that they have. You can check it out in their public tutorial.

As other online base for shopping, you can keep an eye on your order and shipping requirements with delivery tracking. Once your order has been shipped, AliExpress will provide you with tracking information, depending on the courier who is in charge of tha duty.

best AliExpress hair vendors
No matter which best AliExpress hair vendors you will go for, once you make a final decision, you will get a delivery tracking like this.
(Source: Internet)

In this tracking system, you are bound to know where your packages will be and an estimate of when it will arrive at your door. One bonus point that makes us fall in love with it is the buyer protection on all orders. If your order does not turn out quite right, AliExpress can help you out.

In other words, AliExpress does not evade the responsibility. However, as a crucial step, you have to open a dispute with the seller and get a partial or full refund. If you have any question to ask, you may need to go to the customer service for more help. We are sure that you are going to love this place.

Pros and cons of AliExpress

You cannot believe something that is too good to be true. There is no such a free meal in this world. Therefore, always be alert. From the very beginning of the article, it seems that AliExpress in our description is so wonderful that you may doubt. In fact, it does exist inevitable cons.

Please read the following paragraphs before you come to this platform and search for best AliExpress hair vendors. This is extremely important to those who are thinking about virgin hair deals.

Pros Cons
  • Low prices

Users can buy items directly from wholesale manufacturers; thus, added cost from retail markups are skipped.

  • Slow shipping

If you want the item in a hurry, you may not be patient enough to wait for it to arrive since all AliExpress orders are shipped from China or countries in the proximity.

  • Coupons for more savings
  • Expedited shipping defeats the purpose of using AliExpress to save money

Is AliExpress safe?

These days, seemingly, the word ‘best’ is mistakenly used on purpose. You can happen to see such things as best AliExpress hair vendors, best virgin hair extensions and the best essential oil every day. Everything is good; so, is there any mistake here?

In the world of marketing, things are exaggerated uncontrollably and we can say for sure that they are safe as long as you are careful. First of all, we will talk about security vulnerabilities in AliExpress. Even though you are buying several bundles or you are a famous wholesale company which is seeking for best AliExpress hair vendors, information should be kept secure.

best AliExpress hair vendors
You should ask yourself if it is safe to shop online in AliExpress instead of rushing to seek for best AliExpress hair vendors (Source: Internet)

We cannot say for sure that it is 100% safe but according to statistics over the past few years, only one high-profile security vulnerability has been discovered. It was a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability last year, which is also an outstanding matter of eBay.

For instance, when you are in search of best AliExpress hair vendors, this vulnerability allowed attackers to leak several browser’ personal information out of the platform. This is by far the most glaring error on the record though there still exist hidden vulnerabilities. However, once it was found out, AliExpress took it seriously and had a quick solution. Hence, you can temporarily believe in it.

best AliExpress hair vendors
In terms of payment, do we need to take much care of it? Is it safe even when we make the transaction with best AliExpress hair vendors?
(Source: Internet)

Have you ever heard of Alipay when trying to understand AliExpress? It is an Alibaba’s international payment system and when it comes to money, risks are either calculated or unestimated. From our best of abilities, Alipay seems to be well-secured. It is fixed every six weeks; therefore, you can be talked into using it.

Nothing is perfect and permanent. AliExpress does come with a real danger called fraudsters. A gaping hole of AliExpress lies in the merchant approval process. To avoid frauds, we highly recommend 5 following tips.

  • The price sounds too good to be true – scammer alert
  • It is better to use Alipay’s Escrow service
  • Never forget to investigate thoroughly the seller’s feedback – even best AliExpress hair vendors can pay for exaggerated comments.
best AliExpress hair vendors
This is where you should be looking for in ‘About us’ column (Source: Internet)
  • Check your order thoroughly once you get it
best AliExpress hair vendors
When buying from this site, you may happen to get a lot of reports and scams, even for best Aliexpress hair vendors. Beware please!
(Source: Internet)

Steps to take when you encounter an AliExpress hair vendor

Do not say anything without action. You cannot assess how best AliExpress hair vendors would be if you have not had a chance to contact with one of them. You should be aware that hair extensions are a big business and according to estimates accounted in 2013, 68% of all beauty products come from this international e-marketplace.

Therefore, it is never too late for you to keep up with essential steps when encountering a supplier and know how to judge it as one of the best AliExpress hair vendors or not.

  • Ask yourself one question first

In order not to be swept your feet off, you should answer this simple question ‘How do you desire your hair to look?’. In the current market, you will find a bazillion types of hair extensions from inpidual tracks, weaves, closures, clip-ins, and wigs. From your perspective, we can understand how confused you may feel.

best AliExpress hair vendors
Need inspiration? Why not scroll through Youtube videos with tons of curly, straight strands and so on to give you ideas (Source: Internet)

To get out of the mess, you should determine the exact product you will go for. As you may not know, each hair vendor, even for best AliExpress hair vendors, only focus on a certain kind. Thus, as long as you know what you want, the target you aim would be right

  • Know the lingo

You cannot be a customer of little knowledge because if so, you will be the victim suffering from fraud. Like any other subject, the world of extensions is perse in lexicon. Have a quick look at these terms and you will not be lost in a product description or a random article.

You can search here to have a sound grasp of extensions, such as virgin hair, hair weft, bundle, closure and the like. Get to know how a bundle would be and explore each pattern before making your final decision.

best AliExpress hair vendors
It is not easy to find such article to learn more (Source: Ivirgo)

In this website, you would have a chance to learn a lot. Within a click on search and a key word you are thinking of, you can be aware of the whole new world. 

At least, let’s disguise as an expert then you may be safer when doing shopping in this e-marketplace. Even with best AliExpress hair vendors, you still need to be careful.

  • Narrow your search results

Assume that you have learnt all the definitions mentioned above, it is not suggested that putting that long thing onto the search engine. The shorter, the more effective. For example, ‘virgin Brazilian deep curly hair’ is a long enough phrase. In AliExpress, you can utilize categories and images on the vendor home page.

  • Thoroughly look for a detailed description

best AliExpress hair vendors
Kind of black hair description could help you to build an overall judgment (Source: Beladyhair)

No matter which suppliers you are looking for, even newly founded or best AliExpress hair vendors, the first thing you need to look for is a description. At least, you should know about hair length, hair type, curl pattern/style, color, weight, quality, place of origin, and more so as to picture it in your mind.

This is a determining factor that leads you to make a deal with vendors.

  • Check the ratings and reviews

best AliExpress hair vendors
This is where you look for feedback from other customers. Although they can be fake sometimes, you still need to look through because there are always customers with real experience (Source: Internet)

Feedback shows you how satisfied the customer is; by comparing ratings, you can find the best and the most trustworthy one to take into consideration. Best AliExpress hair vendors have a 95% rating or higher. Similarly, you can click for more – ratings, comments, and feedback that they share.

  • Check Youtube on hair products

best AliExpress hair vendors
When a product has no rating as it has just been introduced for instance, it is not the end of the world (Source: Internet)

It is a great way to immerse yourself in the product experience. You can see exactly what the hair looks like and normally, the blogger will point out its pros and cons. Warning: sometimes, it does not show any similarity with your real experience. In that case, check for more comments below to find empathy somewhere.

From our personal experience, best AliExpress hair vendors will get the majority of complimentary comments and even though there are several customers who feel that the product is not suitable for their hair naturally, they still leave good statements.

  • Compare prices

Money is a thing that regulates most of the current activities. At some moments, though you are really in love with a product, because of money, your choice can still be changed. When looking for the cost of a product, never exclude shipping fee in your total.

best AliExpress hair vendors
This is a price list of a hair vendor. As you can see, the price varies according to hair length as well (Source: Internet)

Some Aliexpress hair vendors offer free shipping while some do not; some organize frequent sales and discounts while some rarely do. So, what do we ask you to compare? The total price must include tax, shipping, additional fees, and discounts. Compare that of various suppliers and find your own best AliExpress hair vendors.

  • Shipping details

Once you join AliExpress, it means nothing but to do shopping online. Thus, shipping details are one of the most important things you need to check before getting your order done. The shipping fee will depend on how quickly you will get the product.

These are all the bullet points that we can think of to help you to be an informed customer. Believe it or not, you will be thrilled with your purchase after you have grasped these domains. Being informed means a shortcut to meet best AliExpress hair vendors.

Top 5 best Aliexpress hair vendors – updated version 2023

Before introducing to you a collection of top 10 best AliExpress hair vendors 2023, we must say that this list is relative and once you happen to meet a newly founded hair vendor, do not judge it by its new cover. Sometimes, being new is not equivalent to bad quality or something like that.

For example, by chance, we get to know – a very new virgin hair distributor from Vietnam. As we need true Vietnamese hair extensions, we decided to take risks to try it instead of other famous hair extension suppliers. Then guess what? We are surprised at their professionalism and the good quality product that they bring about. We were overwhelmed by the shiny hairs of Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair.

best AliExpress hair vendors
We can say that this one is very potential and you may want to try to contact them for once (Source: Beladyhair)

As you know, AliExpress has tons of hair sellers all over the world. Therefore, to create an accurate list of top hair vendors, it seems impossible. However, as experts in the hair industry, we can review and give you some notes about well-known sellers. Hence, you can buy with ease and comfort.

  • iShow hair

best AliExpress hair vendors
It has got 4.7 average rating (out of 5.0) and has been ordered more than 6000 times (Source: AliExpress)

It is one of the most well-known suppliers and is considered to stock the best hair on AliExpress for a reason. iShow is gaining popularity thanks to its wide variety of products. Therefore, it is a name to call by any shopper. From our experience, we would say that 7A Malaysian Virgin Hair is worth buying the most. It is inexplicably good and it brings about the real feelings of Malaysian strands.

Looking back its past reviews, we found out that it got 96.3% positive rating and 15,401 users come back to give feedback. It seems that iShow’s customers are happy with the product they received, surprised at the shipping speed and satisfied with professional customer staff.

  • Ali Annabelle Store

best AliExpress hair vendors
It is one of the models for startups to follow. With only 2 years of experience, Ali Annabelle has got a place in AliExpress marketplace, which is a big achievement, we would say (Source: Internet)

This is one of best AliExpress hair vendors which provide customers with Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian products. One of the outstanding features of this distributor is drop shipping. It also offers bundles deals, which can be regarded as a great prospect for niche retail stores.

And if you are not talked into, let figures do their work.

best AliExpress hair vendors
This is what Ali Annabelle Store leaves in customers’ mind (Source: AliExpress)

One of the quickest ways to push a seller on top of best AliExpress hair vendors is to promote positive feedback. Out of 98.1% rating, it has received over 3000 five star reviews from buyers. It all gets 4.9 in shipping and communication ratings, which means that the store excels at keeping in constant contact and having the product arrived in the ideal period of time.

  • AliPop

We will explain one thing in AliExpress before going into details about Alipop distributors and giving a reasonable reason why we put it in the list of best AliExpress hair vendors.

Maybe you do not take notice, in Aliexpress, they also categorize best AliExpress hair vendors by a phrase ‘top brand’. Top brands here mean reliable brands or best shops (sellers) on this e-marketplace. Top brands also help sellers to convince their potential customer to buy their products because, with that authorized icon, you will get 100% protection against counterfeiting!

best AliExpress hair vendors
This badge is very easy to notice. Why not give it a try to enjoy this privilege (Source: AliExpress)

If you have time to search on AliExpress, with the keyword ‘hair extensions’, you will see that Alipop is among top brands or best AliExpress hair vendors. You may know it through Jazz Nicole’s rave review on YouTube or not but believe us, the strands are extremely lustrous and natural even after intense bleaching and dyeing.

From our experience, the hair could live up to its prestige and 6 months do not degrade its fantastic condition. A plus point of products from Alipop is that it holds curls brilliantly and is durable. Heat could only affect the strands a bit. Sometimes, it does shed and get thin but it is fine.

best AliExpress hair vendors
Alipop enhances a sexy look for quite a long time (Source: Internet)
  • CARA official store

best AliExpress hair vendors
CARA enjoys a rich persity in types of hair extensions. To assess best AliExpress hair vendors, persity is one of the determining factors.
(Source: Internet)

It has been 5 years since CARA first launched its official store. Should you be a hair extension lover, CARA is an ideal destination for buyers and retailers who are looking for virgin hair, high-density wigs, full lace wigs and a variety of other styles. It can be said that CARA is well-known for being simple but quality products.

best AliExpress hair vendors
A powerful overall rating of 98.2% contributes to the eliteness of this hair vendor (Source: Internet)
  • AliModa

According to blogger Oliviazao, AliModa is the first name she will call if she needs several bundles of Peruvian body wave. It has been always her number 1 vendor. Of course, we cannot depend on a personal thought to conclude that it deserves a place in the list of best Aliexpress hair vendors.

Their products are of high quality and longevity. It seems that tangling and shedding rarely happen and AliModa is impressed by its quick delivery (around 3-4 days). This means if you are in a hurry, AliModa is always a perfect choice to go with. In terms of price, it is affordable. For instance, to get 4 bundles at 2 x 14″ and 2 x 16″, you have to pay $123.

best AliExpress hair vendors
It is highly recommended that you buy some Peruvian bundles to try a new look like this (Source: Internet)

This is all we could think about to give you a hint before you really jump into the inside world of hair extensions. We do hope that you enjoy our list of best AliExpress hair vendors but it is only for reference. What we expect you to bear in mind is principles, steps, and even tricks in order not to be victims of this world of lies.

Hair is always a thing that others will look at before making a judgment about you. Therefore, you have nothing to do but to make you be better than the old version of yours. Prior to making a real deal, do communicate with your own best Aliexpress hair vendors to express your wish and to feel if it is good or not.

We believe that hair extension is never an unsuccessful investment. As long as you own your wise strategy, you will become a lady that everybody wants to turn to. Things are changing every day and it is a good idea if you follow the updated trends. You are not copying them; you are just making it better.

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