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How to treat lice: can you use lice shampoo two days in a row

Head lice are not common in adults, but a problem in children. Head lice often make children itchy, uncomfortable and lose confidence with friends and people around them. To treat head lice, your doctor may prescribe medication to treat lice or other home remedies. In some cases, parents consider treating lice with lice shampoo. However, […]

30 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair

You really like to have lighter hair color by bleach or dye your hair but you do not prefer to go to a hair store? But you like to do it by yourself because of its comforts? 30 volume developer to lighten hair will fulfill your wish. What is 30 volume developer? In general, hair […]

Wella toner for white hair – Miracle for bleached hair

With bright hair, to treat brassy or orange color, the toner is a perfect choice. There are many people who want to raise their hair color at home instead of going to the salon. The question is which kind of toner they should choose and how to use their own toner at home. Let’s find […]

Indians with blonde hair: Should or should not?

Changing hair color is an effective and easy way to gain more attractiveness with our new appearance. There are many colors we can think of when attempting to dye our hair and probably, blonde is the first thought. Blonde hair can be seen anywhere, on anyone but when we think of Indians with blonde hair, […]

The essential guide on white girl hair extension

Hair extensions are a very popular item among African American hair as a way to add extra length, volume or to change the color of their hair. Meanwhile, recently, a lot of white girls are interested in hair extensions, especially for some special occasion such as party, night-out or for a stunning and different wedding […]

Everything you must read before buying Malaysian hair

Why is it a must-read article? As recently, more and more people are passionate for Malaysian hair; however, most members of this group are just purchasing it not to be out of touch with new trends. Therefore, to raise your awareness of this increasingly well-known type of hair, we decided to go in details and […]