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How to get rid of brassy hair with vinegar?

Beautiful hair will easily impress people. That’s why hair problems will give you headaches. Brassy hair is a serious problem. Its color will affect your beauty. You can use vinegar to turn your hair color back to your favorite color. How to get rid of brassy hair with vinegar? WholeSaleHairVendors gives you the easiest way […]

How to use purple shampoo properly

As you know that purple shampoo can keep your blonde hair in tip-top shape. Although purple shampoo has such great uses, too few people know how to use it properly. Sometimes, using it the wrong way can lead to bad results. A lot of people talked about how they can put purple shampoo on dry […]

What unnatural color should I dye my hair?

Dyeing hair is one of the most popular ways to beautify and refresh. Most people share that choosing a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle is difficult, choosing a dyed hair color to show off their personality is even more difficult.  The dye color is always considered the soul of each hairstyle. Therefore, choosing a suitable and […]

How often should you condition your hair?

How often should you condition your hair? This is a question that many people are interested in. Although conditioning your hair often brings a good effect on nourishing hair, but if you abuse your hair too much, it will also have a bad effect on your hair. Let’s find out how to effectively and safely […]

What is considered long hair and attractiveness?

This is the oldest question that we have ever heard about. However, in reality, people do not have the exact idea of what is considered long hair, short hair or medium one. Women visit hair salons, ask the stylists to have your desired styles and check out themselves to see if they like or not. […]

Some secrets which tells you about Marilyn Monroe without makeup 

Certainly, all of you have known Marilyn Monroe, a prominent both model and actress in the USA. When talking about this lady, she is considered to be the most exceptional stars in making up. It can’t be denied that there have been more Marilyn Monroe’s photos taken without making up. Alright, in this post, we’d […]

How to hide thinning hair in the front woman in your 20s

No matter which hairstyles you are going for, we can say for sure that every lady out there is head over heels in love with naturally thick and luscious hair forever. However, for many reasons which are both explicable and inexplicable, you have to suffer from thinning hair. What obsesses the most is that you […]

Rihanna no makeup When superstar wears no makeup at all 

Have you ever seen Rihanna no makeup? Do you wonder if she would still keep her beautiful and sexy appearance? Definitely, she still looks very stunning! She is so lucky with her naturally good appearance and does not need the help of too much makeup to look gorgeous. To prove the point, here are the […]