Your Essential Hair Guide: Is 32 Inch Hair Extensions A Suitable Choice For You?

Have you ever wanted to own a really and really long thick hair, like about 32 inches hair like some Hollywood superstars on TV or newspaper like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce or Kylie Jenner? However, unfortunately, you could not find out their beauty secret on how to make the hair looks so long and gorgeous. The thing is, having naturally thin hair is not at all your fault and today, we will bring to you a very good news is that you can totally make your dream come true by using 32 inch hair extensions. Currently, hair extensions become one of the indispensable accessories of many people, especially women. Using hair extensions is very convenient but it still brings you a natural appearance. You do not have to sit for half a day at the salon to have a new hairstyle, in less than 1 hour, you will have a beautiful shining new look. This product will help you to change your look quickly in some minutes without spending too much time or effort on growing hair.

32 inch hair extensions
Is this hair length really suit me? Keep reading (Source: Internet)

With an aim to help girls and meet considerably high demands and requirements about this hair products, Beladyhair Company – one of the largest vendors in extensions made from Cambodia hair and Vietnamese hair market, is always willing to offer a great diversity of hair extensions products in different lengths, colors and types so that you can feel free to choose the one that best suits you, and especially, the hair extensions with longest and thickest length like 32 inch hair extensions.

To get clearer for you to know, Belady hair is one of the biggest hair collectors, manufacturers, and exporters, especially the Vietnamese virgin hair, Cambodian virgin hair, or Brazilian virgin Hair. With many years of experiences in selling and manufacturing hair extensions, we truly understand that only high-quality hair with the very reasonable price can attract and keep customers satisfied. We are also loved and respected by this strong point.

32 inch hair extensions
Belady Hair is the number one 32 inch weave hair vendor for you (Source: Internet)

Also, some after sharing will probably disclose to you more in definite to enable you to achieve the best decision for 32 inch hair extensions – the longest length that practically all young ladies are enthusiastic about as the fact that they will completely change your normal hair into such a full, long and brand new attractive locks! It just takes a couple of minutes to put them on, but the difference is so huge! You can use in various coming up special occasions, for example, weddings, proms, special dates, and so on. Just adding a little of  “Hair Expansions” from Belady Hair to your hair is the most ideal way to make yourself a completely new person with amazing hairdos from curls, beach waves, to braids or just simply super-incidentally straight. 

All of our 32 inch hair weave is Remy hair

For 32 inch Weave Vietnamese  Hair Extensions, Belady Hair can expand your choices by providing 2 kinds of wefts amount for you to choose, which are single drawn and double drawn. Both types have all cuticles saved, intact and flow on the same direction. Single drawn quality would contain half in full-length hair, and another half of shorter hair and medium – length hair, as this is a suitable choice for customers who are looking for a more for a natural finish. For double quality wefts, there will be less short hair. What is more, all the short hairs are removed completely with hand and not by a machine, the hair strands will look more similar  so that these wefts will have a much fuller volume than the single ones.

  • Product descriptions of 32 inch hair extensions

Type: Straight Vietnamese Curly Hair Weave

Origin: Various sources but still authentic and high- quality: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brazil.

Hair Material: 100% Virgin Brazilian Human Hair

Texture: Thick, coarse, straight, smooth

Length: 32 inch virgin hair (Belady Hair also have other available length from 6 to 32 inches)

Color: The most common color is Natural black and also available in other colors such as dark brown, light brown, light

32 inch hair extensions
Our company guarantee to provide 32 inches hair with 100% natural human hair (Source: Internet)

Spotlight: 100% unprocessed natural human hair, not affected by chemical, dye and gets no nits or lice.

Weight: 3.5 ounces / piece. The weight can varies depends on customer requirements (for example: 1. 05 ounces, 1.8 ounces, 7 ounces..)

Company name: Belady Hair.

Delivery time:  5-7 days after payment

Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Visa, Mastercard

Glueless Wig: Human hair lace wigs with combs, adjustable straps.

Cap Size: Medium size

  • Small tips for keeping 32 inch hair extensions  smooth and shiny every day

  • Shampoo: Hot water dries the scalp and damage to your hair just like the harms of curls irons, hair straight iron . The hair will become dehydrated, leading to lack of vitality and split ends. The right way to take care of your hair is to always wash your hair with cool or warm water. Cold water will help lock the cuticle on the hair shaft and maintain the moist of the hair.
  • How to apply conditioner: Many people mistakenly think that applying conditioner from root to tip is good for hair. The fact is that the amount of conditioner will be redundant, and when it is difficult to remove the conditioner, it will increase the amount of hair loss. You should only apply oil from the hair shaft to the top and rinse after 2 minutes. How to take care of hair for oily scalp people, you should do the opposite: normal use conditioner before shampooing. Thus, the hair is still smooth and smooth, not fast.
  • Do not wash your hair every day: This will make your hair dry and damaged. Wash your hair up to 3 times per week to keep the natural oil layer nourishing and protecting your hair from getting lost.
  • Gently dry your hair: Choose soft towels when wiping your hair. Besides, you should also limit hand force when impacting on hair. When your hair is wet, it becomes, especially the long hair extensions like 32 inch extensions weak and breaks easily if you don’t take it lightly and gently with your hair.

We hope that after reading this article, you will know more about 32 inch hair extensions which have a special length and very high-quality- 100% human remy hair, no chemical processed hair, no harm to human, with different colors. Maybe now you have found your own decision on whether this hair extensions will bring you the appearance you want or not.  

  • Q&A about 32 inch hair extensions

Q1: Is the hair able to hold up well? I think I’m going to order 32 inches.

You can totally use these products as it can firmly hold up the real hair and many other customers are satisfied with its ability to hold up and love these products.

Q2: I find that there is many product of hair extensions claimed its synthetic. Is this true? And many other products claim it is made from human hair. Are these products ‘blended’??

Almost of the products should be made of 100% human hair because the price for these products are quite high. In the market there can be alternative products made of synthetic fiber with a lower price. You should always look for reputable vendors to buy the products such as Belady Hair company, to get the most high quality hair. Wishing you the best

Q3: How to choose the right color of the 32 inch hair extensions for myself?

You should choose the color which is closest to the tip of the hair. Then you will realize that the color is the one that is in contact with your extensions color you choose oppose to your roots. If you are still not certain, we can totally help you! What you should is send a photo of your hair and then we are willing to provide you with the best suggestion.

Q4: Can I dye my h32 inch hair extensions?

Sure you can color your hair extensions but you should not dye it too many times. Also, you are recommended not to bleach them more than once as this process will dehydrate your extensions

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